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Croozin 4th Dec 2012 06:01

The really interesting thing (in oh, so many ways) about Craig Thomson's carefully-worded denials about his not using union money to buy the services of prostitutes for himself lie in those last two words - "for himself".

Could the reason this credit card/hookers/misuse of union funds business remained so thoroughly buried for so long lie in those two words? Maybe he really has remained faithful to his successive wives - (now many would say that there simply has to be a contradiction or oxymoron buried somewhere in that statement, but let's not go there right now) -

...where was I? Oh yes, maybe good Craig really was a pure as the driven snow serial non-adulterer - and maybe the professional services of the very personal kind he (or that clever "steal them repeatedly and repeatedly give them back" credit card and phone thief) was purchasing and organising on Craig's mobile phone and Craig's union-suppled credit card were not for him, but for persons (and judging by the amounts spent on single nights, that's almost certainly persons plural) for whom the HSU leadership wanted to do favours.

When you consider who the people might most likely be who were in a position to do favours for the HSU leadership, it would not take a rocket scientist to draw up a shortlist.

This might explain quite a lot.

sisemen 4th Dec 2012 06:43

You could be on the money there Croozin

sisemen 5th Dec 2012 05:30

A cut too far???

The backlash from the 60% of the population that rely on healthy interest rates in order to survive is now beginning to find a voice.

Croozin 5th Dec 2012 08:37

Labor's aim has always been to get a majority of the population dependant upon government welfare, thus ensuring that majority will always vote for the 'pardee' that will be most likely to keep that gummit largesse flowing.

However, somehow I feel that if they beggar a generation of baby boomer self-funded retires and put them on the pension, they won't reward them with their vote. In fact, many if not most will go out of their way to pay them back for taking their retirement nest egg from them, whatever that may cost them.

I can guarantee that this one will, anyway.

MTOW 6th Dec 2012 00:13

54 Tamils who were to be deported on Thursday have had their deportation stopped by the High Court "putting into doubt" the deportations of 600 who have already been returned to Sri Lanka (each with $3,300 courtesy of the Australian taxpayer in their pockets).

Stand by for Australian taxpayer funded appeals by many if not all of those 600 who were returned to Sri Lanka. Ian RinTOOL will be on his way to Colombo asap.

Meanwhile, 500 smiling asylum seekers are currently sitting in the international terminal at Darwin, waiting to board flights to Sydney and Melbourne. They will be on bridging visas, meaning they will live in the community but will not be allowed to work.

Yup, Minister Bowen, that new "stern" policy seems to be putting the fear of the Lord into the people smugglers and their endless supply of clients. Scaring the pants off 'em.

bnt 6th Dec 2012 08:47

Not to worry: it'll all be over soon:

I think it's going to be K-Pop: "Gangnam Style" is predicted to hit 1 Billion YouTube views around 21 December, the day the Mayan Calendar expires, and that will be the trigger for the end of the world.

Worrals in the wilds 6th Dec 2012 09:35

Being on JJJ was always every student unionist's dream...:} if you have to become PM to get there then so be it. :E
If Gangnam Style is the most non-pornographic watched thing on the Internet it may be time for World 2.0. :eek:

Yup, Minister Bowen, that new "stern" policy seems to be putting the fear of the Lord into the people smugglers and their endless supply of clients. Scaring the pants off 'em.
No work, eh? :hmm: Expect a plethora of 'Indian' restaurants and informal taxi services; coming to a city near you. At least that would be better than ghettos. Ask the Samoans and/or the people of Logan about what happens when people move here for work and can't find it, but aren't eligible for full social services. Not saying they should be but still; it can get ugly :(.

Fliegenmong 6th Dec 2012 10:17

Not to mention the kid run over and killed last Weekend WITW! Islander / African tensions I understand...and the lad put in a induced Coma after being punched in the head by an Islander, thankfully he's pulled through, but that poor boy, was a friend of a friend of Jnr Fliegs.....:eek:

....that one was scary, close to the bone, as I lost a mate a few years back, punched in the head by an Islander, Mark was the size of a Jockey.....Islander was the size of a...Islander.

Big tough Islander hit little Jockey fella so hard in the head that his skull cracked in half across the top of his head from jaw to the ear on the other side....the only good that came out of it was a woman of two young children received a heart transplant.....

Islander represented by a (cough cough) rather well known GC solicitor....after 2 1/2 years the Islander got away with it...the sole witness all of a sudden 'couldn't' remember what happened that far back when she took the stand...sole witness now resides in a rather posh unit in a fancy Sydney seaside suburb...paid for by.....the family of.........:yuk:


Fliegenmong 6th Dec 2012 10:29

And who's side is this goose on? Jooliars best campaign tool (and I do mean tool)

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman claims, unlike other politicians, he always tells the truth | The Courier-Mail

Earlier his similar Goose of a Treasurer claimed the State was going backwards because of the High Aussie Dollar..how freaking stupid do these people think we are? Or does that Smarmy smirk of Campbell's ooze of contempt of electorate?

There are a lot people up here ready to bring out the baseball bats again....but I suppose if you can sack enough people to create a mini recession, when and if it starts to recover, then you claim a credit, hoping the electorate forgets........Suspect 20 thousand people won't be voting LNP again for a long time...

Croozin 6th Dec 2012 10:31

The sad fact is that they'll be exploited right royally by people of their own culture who've come here before them, and I can't believe Chris Bowen, Julia Gillard and the Canberra mandarins who advise them aren't 100% aware of it. "You want a job on the Q.T., habibi? Cash in hand, no tax man involved, keep your benefits? You'll still be getting your benefits, so I'll pay you half the minimum hourly rate. Welcome to the Promised Land."

You can also bet that the large debt many of them incurred to buy their boat ride will be sold on to some shady character here in Australia - also almost certainly of the same culture they thought they were escaping - and he'll be demanding his money, with interest, putting the females, (when they eventually arrive under the family reunion scheme), to work in the suburban garage sweatshops on piece work, using a sewing machine they'll have to buy from their boss.

And this crowd call themselves a Labor Party, the Party of the worker... What they're setting up here is a de facto Bangla Desh, with an underclass who'll never manage to realise what used to be the Australian dream.

How long will we have to wait to hear of twenty or more women burned to death in the south western suburbs of Sydney or the northern suburbs of Melbourne when they are unable to escape from their place of work because all the exits are chained shut? Just like they were 'back home'?

Sadly, I predict that this is coming soon to a suburb near you.

Gillard should be ashamed of herself, but how many other events have we seen that clearly show she has no shame?

Croozin 6th Dec 2012 10:42

Fleigs, how many federal public serfs do you think Tony Abbott is going to have to sack as he attempts to balance the books? Anyone who doesn't think it will be a large number and that it will not be pretty is living in cloud cuckoo land.

Is it quite as bad in Qld as you say? The ALPBC and Fairfax carefully avoid saying that many of the public serfs Newman has 'sacked' were on contract and simply did not have their contracts renewed, while many others have received handsome redundancy payouts. What else could he do after Bligh (quite purposely?) bloated the public service so much? Just as Rudd and Gillard have done.

Fliegenmong 6th Dec 2012 10:56

I know Croozin, sad stuff indeed......

"The sad fact is that they'll be exploited right royally by people of their own culture"

Which is exactly what will happen when the Libs get back in and introduce Work no Choices under another name....and somehow 'Expolited right royally by people of their own culture' will become entirely acceptable

Do not misconstrue me here...."They'll never ever be a carbon tax under this government" is unforgivable...as unforgivable as children overboard...

Tony knows about 'Gospel' truths....and p reith not so long ago reminded the electorate of what the coalition agenda is, and it is to Exploit right royally people of their own culture, via the new work choices

Still there are people like Campbell Newman, Jeff Seeney, Tim Nichols, Michael Caltabiano, Ros Bates, Tracey Davis, Ben Gommers all working hard to reinstate Jooliar.....

Andu 6th Dec 2012 20:14

1000 asylum seekers on bridging visas placed as boarders "in the community" in the last few days? Anyone have any idea just where "in the community"? How many will be staying, four or six to a room, in housing provided by the Australian taxpayer, with relatives who have come here before them? Relatives who'll be getting the allowance - also paid by the taxpayer - to accommodate them?

Re the comments above about sweat shops with chained exits; I think the norm in Australia is more usually Mum and the daughters working on piece work from the spare bedroom at home rather than locked up in factories. Which is probably worse in many ways, as they never get to mix with anyone outside the family.

Andu 6th Dec 2012 20:46

Eileen - (I prefer 'Eileen', it somehow fits the person better than 'Julia') - Gillard is being interviewed on 702 at the moment. My teeth grate every time she says "disibiliDy" and "limiDed disabiliDy".

Surely to God there's a minder out there among her thousands of minders who could tell her she's displaying a disability in not being able to pronounce 'disabiliTy'?

Worrals in the wilds 6th Dec 2012 22:49

Croozin, it's not too good. The public service was bloated with flunkies but they're too expensive to pay out, so the people have gone from the bottom; ie the people who do the work. The nurses, teacher aides, park rangers etc.

Other departments such as the ambos aren't replacing people, even though they're already stretched. Meanwhile the fat cat types are all still purring away costing us money. Even Departments like QFleet that made the government money have been gutted. Public health campaigns that are needed to preventproblems in a decade's time have been cut, because what does today's government care about the future, or anything beyond the next election? :ugh:
It's been illogical and short sighted. Maybe if they cut their own wages their own aide numbers and stopped treating every day as Bring Your Kid To Work Day they'd retain some credibility, but they haven't. The State is obviously not broke enough for that. :yuk:

I wouldn't mind changing jobs myself but with the flood (and it is a flood) of ex public servants hitting the job market there is absolutely no point. At least I'm still employed.

Fliegs, sorry about your kid's friend. :sad: And yeah, I guessed who. :rolleyes:

CoodaShooda 6th Dec 2012 23:26

Not often I quote from Bolt but John Roskram raises something we've touched on before

The number and variety of threats to the civil liberties of Australians during 2012 approached almost unprecedented levels.

If next year the Gillard government succeeds in its aims of regulating the press, imposing surveillance over the personal electronic communications of every person, and making it against the law to offend someone because of their political opinion, Australians will be substantially less free next year than they were this year...

What’s more dangerous is the way that, during the year, the Gillard government stepped up its efforts to inculcate in the community a particular set of attitudes. Australians are now urged to find sexism, racism, and discrimination at every turn.

The Prime Minister’s misogyny speech was noteworthy because it revealed the sense of grievance the Gillard government wants Australians to experience in all walks of life, not just in politics.

Where no sexism, racism or discrimination is obvious, we’re now actively encouraged to go looking for it, and if we can’t find sexism, racism or discrimination, the government will find it for us. This is the approach found in a host of legislation ranging from the Fair Work Act, to the Workplace Gender Equality Act which was passed last month, to the Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill which will go to Parliament next year.

TWT 6th Dec 2012 23:35

Her Roy Hill Highness
The latest words of wisdom from Gina.

Don't overspend, Rinehart recommends

sisemen 6th Dec 2012 23:39

According to the nation's richest person, back in the day almost every Australian home "understood that you had to earn revenue before you could spend it".
"Then you had to make choices: it might be nice to have overseas holidays, but maybe we should renovate the bathroom and/or kitchen, save for a granny flat, et cetera," Rinehart said in her regular column, published today.
Economics and good management 101 TWT. Howard and Costello understood it; Krudd/Gillard and Swan don't. Simples

Andu 7th Dec 2012 06:34

An interesting comment slipped in almost unnoticed on 7 News tonight: talking about the bushfire threat, the newsreader mentioned "CSIRO software" that monitors social networks, automatically picking up key words, thus alerting the RFS of impending fire situations in particular areas.

CSIRO software that can trigger a warning to home base when a particular word is mentioned or typed by a social network user... Hmmmm...

I'm old enough to remember the great to-do that was drummed up by the media when allegations were made back in the 80's about a so-called telephone exchange near Canberra being, in fact, an ASIO telephone monitoring station, using powerful American software that could be triggered by any word or words selected by the monitoring authority.

You don't need to be a crazy paranoid conspiracy theorist to see that this "CSIRO software" could be used in ways other than to monitor for possible bushfire warnings. Especially if Stephen 'the undertaker' Conroy is involved.

Croozin 7th Dec 2012 06:51

Restaurants at mercy of violent extortionists

Restaurants at mercy of violent extortionists

ORGANISED criminals using religious and ethnic divides as a front are extorting the restaurant-lined main streets of Bankstown; three businesses were sprayed with bullets and another three torched over the past two months.

A senior police source in the area confirmed it was a ''big problem'' and a hugely sensitive issue that police were investigating.

Some owners have linked the attacks to Brothers for Life, a gang formed by the convicted killer Bassam Hamzy. The group, which specialises in extortion and drug supply, has had a recent resurgence and was involved in a shooting death in Greenacre in October.

Police said religion and ethnicity were being used as a front by ''criminals being criminals''.

Several restaurants, mostly successful Middle Eastern restaurants and function rooms, have been attacked in the past two months for refusing to pay protection money, while several businesses have been attacked for refusing to hand over sums of up to $50,000.

The Lebanese owner of one cafe/restaurant on South Terrace said men wearing traditional Middle Eastern clothing sat down for a coffee and started talking about religion but quickly demanded $50,000 in exchange for protection.

The owner could not pay, so approached a ''rival gang'', which offered protection for half the price.

Others have not been so lucky. Three large Lebanese restaurants were shot at on consecutive Friday nights last month.

Arabella Lounge and Gebran were sprayed with bullets, but when approached would not speak about the incidents.

A worker at the third restaurant off Restwell Street, who did not want her name or the restaurant's name published, said that they were given no opportunity to negotiate.

''As soon as we picked up the phone they said 'We're coming to destroy your business' and hung up,'' she said. ''And then it was done.''

She said most businesses were under threat or had been hit. Only some received specific demands.

''They don't say who they are, they just give you a heads-up that they're going to do it but don't say when,'' she said.

Two Thai restaurants and a pizza and pasta restaurant, Rashay's, were burnt to the ground in Bankstown. Rashay's was five weeks old and the newest of the chain's six restaurants.

''We're quite torn over whether to rebuild because we don't want that drama any more,'' said a Rashay's spokeswoman, Ivana Nujic. ''We can open in a safer area and sleep well at night. If we re-opened we'd need 24-hour security and we'd be worried something would happen again.''

Dr Jamal Rifi, a Muslim community leader, said there was fear in the community.

''People are afraid,'' he said. ''It's becoming rampant and brazen and people are acting like there is no law in the area.''
Another example of the triumph of multiculturalism.

SOPS 7th Dec 2012 07:24

I worry badly for my country.:mad::mad:

Like This - Do That 7th Dec 2012 08:10

Originally Posted by Croozin
Another example of the triumph of multiculturalism.

Yup ... the ALP is concerned about getting wedged between ethnically-based voting blocs in culturally diverse seats in SW Sydney, inner-city seats full of diversity industry multi-culti activists (Member for Grayndler, I'm looking at your constituents) at risk of falling to the Greens and working class, somewhat more 'whitebread' seats in the 'Greater Western Suburbs'. I wonder if when the numbers are done they don't fall on the side of dog-whistling .... after all, if the effnik and Green vote goes further left, the preferences will still flow back to Labor.

They've probably lost the 'Greater Western Suburbs' seats like Lindsay and they know it. Does the fear of losing Grayndler & Sydney outweigh the expectation of losing the votes of folks like Wayne, Sharon, Gary, Fiona & Kylie in the seats Lindsay, Chifley & McMahon?

Andu 7th Dec 2012 08:24

maintain the FAKE surplus whatever the cost. (from the Eric Palmer defence bl*g.)


This reality is the real new "Defence White Paper"
The next Defence White Paper is due out in 2013. Expect it to be as dumb or irresponsible as the one in 2009.

The new paper will state the importance of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, even though it is a defective and militarily irrelevant failure.

It will claim the importance of needing 12 new home-grown submarines (rent-seeker alert) even if no one has figured out a practical way to build them at anything but an over-inflated price.

It will mention the alleged importance of the new “Air Warfare Destroyers” and new Canberra-class amphibious ships (the size of a small aircraft carrier) even though no one has put reasonable thought about how to crew them and operate them without sucking the resource life out of the rest of the RAN.

None of this shows the true needs of the current “Defence” situation.

Like the policy or hate it, (by the way, Howard got it right), we need resources to cover for illegal immigration.

For example we do not have enough patrol boats for border protection. Various kinds of RAN ships have been commandeered to be used to support the border operations against illegal boat people in what can only be described as, Operation: HAPPY CABBY.

Defence yearly flying operations funds for C-17 cargo aircraft and the new KC-30 (A330-200 Airbus airframes) tankers are being used to move illegals back home and other places. This is at a higher cost than civilian solutions.

Why? Since the current government is in the red (not counting the red hammer and sickle) with deficit-spending and big federal budget debt due to spend-thrift planning, the only current funding available to do what should be civil and civil police ops reside in yearly Defence operations funds.

This is a gross misdirection of the justification for authorised fund-sites. The tax payer should not have money taken from them on the promise of it being used for Defence and then see it robbed to pay for border patrol ops.

So, with no money left, and leftist government leaders trying to patch up bad policy, the only true value they see in Defence is to act as a value-added accessory to under-resourced border patrol operations.

Those are your REAL Defence White Paper needs. Defence as a function of border protection (by other means). There is no money for defective and gold-plated big-Navy dreams and big RAAF flying-club ambitions.

There is money in annual budgets to resource proper border protection against illegals.

Fantasy Defence 2030? How about taking care of the current threat.

Worrals in the wilds 7th Dec 2012 08:54

Another example of the triumph of multiculturalism.
And the triumph of crime, particularly when law enforcement becomes a political football used for courting the effnick vote. :yuk:

The bikies have been doing this for years on the Gold Coast, to restaurants, clubs and bike related businesses. The difference is that 1. They're not traditionally effnick and 2. QPol wouldn't give a toss if they were. Nor would whichever collection of clowns happened to be in power at the time; it's the one nice thing you can say about the Qld government. They've never bought this crap about being soft on New Australians. If they did they'd get turfed; and it must be remembered that all shades of NSW people continued to vote Labor. It obviously didn't bother them too much. :hmm:

In Sydney, law enforcement was politicised by Labor and used to score points with effnick voters. Now they're reaping what they sowed. I hope some of this sticks to Carr in a Keatingesque way (blanket style :E) because he deserves it.

Labor likes to think that effnicks will always vote Labor but I don't think it's a given. Woodridge went the other way in the state election and it's effnick. Law and order concerns featured in a lot of surveys from the area. Family First picked up a big vote and why wouldn't they; religious, conservative, anti gay marriage etc etc... A lot of Islander, Islamic and Indian Australians identify with those beliefs.

Labor shouldn't be so sure that their placatory stance re Sydney law enforcement will bring home the non pork bacon, particularly when effnick businesses (rather than white fellas) start getting targeted. If FF have half a brain (which is debatable) they'll be making conservative mileage.

EDIT: not more diesel subs :ugh:. Are we getting mounted cavalry too? :zzz:

Croozin 7th Dec 2012 09:28

I have to agree with you, Worrals. Diesel subs to replace the Collins class (non) submarines is political correctness gone mad. Nukes, be they bought, leased, rented, borrowed - whatever - are the ONLY option for Australia.

However, while the Greens hold sway in Canberra, it'll never happen. Anything other than nukes, at the very least, will mean we have an ineffective wet lettuce rather than a deterrent submarine force in peacetime, when having a credible deterrence can make all the difference in whether we go to war or remain at peace.

At worst, should (God forbid) we ever go to war, our politicians will be consigning our submarine crews to certain death, a bit like they did to the Wirraway crews who knowingly went to their certain deaths against overwhelming numbers of Zeros at Rabaul in 1942.

I wouldn't be surprised if, like the RAAF Wirraway commander, the RAN submarine captains haven't got the gladiators' salute already written out.

Worrals in the wilds 7th Dec 2012 10:26

That may explain why they're having trouble recruiting and retaining submariners. I've no references to hand but the last time I looked (about a year ago) they were putting out a very big welcome mat to all and sundry. Retention seemed to be a problem which is always a red flag in my book.

I'm no expert and happy to be shouted down by anyone who is, but to my mind buying a sub that needs to breathe is akin to buying scuba gear when you can afford a closed circuit rebreather. When there's better technology around, why get the inferior product? :confused:

Particularly when we already sell uranium to foreign countries. The Greens would rather people forgot about that; it's okay to run a brothel for the touristos but don't let us catch you locals using it! :E:}

Greens thinking. A contradiction of terms :hmm:. I reckon that if there is one thing Labor will regret, truly regret; it's getting into bed with The Greens. They would have been better off throwing down the gauntlet and calling another election. Of course that would have taken guts and integrity; something neither side has spotted in the wild since Icehouse were in the charts. It was never gonna happen but still...:sad:

Union scandals, election promise backflips and general unsavouriness are all part of the Labor package, but IMO the shit the Greens have dragged up from the bottom of the wealthy, trendy, tofu latte pond will haunt federal Labor. They've pinned their hopes to a very small (albeit vocal) minority, a minority to which most of them and most of the media belong. The Twitterati; never was a demographic more aptly named. :\

I think that unless there is a small miracle, come the next election they will find out just how small that minority really is.

TWT 7th Dec 2012 10:38

Security in doubt as Australia's aging oil refineries shut down

We import a great deal of our refined petroleum products now.We aren't self sufficient in terms of our refinery capacity and couldn't make enough fuel for the aviation and military sectors if we really needed to in the future.I'll bet the last tankful of ULP in my car was shipped in from Singapore.

Worrals in the wilds 8th Dec 2012 08:42

The odd thing about Caltex Brisbane is that while they are saying it's not viable, on the other side of the river BP are expanding and putting on more staff. :confused:
They can't both be right...

Croozin 8th Dec 2012 21:27

Worth a look, if only to check out the cartoon. (Insert 'o' for the underscore in the first word.)


Dark Knight 8th Dec 2012 22:18

`Posting Bail' Pickering

plus other articles.

sisemen 9th Dec 2012 01:39

There was some interesting analysis in the Weekend Australian which pointed towards a Feb/March election.

This government has staked its life on a budget surplus. Any fule no that that is now an impossibility but declare it so would have the Opposition tearing them apart. The announcement of the third quarter fiscal position in March will force the position into the open.

Additionally the cock-up with the UN vote on the Middle East left Gillard right out on a limb and she is now extremely vulnerable. The AWU scandal is also moving into its final phases and she knows, as do most intelligent people, that it ain't going to end well for her.

So.....a whole lot of bad things are likely to come together in a perfect storm over the summer break.

Had Krudd called an election when the rumblings against his leadership first started it would have killed the challenge stone dead. Instead he waited and Gillard slipped the knife in. She won't make the same mistake.

The likelihood is that she will go to the GG shortly after Christmas before Parliament resumes for the next sitting when any challenge will be mounted.

She's a slippery bastard and as I read somewhere - anything for another week at The Lodge.

Captain Sand Dune 9th Dec 2012 02:54

anything for another week at The Lodge.
Which is why she'll hang on for as long as possible. Wouldn't hold my breath waiting an early election.

heated ice detector 9th Dec 2012 03:08

20 year anniversary of Paul keating's Redfern speech. Love him or hate him he was a great speaker. Kev Rudd's sorry speech was up there with it as well

Captain Sand Dune 9th Dec 2012 06:31

20 year anniversary of Paul keating's Redfern speech. Love him or hate him he was a great speaker.
Not to mention the world's greatest PM ....... in his opinion.
And I suppose the Lefties consider Juliar's "misogyny" drivel constitutes a "great speech" as well.:hmm:

MTOW 9th Dec 2012 21:21

ALPBC's morning flagship A.M. programme this morning featured a long interview with a Labor backbencher WITHOUT PORTFOLIO from Doha.

WTF - and I mean WTF was (a) a backbencher without portfolio doing at the international climate change conference?, and

(b) WTF - and I mean WTF - was the ABC doing interviewing this backbencher without portfolio and allowing him to pontificate in a pseudo (and sickening) prime ministerial way.

I must thank the ALPBC for putting Krudd bak on air as it did this morning. It reminded me what a pompous, self-satisfied twot the man remains. His voice is right up there with la Gillard's in the annoying as hell stakes.

Julia, if you weren't aware before this morning that there's a move afoot for yet another leadership challenge by the twot from Queensland, you are now.

CoodaShooda 10th Dec 2012 02:47


I thought he was at an international conference discussing Syria rather than Doha. (I don't think even Combet hung around for the latter.)

Agree with the WTF reaction upon hearing it though.

MTOW 10th Dec 2012 03:48

The first dirty trick of the coming election campaign exposed. Expect many more to follow.

Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

Automatic enrolment puts Coalition seats at risk

by: Tom Dusevic, National chief reporter
From:The Australian
December 10, 201212:00AM

NEW electoral laws to automatically enrol up to 1.5 million voters could see the Coalition lose a swag of marginal seats at next year's election.

According to several exclusive Newspoll surveys, the Coalition's primary vote would slip by 1.5 percentage points if those currently eligible to vote but not enrolled - mainly young people - were enrolled.
"Vote early, vote often" will be the order of the day.

Flying Binghi 10th Dec 2012 04:12

...NEW electoral laws to automatically enrol up to 1.5 million voters...

Hmmm... this just might be sumthin to thro back at the Labore purps..:)

There are many in Oz who dont likes to be told by some neo-stalinist muppets that you will be enrolled and you will vote.

Perhaps we need to look at the land of the free and the brave and bring in free choice. If yer dont feel like voting yer dont hafta.


parabellum 10th Dec 2012 04:37

I would hope that the Coalition would procrastinate on this and finally seek a supreme court injunction so that nothing was changed until after the next general election. Wishful thinking perhaps?

Croozin 10th Dec 2012 05:59

If the independents back Labor on this new legislation, I don’t think the Opposition can stop it.

I know I’m not the first to suggest this, but I'd like to see the Coalition introduce the requirement for anyone attempting to vote to produce photo ID and some system to prevent double voting. I'd suggest a computer at every polling booth linked to a central data base. You vote, your name goes 'hatched'. If you turn up to vote and find your name 'hatched', you register that fact with the polling official, and if the number of such complaints total more than the number of votes by which the winning candidate wins, the seat is not declared until a full investigation. As for the Senate, I'm not sure how that should be handled.

AEC won't touch any such idea for obvious reasons. Despite all their protestations to the contrary, I have a strong suspicion that this kind of crap is already happening, and on a scale big enough to swing marginal seats. Many will have seen the cretin on (was it?) ACA boasting how he'd voted for the Greens 150 times in the 2010 election - with no comeback from the AEC.

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