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Clare Prop 8th Jan 2013 15:32

I much prefer seeing BB in Sea Shepherd garb than a suit.

SOPS 8th Jan 2013 16:02

They are given tablet computers?!!! Give me strength, wasn't there a promise to give every school age child a laptop? No, can't do that...we are to busy giving every boat person a free computer, so they can calculate their Centerlink payments. :ugh::ugh:

Andu 8th Jan 2013 19:44

It would seem that Sussex Street have their online monitors working a night shift now. Hope they're paying you at least time and a half, BG.

Captain Sand Dune 8th Jan 2013 20:30

So out of interest, what's the mood in the electorate? Yay for Tone or lynch mobs at the ready?
I was posted to the Victorian Riviera (i.e. Gippsland!) in January 2012. However upon departure from Tamworth, "Tony Windsor" was considered bad language. I have no reason to believe things have changed.

Fliegenmong 8th Jan 2013 20:37

BG, posting articles like that is not welcome on this thread!!!! Please only post anything by Janet Albrechtson, Piers Akerman or Andrew Bolt

Fer chrissakes you'll get yourself a banning ya know!!

Worrals in the wilds 8th Jan 2013 22:01

However upon departure from Tamworth, "Tony Windsor" was considered bad language. I have no reason to believe things have changed.
Thanks for that. Sounds similar to Port, then.

Croozin 8th Jan 2013 23:20

The people I know in Port foam at the mouth at any mention of RO, who, I'm told, rarely shows his face in public any more (and usually only at carefully 'faithful-stacked' events). The only person who earns more nasty comments than the good member is his wife, who, if what I've been told is true, is the only spine in that relationship and is the one who keeps him squarely on his strange political course.

Buster Hyman 9th Jan 2013 03:45

In reality Buster Gillard offered them less than Abbott.
Up the dosage & believe whatever they tell you, good boy!

Superior negotiator...I guess that's probably true, especially considering her earlier career as a Lawyer...

sisemen 9th Jan 2013 06:04

Gillard visits Tassie to commiserate with the victims of the bush fires.

Good. Empathetic :ok:

Abbott volunteers to actually fight the fires

Bad. Electioneering :=

If Gillard's cheer squad can't come up with anything better than knocking Abbott at every crick and turn then I feel only pity for them for the drubbing that they will receive because of their "relentless negativity" and paucity of any ideas.

Fliegenmong 9th Jan 2013 07:27

Liberal MP urges Abbott to detail IR policy - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

I see pallets pineapples getting shipped to the managers offices :uhoh:

You really think they'd shut the f&*k up about IR wouldn't you? We only heard Peer Reith a little while back.....It's kinda like you can see Andrew Robb and Tony Abbott Eric Abetz et al. smiling nervously while kicking them under the table.....:)

Bon Giorno 9th Jan 2013 08:19

January 9 2013
I applaud all the 2000 Fireys who went to work to save lives and property today. 1999 of you didn't issue a press release about it.

Cr Chad Griffith
Lake Macquarie Council

parabellum 9th Jan 2013 08:20

Living in Gippsland Clare Prop? Congratulations, God's country, that is real class!;)

parabellum 9th Jan 2013 08:28


Captain Dart 9th Jan 2013 08:40

Latest on the ALPBC:

Milne condoning cyber-terrorism against Whitehaven Coal, that even prodded the ALP to tell the Watermelons to HTFU.

If this ALP/Green Axis of Evil isn't disposed of next election, the country is done for.

SOPS 9th Jan 2013 08:48

The women should be locked up, she is a danger to herself and the country.(IMO)

Worrals in the wilds 9th Jan 2013 10:04

Thanks for that classic parabellum, I still have a paper copy somewhere. :E

Buster Hyman 9th Jan 2013 10:15

Apart from siseman & myself, who else on this thread is an active volunteer firey?

Clare Prop 9th Jan 2013 10:25

Trained but lapsed due to work commitments, the other 'arf still active.

Don't live in Gippsland though, not sure where that came from?

Buster Hyman 9th Jan 2013 10:32

Thanks Clare prop. Just interested to see if the biggest stone throwers actually put in, or just welch off the system.

Abbott has been a volunter since 2000...obviously, he does it for votes. :rolleyes: As for a press release, about the only time pollies don't issue a press release is when they sneak off to see the troops. As a public figure, leader of the opposition, and someone who is sought after for comment on a regular basis, is it too much to issue a release indicating that person's movements?

Clearly, Labor MP Brendan O'Connor thought so, but had the good sense (?) to apologise for it.

Bon Giorno 9th Jan 2013 10:36

Apart from siseman & myself, who else on this thread is an active volunteer firey?
BTDT Buster. Probably (in fact almost certainly) before you were born.

I don't tend to big note myself because of it though.


CoodaShooda 9th Jan 2013 11:17


You obviously have it all wrong and BG is spot on target.

Doing something that actually makes a tangible contribution = crass electioneering.

Swanning oneself in front of the cameras, with the obligatory gaggle of little children in attendance, while achieving nothing of substance = national leadership. Apparently :hmm:

I think if the geniuses at Sussex St continue with this unswerving negativity, its overuse will eventually expose their lies and misrepresentations to even the most disinterested observer.

Sunbury CFA 1969-73

Buster Hyman 9th Jan 2013 11:35

Predictable answer. The usual unqualified, rhetorical tripe.

Fliegenmong 9th Jan 2013 12:21

"Abbott has been a volunter (?) since 2000...obviously, he does it for votes."

I'm certain that he does Buster......I'm certain that he does, otherwise no need for the mainstream media to be there to give him a photo Op......and I have no doubt that you are too smart to know it as well.....but likely too proud to conceded that....just wave the media away and get on with it if it is not a photo op..........surely you're smart enough for that Buster??? :ok: I know you are, and you know you are...:bored:

I'd put my hand up, as a volunteer firey, as I've already posted, but regrettably I'm deeply entrenched in the system that pays for illegal queue jumpers, and that (will) pay for coalition middle class welfare, maternity leave at the rate you were paid for whilst working etc etc.....Liberal / Labor both require my hard worked for $AUD to pay for their schemes....

I see very little between the two........but I do see mindless support of one over the other with no good reason other than blind ideological support ...statements such as "Socialist ideas are doomed to fail"......and yet we look at the welfare being offered up by the Libs from howard on down? Yeah right! That is ridiculously hypocritical! Socialist Welfare for the Plebs works when it is offered by the LNP

Cynical vote buying, & dog whistling appeals to the lowest common denominator....and if I was a 'Liberal Pardee Faithful' I'd be damned embarrassed by it! Likewise if I was a Labor party hack, I'd be appalled by the granting of overseas workers to the mines ... just 'Cos Gina wants it...

In short, Yes I would volunteer my time if I had time to volunteer to rural fire brigades, or other worthy causes....but I do not because the country needs me to pay for Labor's illegal refugees AND for the LNPs welfare policies for the well off when they regain power

So why would I vote for either?

(As an aside I/we haven't forgotten the $10 (TEN!!) Billion!! black hole that was the coalitions ineptitude of fiscal accountability at the last election...pathetic.....truly pathetic...but ineptitude plays right into the hands
of those that voted Julia Gillard last time around....and indeed for those that voted howard years before that...........

Mr Katter, step out from under the hat!

Buster Hyman 9th Jan 2013 13:41

Indeed Fliegs, the media people behind him would be hoping for that one shot to carry to an election, no doubt about it, but for someone who has "BTDT", it's a little rich. (I suspect that part is pure fantasy anyway)

I was going to throw a piccy in to further elaborate a point but it seems to have gone. Never mind. Anyway, if people are so full of angst, then there's little point to trying a meaningful discussion.

At the end of the day, he's out there volunteering his time for the Community. Aside from the point above, the press will inadvertently be showing a potential leader getting out & doing something, thats called leading by example. Alternatively, you can listen to a few well written words for the proles & perhaps the occasional tear & sympathetic ear. Vote accordingly.

Sadly, all we see is true believers trashing him. I lament the fact that some cannot get past the photo op. It speaks volumes about the direction this country is heading...stuff it! Lets all just give up our day jobs & put our hands out! After all, that's how you control the Proles & get their vote.

sisemen 9th Jan 2013 13:51

BTDT? Brigade? Dates?

I'm not holding my breath for a coherent reply.

sisemen 9th Jan 2013 15:52

All politicians issue media releases to say where they are and what they're doing BG and your dear leader is no different. The difference in this instance is that dear leader went specifically for the photo op and to be seen to be empathising (much like the crowd that attended the Brisbane floods) whereas Abbott, being a volunteer firey of long standing, was actually doing a useful job of work - something that the dear leader seems incapable of doing.


In short, Yes I would volunteer my time if I had time to volunteer to rural fire brigades, or other worthy causes....but I do not because the country needs me to pay for Labor's illegal refugees
Some of us manage to do both Fliegs and being a firey doesn't take much effort. Extra hands always come in useful.

SOPS 9th Jan 2013 16:26

Please,can't she just go away, please.

Worrals in the wilds 9th Jan 2013 19:15

Some of us manage to do both Fliegs and being a firey doesn't take much effort. Extra hands always come in useful.
It depends on where you live though. I'd assume that the last thing the rural fireys need is a bunch of people trying to drive from the city to help out; surely it would just make the problem worse.

If Sin City is ever hit with a disaster I'm sure Fliegs and everyone else will be out with shovels, barricades, hoses or whatever's required, as happened in Brisbane 2011 (where there were more volunteers than were needed :ok:). Rest assured that the meter maids will get more press piccies than all the pollies combined, and good luck to 'em. They probably talk less rubbish...:hmm:

As for the nature of a Gold Coast disaster, I guess flood would be the most likely (much of the city's pretty much built in the river :uhoh:), but other than that, I dunno... Mass botox shortage? Black Audis / Mercs spontaneously combusting all over town without warning? Meth lab core meltdown? :}:}
Very GC. :cool:

This was the most recent fire 'disaster' (hinterland bushfires notwithstanding) :eek:. Made a nice mess, and the QFRS/QPol did a great job evacuating over 1000 people and ensuring no-one was killed or injured. Night club fires (dark environment with lots of drunk people) can go very pear shaped; fortunately this one didn't. Two months on the club and shopping area are still shut.
Emergency situation declared in Surfers Gold Coast Top Story | goldcoast.com.au | Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Andu 9th Jan 2013 20:11

Warning, warning, positive comment alert! (A rarity here.)

Is it just me, or have others been very favourably impressed by what they've seen and heard of the RFS spokespeople talking on TV? Commissioner Fitzsimmons and the woman (short blonde hair, mid forties, didn't catch a name) in particular come across as people who know what they're talking about, can lucidly say it with minimum words, and get their message across with a refreshing lack of politically correct gobblydigook and doublespeak.

From me at least, well done to the RFS leadership - and even moreso, to the troops at the fire fronts.

BenThere 9th Jan 2013 20:33

My wife, visiting family in Queensland for a month, reported what was to me shocking news. Her brother, my BIL, a lifelong Labor supporter, gay, and owner of a successful business in Tropical North Queensland, is now a confirmed Liberal. He's had enough.

Knowing him, this is a tumultuous reversal.

There is hope.

sisemen 9th Jan 2013 23:52

Apologies to Fliegs hadn't noted the location :\ Mind you, there's always the surf lifesavers or the SES :E

Andu 10th Jan 2013 00:12

Re the 'Tony Abbott is grandstanding, Julia Gillard is being a leader' line we're currently being fed. in case anyone thinks that media bias towards the Left is new, see the quote below, taken from the biography of Joice Loch, an Australian aid worker.

On the surface, the Communist experiment seems to be working. Few people in Britain and Europe understand that although Communism has created a prosperous new class of bureaucrats, hundreds of thousands of small farmers and middle-class professionals are dying of starvation. They’re classed as “non-people” and denied ration cards.

The real story doesn’t get into any newspapers. Russian or foreign. Fleet Street and Australian editors just don’t want to hear it, all they want are positive, upbeat stories about Communism.
Nothing new there, I hear you say. However, the date these comments were made might surprise you – 1922, when Mrs Loch was attempting to help Russian refugees and the tens of thousands of Poles who were made homeless by the Red Army and its ‘scorched earth’ policy in eastern Poland, an uncomfortable fact that the Western media of the day ignored with the same enthusiasm as the ABC and Fairfax ignore anything the current Australian Labor government does that doesn’t fit the media’s ‘feel good’ agenda.

Flying Binghi 10th Jan 2013 00:25


In Australia bush fire would have to rate as one of the greatest dangers to life and property - probably more so then terrorism and war at this time.

A prudent politician who has dedicated their life to politics and the ultimate ambition of being Prime Minister of Australia would do well to acquaint them selves with bush fire causes and controls. It would also be expected that the prudent politician would inform the Australian public that they have the hands on experience and understanding of bush fires - part of the cv so to speak.

The sheer mess of the bush fire prevention and control measures in Australia at this time and the huge life and economic loss potential demands a Prime Minister who has had hands on experience of the issue... who do you get to fight a war - a Churchill or a (green) appeasing Chamberlain.


Worrals in the wilds 10th Jan 2013 03:39

In fairness, isn't fire control a state issue?

parabellum 10th Jan 2013 03:53

Clare Prop
Sorry Clare Prop, I was confusing you with Capt. Sand Dune!

I was posted to the Victorian Riviera (i.e. Gippsland!) in January 2012. However upon departure from Tamworth, "Tony Windsor" was considered bad language. I have no reason to believe things have changed.

Flying Binghi 10th Jan 2013 04:50


Here is our current Prime Ministers understanding of bush fire in Australia...

“As a result of climate change we are going to see more extreme weather events,...” Gillards comments while touring the Tasmanian bush fire area.

Green arrogance burns fiercely | Daily Telegraph Miranda Devine Blog


FullOppositeRudder 10th Jan 2013 04:51

Apart from siseman & myself, who else on this thread is an active volunteer firey?
I guess I qualify - nearly 45 years at it now ...

One of our more interesting challenges is working with these when the need arises. Instead of smoke and cinders we get grit blasted when the pilot opens the taps. All part of the (unpaid) job :)


Clare Prop 10th Jan 2013 05:27

Yes it is a state issue...but then so is education and health and the feds can't seem to keep their noses out of that.

Ridiculing Abbott for wearing standard surf lifesavers gear was childish and boring. (Thank goodness, though, that we haven't been subjected to a "baywatch babe" clad Gillard in retaliation).

But the Gillard mob ridiculing him for being a firey has hopefully got even the most closed minded brain dead Australians realising how this lot have brought a whole new meaning to "un-Australian" (You listening over there at the Macquarie dictionary?) But then McTurd the 457 visa Spinmeister wouldn't understand that would he.

Then the Greens applauding that hoax press release and condoning "civil disobedience". Don't they take some kind of oath to uphold the law when they take their comfy seats on the gravy train? At least BB had the sense to quit politics before taking over Sea Shepherd! (good on him for that IMO but wouldn't have been a good look for a senator)

What's next, an ANZAC day riot perhaps just to make a change from making a mockery of Australia day last year?

Flying Binghi 10th Jan 2013 05:46

Heat waves and fire in Tasmania

Yep, all happened before... though our current prime minister who knows nothing about oz history, and her advisers who know even less, rabbits on about global warming..:hmm:

Tasmanian newspaper report from 1912...
(h/t to Aard Knox)

"The heat wave which has been passing over the mainland during the past week made its influence felt in no unmistakable manner on Saturday all over the island. Friday was a genuinely hot summer's day, but in the South the heat of the sun's rays was considerably tempered by a fresh southerly breeze During the evening, however, the breeze died away, and by-midnight the atmosphere was close and oppressive. When daylight appeared on Saturday the conditions were unchanged, save that the air was pregnant with smoke from bush fires which had broken out on the ranges to the north of the city. As the day wore on a hot northerly set in, slight at first, but increasing in strength and intensity until at noon it resembled a blast from a furnace..." continues - 05 Feb 1912 - THE HEAT WAVE. HOTTEST DAY FOR SEVEN YEARS. EXTE...


Andu 10th Jan 2013 05:48

Surely Christine Milne has crossed whatever passes for even the most permissive line in the proverbial sand with her comments supporting the man who manipulated the stock market? How can she, even in these utterly crazy times, remain a member of parliament, let alone a Party leader of one of the ruling parties? If Gillard does not demand her resignation, she loses all credibility.

Oh, silly me... she's done that already, hasn't she? And on multiple occasions.

When they write the history of this government, it will not make pretty reading, even with the most Labor-leaning apologist writing it, for spin can only be spun so far and still retain some semblance of credibility. Unless we go all the way and they create a Ministry of Truth a la George Orwell's 1984, which won't be inconceivable if they manage to pass the new "you mustn't offend anyone" legislation they're trying to push through parliament now. I can see that army of Winston Smiths beavering away in Canberra re-writing history.

George Orwell really was incredibly prescient, wasn't he? The only thing he got wrong was the gender - here in Oz we have Big Sister watching over us.

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