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sisemen 9th May 2013 01:59

They missed 'hooker'. She's had lots and lots of practice by screwing the whole of Australia.

hellsbrink 9th May 2013 02:08

But you wouldn't, sisemen, let's be honest.

Not unless she paid you first anyway.......

500N 9th May 2013 02:10

The thought makes me .................

Can you imagine that voice trying to be seductive :O

CoodaShooda 9th May 2013 03:58


They've also neglected to offer odds on "face serious criminal charges", or is that odds on? :E

Just listening to Abbott launch their IR policy.

Rather clever positioning. Keep the Fair Work Act, commission a Productivity Commission review but only implement significant change in the second term if they get a mandate through the polls.

Allow individual working arrangements, reinstate the ABCC and align penalties for corrupt union officials with those for corrupt company directors.

In the meantime, "only shonky union officials and their supporters have anything to fear".

Anticipate howls of faux outrage and a personalised attack (again).

He's standing on his record as a former Minister for Industrial Relations and one who expressed reservations about Work Choices.

He's also defused Shorten's "Four Questions that Tony Abbott has to answer about IR".

parabellum 9th May 2013 05:00

Oh, and we don't have any Marines in the ADF
Has that always been the case? How do you keep the officers and lower deck apart when there is a mutiny?;) I was sure a colleague at the rifle club said he had been in the Australian marines.

I believe the only option that will work is to have another boat (a
refurbished earlier arrival) on immediate standby to transfer the asylum
seekers to (if/after they've sabotaged their own boat). That boat will then be
towed north and released with a course to steer and just enough fuel to RTB.
Agree 100%. It will only take a couple of hundred 'returned'/'failed' asylum seekers milling around Indonesia for the word to get out.

500N 9th May 2013 05:03

"Oh, and we don't have any Marines in the ADF"

Just something very similar :O

Good idea re the "refurbished boat". A damn sight cheaper
to do even if we provide life jackets, food and fuel.

Worrals in the wilds 9th May 2013 11:05

Allow individual working arrangements
Goodo. Cleaner Vs Gina. What's Sportsbet got on that? :bored:

Allow= the law says.
Allow= We've got you over a barrel. Wanna keep working here? This is what's Allowed. Doublethink is rife and don't assume that the ALP has the monopoly on it. Sweet, kindly words take on a whole new meaning when it comes to IR disputes.

I was sure a colleague at the rifle club said he had been in the Australian marines.
Without casting nasturtiums, I recall a former SASR mate saying that if everyone who had claimed to have served with the SASR had actually done so, the regiment would have been the size of the Napoleonic Army. :hmm: I'm no expert in ADF history so those of you who are; jump up and tell me if Australia has ever had Marines.

In the meantime, here's a nasturtium...:}

dat581 9th May 2013 11:29

Closest to marines would have to be the commandos. The Royal Marines had a hand in setting up the modern units. RAN clearance divers are the closest thing to the SBS. Royal Australian Marines? RAM? That's just asking for sheep jokes.

Couldn't say if any of the pre RAN colonial navies had marines.

The Daily Telegraph seems to think the 3rd brigade in Townsville will be marines when fully trained up as amphibious troops and deployed on the new LHD's. something tells me they will remain firmly soldiers, especially if you ask them.

500N 9th May 2013 11:43

Commandos would be the Australian Marines.

Not sure the RAN Clearance Divers do enough small arms infantry work
to say they are our SBS.

Re the 3rd,
I thought 3 RAR as opposed to 3 Brigade were going to re role
as Water Ops based, anyway, a work in progress ?

CoodaShooda 9th May 2013 12:41

Hi there Worrals
I said clever positioning, not good policy. :}
The ABC went to the Australian Business Council for comment and the policy copped a bucketing.
Major disappointment that it doesn't address industry concerns etc etc.
So, if both sides hate it, it's at least balanced. :E
(can't do smilies from my iPhone so you'll have to assume they are liberally sprinkled around the forgoing - no pun intended. )

500N 9th May 2013 12:50

I see the ABC copped a bit of a flogging in the media
regarding it's very biased, present one side of the story
on live exports.

About time.

Article here

ABC loses its balance over animal welfare

sisemen 9th May 2013 15:08

Shorten on Lateline re the Coalition IR policy - totally out of his depth and floundering, floundering, floundering.

Andu 9th May 2013 23:08

In London in 1968-9, very late one night and very, very likkered up, I met up with a bunch of blokes (who said they were) Israelis, all cock a hoop over the army's victory in the 6 Day War. I think I had fifteen very pissed young men (at the very least) insist that they had been in the lead tank steaming into Damascus.

Two points immediately came to my mind: (1) I didn't think the IDF went any further east than the Golan Heights. - and (2), those clever Israelis must have built a VERY big tank to have all those 'heroes' making like Irwin Rommel in its turret! (But it didn't seem like a good idea to bring up either point at the time.)

Your mate at the rifle club was/is a Walt. Call an Australian soldier a Marine and you'll get about the same reaction you'd get if you called a US Marine a soldier.

M.A.R.I.N.E. - M.uscles A. R.equirement, I.ntelligence N.ot E.ssential (or E.xpected). (As told to me by an Australian infantryman who'd worked with them, and my later experience working with them myself did not change that opinion.)

500N 9th May 2013 23:20

And we let 2500 of them into the country :O

sisemen 10th May 2013 01:16

See also the WTF?? thread

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a Skywhale - The West Australian


CoodaShooda 10th May 2013 04:02

Would they be the public nipples that politicians and public servants are alleged to suck?

Worrals in the wilds 10th May 2013 04:27

Good point Cooda. :E

chuboy 10th May 2013 04:30

Money well spent :yuk:

Can't say I subscribe to this sort of art. I'm fairly open-minded but some of the stuff that gets called 'contemporary' or 'edgy' these days is just dung by another name.

Give me a nice painting or musical composition any day.

parabellum 10th May 2013 04:50

It does look a bit like the ALP's current version of Australia, sad, defenceless and multiple tits for the parasites to feed on.

Fliegenmong 10th May 2013 10:41


Allow= the law says.
Allow= We've got you over a barrel. Wanna keep working here? This is what's Allowed. Doublethink is rife and don't assume that the ALP has the monopoly on it. Sweet, kindly words take on a whole new meaning when it comes to IR disputes.

Now now WITW....no room for cynicism here!!! :=

At least you didn't say W*** C****** :rolleyes: Upsets the LNP Pardee faithful that does....when you mention it :hmm:

Because we're all to stupid to see what the productivity commission will find....or to see who is on the commission.....and the LNP wouldn't introduce anything without a 'mandate'....but circumstances change don't they?? And in lieu of any any predictions forthcoming here, my bet is the LNP will use the 'Because of the Previous Gummint' for in excess of 3 years......and a compliant MSM will swallow it hook line and sinker.... too smart to look a gift horse in the mouth ;)

Buster Hyman 10th May 2013 11:18

Many incoming governments have used it before...perhaps this is the first time it will be true!

CoodaShooda 10th May 2013 12:43

Yes Fliegs. But the mandate referred to is bestowed by the voters, not the Productivity Commission.

Now that he's spelt it out, any move to bring in any controversial reform prior to 2016 gives us valid reason to remove him at the first available opportunity.

For all that Gillard labor is currently promoting his cause, once they're gone he'll be on very thin ice.

It would be nice to think that their focus groups will help them understand that "it's the other mob's fault" has a very short shelf life with the punters and we won't have to hear GillardGillardGillard as we have HowardHowardHoward.

Once she's gone, I just want to forget...........:rolleyes:

Worrals in the wilds 11th May 2013 08:35

Peter Slipper joins Clive Palmer's United Australia Party
Awesome. I see Clive is distancing himself at an Iron Man pace...:E
This has to be one of the weirdest Australian political eras of the modern age.

Fliegenmong 11th May 2013 11:13

I'm astounded by teh local two who have joined.....Grant Pf...& Susie D...

If judging by the local paper is any indicator...clive had a ton of support...UNTIL....he announced these two, given the local government track record....what was he thinking????

(Apologies to all outside the electorate, which is most all of the developed world)

Fliegenmong 11th May 2013 11:17

F*#k Clive!!!....a bet each way mate?? :ugh:

"But they're not standing as an endorsed candidate, they'd be standing as an independent or something.
"...I don't know if Peter Slipper's standing or not standing I've got no idea."
Speaking to Fairfax Media about

Read more: Peter Slipper joins Clive Palmer's United Australia Party

Goes to show that the unimaginably wealthy cannot really ever hope to see it how it is

Cactusjack 11th May 2013 12:10

Slippery Pete is a political prostitute and will sell his soul to the highest bidder or seek out the deepest trough to immerse himself in.
Clive has lost the plot, then again he is a huge man, is building a huge boat and has embraced Slipper who is one of the biggest greedy political parasites going.
The entire Australian political system has imploded, it has become a cesspool of complete excrement so out of touch with reality that they all need to be boxed up and shipped via express to one of Kim Jong Un's gulags, ASAP.

I believe Clive's intentions are good, however he is either ignoring his PR agent or simply had a few brain synapses meld together.

sisemen 11th May 2013 14:11

Clive Palmitoff probably stood a bit of a chance until Slippery Pete popped up.

sisemen 12th May 2013 02:24

It now seems that Palmitoff doesn't want Slippery Pete any more :{ And for good measure he has now changed the name of the party to Palmer's United Party, so..........if you want to be sold a PUP.......

CoodaShooda 12th May 2013 05:10

He needs 500 paid up members or a sitting commonwealth parliamentarian as a member by tomorrow or he can't register his party.

Time to return to discussion of the so-called governing party, I guess.

Worrals in the wilds 12th May 2013 08:43

Cute, Sisemen. :ok:
I think you're right Cooda, though Katter and the Hatters may yet prove to be an interesting sideline. I'm hearing a lot of support from the Ordinary Australian demographic, particularly from disaffected, traditional right wing Labor working types.

Whether that turns into city votes remains to be seen. Regional areas have provided the balance of power in this government, but to be a serious, lasting political force a party has to win over some city electorates. It comes back to the infamous Richo quote; it's all about the numbers.
Time will tell...

david1300 12th May 2013 08:57

Selling a PUP
Well, Clive is now selling a PUP. I could have told him that weeks ago. Billionaire Clive Palmer renames new political organisation the Palmer United Party | The Courier-Mail

500N 12th May 2013 13:16

I can't believe it.

The Bali Police stopped a boat leaving with 100 AS on board.

Asylum seekers in Bali stand-off

Now, why couldn't they do this before.

Captain Sand Dune 12th May 2013 21:37

Because they hadn't paid the bribe.

500N 12th May 2013 22:03


You are probably right.

Captain Sand Dune 14th May 2013 10:41

Financial management genius............

Ever wondered how the government decides where to spend your money, or how on earth they take a projected surplus and turn it into an $18 billion deficit? Our handy guide to random Budget stuff-you-might-have-missed provides some clues.

1. The Adelaide Airport Noise Amelioration Program. $5m over two years to install noise insulation at St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Thebarton, Adelaide. The sermons would want to be spectacular.

2. $9.9m over four years to help elderly people use the internet. It's been around for 20 years, but from July 1, grants of $2000 will be provided for the establishment of Broadband for Seniors kiosks to help them better understand the interwebs. Bless.

3. $188m for the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder and Square Kilometre Array Radio Telescopes. Don't be put off by the catchy title - these beauties will "help answer fundamental questions about the universe." Black holes, for example.

4. $5.4m for the Norfolk Island Reform Package. Ever been to Norfolk Island? Their garbage disposal system consists of throwing household waste off a cliff into the sea. Seriously, it may be beyond reform.

5. $7.3m on the Pre-Election Enrolment Stimulation and Information Campaign. A program to maximise electoral participation at the 2013 federal election presumably for those who don't yet realise that voting in Australia is compulsory.

6. $2m to support the news and analysis website The Conversation. We're offering a further $2m to anyone who can get through it.

7. Parliament House 25th Anniversary

"The Government will provide $0.1 million in 2012-13 to the Department of Parliamentary Services to meet costs of making a permanent record of the 25th Anniversary of Parliament House." Thats a hundred grand to record the fact that Parliament turned 25.

8. Maintenance work for the Lodge and the John Gorton Building. Translation: renos on the PMs joint.

9. $7.6m to address safety issues including work on a balustrade and a skylight in Parliament House. Don't even ask.

10. $14.5 million over five years to help ensure the successful staging of the 2015 Cricket World Cup. Did anyone even know this was on? Cant wait to see Ireland, the USA and Zimbabwe go round again.

11. $2.5bn funding for the ABC, including an additional $129.4m over 5 years for quality programming and a $90m loan for a new office in Melbourne. And they're still making us watch The Insiders.

Fliegenmong 14th May 2013 11:05

8. Maintenance work for the Lodge and the John Gorton Building. Translation: renos on the PMs joint.

Wonder how they compare with jwh's use of the Country's BBJ as a personal ferry service between Canberra and Syd so they (the howards) could reside in Kirribilli rather than The Lodge???:}

Buster Hyman 14th May 2013 11:13

Not to mention the experience the crews gained on it eh Fleigs... ;)

Anyway, Jules is giving them a few long haul trips now.

david1300 14th May 2013 11:16

Didn't even watch the Budget Sleight or any commentary yet. It's all such garbage when that pathetic goose and cohorts can get it so wrong year-to-year and try and get us to believe their future speculations, projections and smoke and mirrors. What they promise today they will cock-up tomorrow, and take it away the next day.

Fliegenmong 14th May 2013 12:34

Didn't Kev give 'em enough Long haul experience for chrissakes Buster!?!?:yuk::eek:

A break with tradition to reside in Kirribilli rather than The Lodge, and to use Aust tax payers money to fund a personal BBJ ferry service was decidedly profligate, and whilst very disappointing, not unexpected.....imagine the outcry here if the red witch had continued jwh's personal profligate ways!!

What if the red witch took her de facto to Broome on the Aust tax payers BBJ and only after being questioned on it offered to pay the token return business class airfare...experience for crews?? Wasted an awful lot of our money on himself did jwh....as have the current bunch of muppets....difference being profligate spending by an LNP gummint is acceptable, whilst the same behaviour on the other side of politics is curiously unacceptable...

....fact is there is not really much between the two major parties, and there hasn't been for many many a year, Abbot supports welfare for women making 150k + a year!!!....REALLY!?!?! Are you freaking serious?? Australian taxpayers footing the bill for women making well, well, above the national average???? Labor muppets supporting 447 visas?:=:ugh::hmm:

Country's f*%ked, by successive governments, and what have we left to vote for??

Kim il howard ensured I'll never ever vote Liberal again, the red witch ensured I'll never vote ALP again

Thank you 'Man in the hat', for giving me an alternate, as an airman I know the importance of an alternate!!

Fantome 14th May 2013 17:02

....fact is there is not really much between the two major parties, and there hasn't been for many many a year
yea verilly and forsooth

we casteth our votes as straws upon the wind

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