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EffohX 9th Aug 2012 06:13

Part 2 of Pickering's "Is our Prime Minister a crook?" out now, where he names names in a very direct way. Larry Pickering
Note the slight amendment to the title.

EffohX 9th Aug 2012 06:14

Some of the comments under the article are rather direct(!)

I16 9th Aug 2012 11:28

TEN, 9 & 7 have had the Govt. big lock put on them and ABC & SBS are not sure on how to handle a breaking story.
How come the very well paid in the press corp. do not want to break ranks - oh its collusion by them, just what they all rabbit on about when the banks and petrol companies jack up fees and prices.
What absolute hypercritical tossers.
Dont' buy a paper tomorrow - read Pickering on line

I feel better now!

500N 9th Aug 2012 21:31

Navy saves 211 on boat - more like Water Taxi service
Here we go again ! I think I will lose the bet at this rate.

A BOAT crowded with the largest number of asylum seekers to arrive in Australia in more than a decade has been picked up after putting out an emergency call near Christmas Island.

Two navy patrol vessels went to the aid of the boat, which had 211 people aboard.

HMAS Larrakia and HMAS Ararat spent yesterday ferrying passengers from the boat north-east of Christmas Island under instructions from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

More than 7300 asylum seekers have arrived this year, more than half of them in the past two months.

BandAide 9th Aug 2012 21:45

It's so simple. If Australia announced a policy that no refugees would ever reach the mainland, this business of people coming in on boats illegally would stop. Just do it.

500N 9th Aug 2012 21:51


Bugger announcing a policy - need to play hard ball like Howard.

Give me two fast patrol boats and I'll show you what emergency calls
are - back to their "mates" in Indon that will guarantee no more boats
ever leave Indonesia again for Australia.

And none of this Australian Navy will be sending Patrol Boats
into Indonesian waters ! What a load of BS.

And if we really do need to pick them up, why use Expensive Navy equipment with all the wear and tear, why not just get a decent ocean going boat with some Ribs / Zodiacs.

It's not like we need to use the guns on board and at least a decent boat would have some room, those Navy boats are so cramped it's not funny !!!


Buster Hyman 9th Aug 2012 22:14

The way its going, we'll be building a dry dock on Christmas Island to repair the boats & pay the boats' crew to do all the shuttling!

Alternatively, we get a retired cruise ship to patrol those waters, deck it out with immigration officers & equipment, and it can just sail up & down collecting all the MayDays & then processing them onboard.

500N 9th Aug 2012 22:18


That is a damn good idea.

We can pick them up a bit earlier - like in Indonesia waters and while they are being "processed" (how the F would they know what is going on ?:O), they can be dropped off back in Indonesia !!!

That way they never leave Indon waters, problem solved :O:ok:


Andu 9th Aug 2012 22:32

Buster, to approach the argument from a different perspective, I think it's a pretty safe bet to say that, particularly when considering current events in Syria and recent events in Egypt and Libya, and the Greeks expelling 700 or more illegal immigrants in one day, (the Greeks are allowed to call them that) it's only a matter of time before we see a substantial ship turn up with 1,000+ on board claiming asylum.

Chris Bowen on AM this morning (not!) answering questions arising from this latest arrival. He had me gritting my teeth to think that my taxes will be supporting this ***ing idiot's open-ended parliamentary pension and unlimited Gold Travel Pass for the rest of his oxygen-thieving natural life.

bob johns 9th Aug 2012 22:42

bob johns
If these f-----g idiots were running Australia in 1942 all the japs would have needed to do was send a telegram that they were on their way and these f-----ts would send a hearty welcome and start to learn japanese-- these morons are un-Australian.

500N 9th Aug 2012 22:52


The Gov't in 1941 did that (send an invitation) by not responding adequately
to Pearl Harbour and the reply came back on 19 February 1942 (and a few times
more a bit later !).

Talking of the Darwin bombing, I read in the NT News yesterday that a ? Qantas ? pilot and a cabin crew member from 1942 were awarded recognition (?medals?) as in the attack on Darwin, even though they were civilians, they jumped into a flying boat that was moored next to the ship at the wharf, got it started and took off, and just afterwards the ship exploded (it was carrying explosives and ammunition).

A pretty gutsy effort for a civilian to take off with no protection into a swarm of Jap fighter and bombers and do it under fire :ok:

500N 9th Aug 2012 23:19

Well well well, look at what was said this morning !

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen admits rescuing asylum seekers is placing increased operational pressure on the navy.
"Of course, that's the case, but they'd also be doing other work as well," he told ABC Radio on Friday.
Mr Bowen was responding to reports the navy's patrol boats are literally cracking up under the strain of intercepting the surge in asylum-seeker vessels.
One patrol boat has been banned from operations and structural cracks have been discovered in at least two others,

Defence has ordered an urgent investigation into its overworked 14-boat fleet amid concerns the problem could threaten the navy's long-term ability to patrol Australia's northern approaches.

And as for
"but they'd also be doing other work as well" well of course they do
- when they have time !!!

I would love to see how much time they are patrolling the North West shelf platforms (and that whole area) and how much time they spend doing AS work ! They cant patrol and fight if needed with AS's on board !!!

500N 10th Aug 2012 00:06

Re the patrol boats cracking, have got to love the pollies
who said the increased operational tempo up north
could be a possible cause of the cracking.

Well god help the boats if they go to war is all I can say
if they call up North a high operational tempo.

allan907 10th Aug 2012 01:31

And in the meantime our Glorious Dear Leader is keeping her head down a la Pickering.

Just wonder which of the major media is going to decide to run with this one? So far it seems that The Australian is the only one with balls.

500N 10th Aug 2012 01:47


Are you referring to the Patrol boat saga this morning ?

Reason is, my article came from The Age, not the Australian
which I haven't looked at yet.

But you are right, some of the mainstream medi in this country
is pathetic. We need more of those hard hitting Jana Wendt type
interviews !!!

allan907 10th Aug 2012 03:24

Nope. The reference was to Larry Pickering's blog about the corrupt, criminal that we have as prime minister Larry Pickering

With that going on she's keeping her head down (before it gets chopped off). It's the hottest news around town and most are afraid to touch it.

Mach Turtle 10th Aug 2012 07:55

I have had a look at the two Pickering Post stories:




I am sure I am not the first to point out that Larry Pickering's writing style gets in the way of whatever he is trying to report. He mixes verifiable facts with potentially verifiable facts, as well as with speculation and opinion. He should just report what he claims to know.

What he has asserted so far, with respect to Julia Gillard, is that she worked for the law practice of Slater & Gordon and, while there, set up some bank accounts that were used to receive money taken in by the Australian Workers Union. Pickering says that the money, specifically, was extorted from companies under the threat of strike action disrupting work. The extortion, he says, was carried out by a union official named Bruce Wilson. He says Gillard had a personal relationship with Wilson, and in fact lived with him.

Then he says that the (allegedly dirty) money in the accounts Gillard set up was used...improperly somehow? He doesn't really say.

I am no fan of the current government, but if the whole thing depends on Gillard having lived with a crook (who may or may not be provably such), and that she "should have known" what was happening, it seems like a stretch to me.

Really, if he has a smoking gun document, publish it. This is what Wikileaks is for.

SOPS 10th Aug 2012 07:56

I hope that Julia is going to have a problem as of Monday. No more Olympics and no more intense focus on Anna Tripalot's ingrown toenail and how it will hamper her in the 300m bump and thump.

People might start to notice boats full of 200 queue jumpers and some other "issues" that are floating around.

Then she might, just might, have to stick her head back up.

MattGray 10th Aug 2012 09:07

I am no fan of the current government, but if the whole thing depends on Gillard having lived with a crook (who may or may not be provably such), and that she "should have known" what was happening, it seems like a stretch to me.

Really, if he has a smoking gun document, publish it. This is what Wikileaks is for.

Awwww Mach Turtle don't be such a Friday afternoon spoilsport.:}

Just when the Liberal luvvies have gone off happily into the weekend sunset, clinging to such a comforting albeit frail straw as poor old Larry furiously recycling his version of of a story which has been doing the rounds for many, many years.

CoodaShooda 10th Aug 2012 09:18

Not a liberal luvvie, just a Gillard labor hater :E -
but, if there was nothing to the story, she could have issued a blanket denial in the past rather than use the "young and naive" excuse.

That suggests that she did something wrong but wishes to be excused for her bahaviour.

And Robert McClelland (another Gillard non-fan) would not have seen fit to raise the matter under Parliamentary privilege.
And so it goes on.

Isn't there a little matter of a court finding that Wilson did indeed defraud the union but the AWU chose not to follow up recovery action?

That said, Pickering seems to be dragging things out with bombast. I'm having trouble working out what his game plan is; if, in fact, he has one.

Victor Inox 10th Aug 2012 09:36

The fact that Julia Gillard worked for Slater & Gordon should in itself immediately disqualify her from any job that puts her in the position of representing Australia.:yuk:

allan907 10th Aug 2012 09:40

So Matt can we take it that you are perfectly happy to back Gillard notwithstanding these allegations against her? And that, if true, you are happy for her to remain as prime minister or even in government?

Captain Sand Dune 10th Aug 2012 10:34

Hence the epithet "True Believer".:rolleyes:

MattGray 10th Aug 2012 12:11

Ambush on The Night of The Long Knives

As the night wore on, staffers of right-wing members in particular were increasingly getting a sense that not only was the challenge going to take place, but that Gillard easily had the numbers. A group of staffers had gathered in Bill Shorten's office for beers and pizzas.

Shorten's press secretary, Ben Ruse, opened a bottle of red. ''I've been saving this bottle for a night like this,'' he declared.

The politicians' rooms became more boisterous. A large group had gathered in the office of the Queensland MP Bernie Ripoll, who told his guests that Labor's position in the marginals in his state was far worse than had been reported. He said they were so bad Jordan had asked that the numbers be ''hushed up''.

The mood in Ripoll's office was upbeat, with most MPs convinced that Gillard could change the policies that had dragged down Rudd. Ripoll told them: ''Julia has much better numbers than Kevin.''

The MPs also felt that in a few months ''the night of the long knives'' would be forgotten. As one of them said, ''Julia will be PM and it will seem that it was always so. The dogs may bark, but the caravan moves on.''

NOBODY inside the meeting that took place between Rudd, Gillard and Faulkner that night has given a public account of what took place. Clearly, when Rudd realised the depth of his problems, he bargained for more time. What if he could lift his stocks and those of the party in time for an October election?

That plea seemed to evaporate after Gillard briefly left the room and spoke to supporters outside. They had come too far for last-minute deals. In any case, the meeting was now public knowledge and any peace treaty would have been fragile, unconvincing and unworkable. The die was cast.

Gillard informed Rudd she intended to challenge and the time for talk was over. From that moment on, the numbers were never in doubt. One minister said the counting reminded him of mediaeval Germany when spontaneous combustion caused people to catch on fire. There was, in the words of another MP, an amazingly enthusiastic reaction to the prospect that Rudd's days were over.

At one stage in Gillard's office, one MP did a head count of those who were crammed inside working their mobile phones. He counted 34, more than half the numbers they needed to win.

It was soon after midnight when the Minister for Infrastructure, Anthony Albanese, told Rudd what he already knew - that he didn't have the numbers. Gillard, though, took nothing for granted. At 1.30am, she made the last of that night's phone calls, a 20-minute conversation with a backbencher, before she finally went home.
Obviously more anti-Gillard tosh from another extreme Right Wing idealogue!!

Oh, wait, hang about......that is an extract from The Party Thieves by Barrie Cassidy, published by Melbourne University Press.

Now where have I heard that name before?

Oh yes, here it is. Just two weeks back in a classic Oz politics shoot the messenger play, rather than address the issue which was, at the time, Cassidy getting into the Liberals playing political football with Downes Syndrome kids and people in wheechairs.


Barrie Cassidy, btw, is married to Left-leaning ABC 7:30 presenter Heather Ewart. Don't expect impartiality from Barrie.


What can you say about his judgement and impartiality?

As Cassidy said at the time

"the failure of the richest states to cough up a relative pittance towards the NDIS trials appears to be the dumbest - and meanest - act by leading politicians in a very long time.

What on earth drove the premiers to think they could go down this path and emerge unscathed politically? "
And Cassidy has been proved right. The passage of time has only reinforced the revulsion that decent Australians feel towards the Liberals mean-spirited pettiness :yuk: and this is reflected in the latest polling.

And my oh my, how revealing it is that such a relatively minor bounce in Labor Federal polls, followed by a sharp dip up in Qld has spooked so much sudden nervous scurrying back and forth from the LiberRatty this week.

Buster Hyman 10th Aug 2012 13:45


allan907 10th Aug 2012 15:03

Well. Surprise, surprise!

Ask a serious question in context with what is being discussed and in reply a lengthy diatribe which has nothing to do with the issue at hand and a complete failure to address the question let alone answer it.

Reminds me of some on here from long, long ago who took exactly the same tack.

How ya doin' Red?

Nice one Buster sums it up exactly.

CoodaShooda 10th Aug 2012 15:20


If you are going to quote me, at least do me the courtesy of providing the full context. :p The point I was making was football rather than political affiliations - as you well know.

Although, come to think of it, I haven't seen much recent footage of the PM and her favourite footy team.

Is Footscray doing to her what the state labor leaders are doing and asking her to stay away?

Or are they scared that, having challenged Rudd after denying claims that she would, she now expects them to pick her at full forward too?

Captain Sand Dune 10th Aug 2012 23:08

Points for effort though.
Free speech really antagonises the Left, doesn't it? However don't let them pull the same trick again.

Dark Knight 11th Aug 2012 00:55

Time will tell & maybe, just maybe, all will be revealed?

‘Slater & Gordon has suffered reputational fall-out, even though those involved in the work for Wilson left soon after the scandal was first made public, in the 1990s. Now it’s had enough:

THE most powerful union in Australia, the Australian Workers Union, is being asked by its former law firm Slater & Gordon for permission to lift a legal lid on highly sensitive files on a union funds scandal that subsequently embroiled Julia Gillard...

The Weekend Australian can reveal that Slater & Gordon is also contacting Ms Gillard’s former boyfriend and client Bruce Wilson - the allegedly corrupt leader of the scam, who was the AWU’s Victoria branch head - to ask him to waive his right to legal privilege…

In a statement last night, the managing director of Slater & Gordon, Andrew Grech, said: “..."We ... have taken these steps in the hope that we can respond to false and ill-conceived allegations that have been made against Slater & Gordon."’

(So there is no fire here; just Smoke & Mirrors?)

Labor under Gillard:

- the continuing boat people fiasco
- the live trade fiasco
- the East Timor Detention Centre fiasco
- the green car investment fiasco
- the NBN blowouts
- the carbon tax lie
- the carbon tax uselessness
- the attacks on free speech
- the attacks on a free press
- the attacks on journalists reporting on the AWU scandal involving the Prime Minister’s then boyfriend and client
- the decimation of defence spending
- the failure to yet deliver a balanced budget
- the class war talk

And more; much more.

allan907 11th Aug 2012 02:03

Meanwhile this is an example of the sort of company she keeps. Whilst not, in any way, tarring her with exactly the same brush it just goes to show that once a bogan always a bogan

Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

Police said the French-born Mr Muto was charged with blackmail, communicating a private conversation, possessing a hand gun, possessing a drug of dependence and knowingly publishing a record of a private conversation. Police reportedly seized a small amount of cannabis and electronic equipment during the raid.

Mr Muto was photographed with the Prime Minister and Mr Mathieson in March 2010, when she was deputy prime minister.

Ms Gillard's office did not respond to a series of questions about the nature of Mr Mathieson's relationship with Mr Muto.

The pair was seen at a function in Shepparton in February and he and Ms Gillard attended Mr Muto's bar after Mr Mathieson's father's 80th birthday in 2010.

500N 11th Aug 2012 02:30


I think it says more about Tim than Julia.

In any case, Shepparton is a small town
and not many options to celebrate an 80th
so of course he would use a mates bar.

Andu 11th Aug 2012 06:58

Well, it took them 48 hours to announce the arrival of 211 country shoppers on Wednesday, and today, they've announced the arrival of another 32 on another boat. How long did we have to wait for that announcement?

SOPS 11th Aug 2012 07:12

My bet was for 74 boats in total in August, how am I going so far??:ugh::ugh: F$$K, I might just win.:{

Buster Hyman 11th Aug 2012 08:15

I feel sorry for the poor starving Indonesians. There must be a real shortage of fish right now...

EffohX 11th Aug 2012 08:40

Fears for loved ones lost in ocean crossing - The West Australian

More than 60 asylum seekers are missing, presumed dead - including a four-year-old boy - after a boat that left Indonesia for Australia six weeks ago disappeared without trace.
Family and friends of the missing have grave fears that the boat sank on the way to Christmas Island.
Among the missing is Mohammed Rashad Sharif Al-Yassin, his wife Noura Mahmoud Rakeza and their son Yousif Mohammad Rashad Al-Yassin, who was to have turned four during the ill-fated journey.
The boat left Indonesia on June 28.
Ammar Ahmad, 30, said his brother Abdul-Rahman Ahmad, 32, was among 28 Palestinians on the boat who were fleeing Iraq.
It is believed there were also Iraqis, Syrians and Iranians on board.
Mr Ahmad, who lives in Queensland, said his family feared they may never see his brother again. They had not heard from him since June 29.
"My father spoke to him when he was on the boat, it had just entered Australian waters but there has been no other contact," he said.
Mr Ahmad said his brother's wife was in hospital in Iraq after suffering a mental breakdown because she could not come to terms with the possibility that their two sons, Ahmad, five, and Fade, four, had been left without a father.
"They call me and I don't know what to do . . . there hasn't been any news about him," he said.
Mr Ahmad said his brother was among many Palestinians who fled to Cyprus from Iraq because they feared being murdered by Shi'ite militias who accused them of supporting Saddam Hussein's regime and al-Qaida.
He said his brother decided to make the treacherous journey to Australia when his welfare payments were cancelled by the Cypriot Government and he was forbidden from working to provide for his family in Iraq.
Also among the missing are Abdul-Nasser and his wife Tajali Zuhair Adel Al-Nabulsi.
Refugee Action Coalition spokesman Ian Rintoul said it was the third boat, that he knew of, to go missing. All had been trying to get from Indonesia to Australia.
A spokesman for Customs and Border Protection said they were aware of "claims" the vessel had gone missing and they were investigating.
Suheir Zeidan Gedeon, a counsellor with the General Delegation of Palestine to Australia - widely known as Australia's Palestinian embassy - said she had been in contact with the Department of Immigration which was also investigating the disappearance.
She said they had been provided with a list of the missing people more than two weeks ago, which she hoped they were using to cross-reference with the asylum seekers in Australian detention centres.
A spokesman for the department said new boat arrivals were allowed to call their loved ones when they arrived.

SOPS 11th Aug 2012 09:17

I assume all these um.."people" dont get from Iraq, Iran or where ever to Jakarta by foot or goat, I am assuming the fly.

So if it so bloody dangerous ( which it obviously is) to get in a overcrowded leaky boat to go from Indonesia to Australia, why dont they all just fly to Sydney and take thier chances from there.

Ok, I allready know the answer...just thinking aloud......:ugh:

EffohX 11th Aug 2012 09:27

Part 3 of Pickering's expose out here. Larry Pickering

Pretty explosive stuff, particularly the last paragraph.

Mach Turtle 11th Aug 2012 09:34

Pickering's writing style is appalling.

And he still hasn't proven anything.

MattGray 11th Aug 2012 15:52

Six plus hours on - Tumbleweeds!


Since Tony's Great Big Toxic Tax scare has fallen flat on its face, the True Blue Believers have SFA to fall back on, save lowering themselves into the gutter and clinging like drowning men to the straw of Pickering smears which are fast going nowhere!

EffohX 11th Aug 2012 22:22

I ask this question in all seriousness, Matt: do you and I exist in a two parallel (and very wide apart) universes?

Do you honestly believe the things you write here?

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