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Captain Sand Dune 1st May 2013 08:04

So hot on the heels of admitting they have fcuked up to the tune of $12 BILLION, we find that the ALP are to spend another $50 million odd on advertising the NDIS.
Does the ALP really think the Australian public are so stupid so as not to notice yet another gratuitous waste of our money? Rhetorical question really, of course they do!!
Am I missing something, or is this just a very thinly veiled excuse for wasting OUR money on their campaign?

sisemen 1st May 2013 08:54

It's election campaign spending stoopid. It's a "look what a difference we're making to poor disabled people - we're the caring Labor party" ad campaign.

With the people at the top of the ALP such a bunch of crooks, liars and incompetents what did you honestly expect?

Clare Prop 1st May 2013 09:57

Haven't they already overspent way more than this levy would raise? Surely it will all just go into the black hole. And how soon will people be able to start rorting it? Oh wait...we have no details yet.

Andu 1st May 2013 10:22

According to Andrew Bolt, the mooted levy of 0.5 per cent would raise $3.2 billion - a fraction of the cost of the full program. He says it would require at least a 1.5% levy to cover it, which, with the Medicare levy, would be a 3% levy before people started paying income tax.

Like everything Rudd and Gillard has come up with, this is strong on headlines and very, very light on details - and I fear we'll find, yet again, that with the NDIS, the devil will be in the details.

Traffic_Is_Er_Was 1st May 2013 10:50

The trouble with this scheme is that it will inevitably become another public service behemoth, like education and the rest of health, which will consume all and any money you throw at it. An army of bureaucrats, service providers and hangers-on will emerge to administer, manage, and spend it, and probably little, if any, will get to the coal face. Eventually 2% will not be enough and another raise will be tacked on, as it is the easy way out now, and "the right and fair thing to do". And still you have to have private health insurance in this country to actually get semi-decent health care.

7x7 1st May 2013 11:22

Michael Smith gives a tally of arrivals for April.

Jason Clare's bumper boat numbers for April - we've tallied the client numbers and the results are in! - Michael Smith News

3,436 new clients arrived in April.

@ $180,000 per person to "process", that's just on $620 million in new costs for April

109 boats so far this year delivered 7,295 alive clients. Many more are dead with lungs full of water, a particularly horrible way to go.

7,295 clients so far at $180,000 each is $1.3 billion - just for Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr clients.

I think Gillard has forgotten about this. But we won't.

sisemen 1st May 2013 11:51

Watched "the worlds best treasurer" on the 7.30 Report. I came to the conclusion that he doesn't have the intelligence to tie his own shoelaces.

Clare Prop 1st May 2013 14:08

I've never forgotten the time his face was on telly and the make up lady obviously didn't like him and made him look like a clown :D :E

sisemen 1st May 2013 14:47

Hopefully Dullard's blatant politicking on the NDIS will blow up in her face. If she was so keen on passing the legislation then she should put it before Parliament. She has the numbers - it is NOT dependent on bipartisan support.

She probably can't put it up now because they haven't got all the bits sorted out yet - funding being one of them if Dumbo Swann's performance tonight is anything to go on

What a bunch of conniving cretins.

sisemen 1st May 2013 15:05

I've cracked it! Listening to the poison dwarf (Macklin) on lateline the introduction of funding for the disabled is, in fact, a superannuation supplement for Labor MPs who will be out of a job come September, particularly given the fact that it will apply to the mentally disabled.

SOPS 1st May 2013 17:03

Just got to the hotel, and turned on the Tv to the Australia Network, to be greeted by Wayne Turkey on 7.30....why is the man incapable of answering a single question......106 boats or something this month, 12 billon dollars missing, god help us......

RJM 1st May 2013 19:51

Even the presenter Leigh Sales was frustrated with Swan's ridiculous position on the 7:30 Report.

Of course Labor has the numbers. The Greens aren't going to oppose the addition to the Medicare levy. This is from the Greens' website, dated yesterday: "The Australian Greens said today that they remain strongly supportive of the NDIS"

IMHO, what Labor is trying to do is get the Libs to agree now so a Lib government is bound to the program. Otherwise the new Lib government could reassess the program and change or delay it.

Right now, Abbott should say he supports the idea (which he has said) but that it should only be implemented as we can afford it. He could then propose to fund the most urgent parts of the NDIS and do more when the Libs have reduced more of Labor's debt.

Swan went on to parrot the new Labor line on the economy: The high dollar and weakened terms of trade are responsible for our debt, and that to even think of a surplus would be irresponsible for a caring government such as the Labor/Greens/independent maladministration.

Roll on September 14th.

Traffic_Is_Er_Was 1st May 2013 21:47

So the ALP now think they have the people of Western Sydney, and people with disabilities in their pockets. Who's next to have a couple of billion showered on them?

Andu 1st May 2013 23:10

Labor desperately want this to go through before the election so that, to ensure re-election in the future by a new generation of voters too young to remember how disastrous Gillard was first hand, they can re-write history, much as they have done with Gough Whitlam, and sell her as a visionary leader.

If this goes through, as it seems it will - UNFUNDED - they'll be able to paint Julia Gillard to future generations of voters as the visionary Joan of Arc who introduced the 'wonnerful' NDIS. (Question: since she introduced it, will be be called the 'Nashional DisabiliDy Insurance Scheme'? Why can't the woman pronounce her bloody 't's? I am so sick of hearing about people with 'disabilidies'.)

I worry about the huge bureaucracy it will create, and also just where the line will be drawn that decides who has a disabiliDy and who does not (and therefore who gets on the gravy train and who'll be left off). I don't apologise for the 'gravy train' comment, for that is exactly what the NDIS is likely to become if it is introduced too early without hard and uncompromising rules in place about who is covered and who is not.

Even under the current arrangements, designating someone as having a disability is a wonderfully convenient way of lowering embarrassing unemployment figures for governments of all persuasions. This has all the makings of yet another case of 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions'. I can see the NDIS becoming a monster 'Welfare State within the State', with thousands of Sir Humphrys with tens if not hundreds of thousands of staff creating gigantic empires for themselves and we'll be lucky of 10 cents in the dollar actually reaches the disabled.

In short, yet another Rolls Royce we simply can't afford.

500N 1st May 2013 23:13

"I can see the NDIS becoming a monster 'Welfare State within the State', with thousands of Sir Humphrys with tens if not hundreds of thousands of staff creating gigantic empires for themselves and we'll be lucky of 10 cents in the dollar actually reaches the disabled."

+ 100

Had a lady with two sons, both "disabled" on the radio yesterday.
She has one hoist for both so it gets used quite a lot and has to get
someone to come out to fix it. They come out, she asks about signing
a work order or invoice, "no need" they say. She asked the people who
pay - some Gov't dept about this and to see an invoice to see how much
was charged and she was told no, not allowed :rolleyes:

Some great rorts going on, that is for sure and even more empires
will be built if this goes through as everyone will jump on the gravy

parabellum 2nd May 2013 01:11

She certainly would not receive a fully-indexed pension plus overly generous
perks for life, paid for by the long-suffering taxpayer - the same taxpayer
whose money she squandered with her imbecilic, pie in the sky schemes.

Would she still get all those perks and pension if she becomes a convicted criminal?

7x7 2nd May 2013 02:45

Ray Hadley reported this morning that he received a phone call this morning from a resident of Christmas Island saying the first boat for May has arrived.

It will be interesting to see by how far the number of May arrivals exceed the 3,436 April arrivals.

Traffic_Is_Er_Was 2nd May 2013 06:08

Another Sacred Cow. Listening to the media today it appears that any one who dares to question the NDIS or its funding is a Disability DENIER!!
Once again there will be no useful discussion on this issue and the Govt will hurriedly force through another piece of flawed and divisive legislation prior to them becoming unemployed. Gillard and co are just trying to rewrite their historical legacy. "We set up Gonski, the Carbon Tax, the NBN, the NDIS. We saved this country". Of course none of it paid for and probably all of it having to be dismantled by the evil incoming Govt if they want to be able to run this country.
Those independants have a lot to answer for.

sisemen 2nd May 2013 08:48

Abbott appears to have played a blinder: firstly, by challenging the govt to put the motion before Parliament and then, when Dullard sought to wedge the coalition by saying that they needed bi-partisan support thinking that they wouldn't get it and thus provide ammunition for the election campaign by saying that they didn't care about disabled people, he goes and says "Yeah, I agree with the levy in principle - bring it on".

The debate in Parliament when it is shown to the world that Dullard and Turkey and the Poisoned Dwarf have only got half a proposal and haven't really thought it through will be an eye-opener - not the least the world of the disabled when they realise that they have been dudded.

Andu 2nd May 2013 09:15

All Abbott has to say when this is brought up in parliament is: "I support it; how are you going to pay for it?"

A second question might be: "How many public servants will it take to administer it and what will their wage bill be?" (and then - "see question 1")

RJM 2nd May 2013 09:18

Thank heavens for the independence of the blogger!

Pickering hasa nailed Gillard yet again:

Abbott was right about one thing... this woman really is a piece of work and her desperate use of the disabled yesterday was a new benchmark in ALP filth.

In a breathtaking performance, and near to hyperventilation, she challenged Abbott to support her “half a percent” rise in the Medicare levy.

[Just a couple of notes on this “half a percent” business. First, there is no such thing as “half a percent” because there is no such thing as “a percent”. It is either half of one percent or 0.5 of one percent. But that goes to Gillard’s well-documented illiteracy.

[Second, it is not a half of one percent rise in the Medicare levy at all. It is a 33% rise! From 1.5% to 2%. But that goes to Gillard’s well-documented spin.]

Anyway, this morning the front bench is off and away suggesting Abbott is preparing to forsake the disabled. WTF?

It was Abbott who initially suggested a bipartisan committee to find the best way to assist these poor people. Gillard told him to piss off. It was her political football and she was the only one allowed to play with it.

Now she is challenging Abbott to agree to the Medicare impost or she will chuck wheelchairs at him in the final stages of an election. Mmmm.

The jaw-dropping situation is that she doesn’t need Abbott to get the legislation through either House anyway.

So, why is Gillard attempting to publicly drag Abbott into this debacle when it has nothing to do with him?

It simply doesn’t matter whether Abbott supports her proposed funding legislation or not!

It’s her legislation. It’s her Medicare rise! She has the numbers to pass it!
But she wants Abbott to verbally disagree with the funding arrangements so she can make it appear that he objects to the disabled legislation... legislation he originally promoted!

Why would any person who cares about the disabled hatch such an evil plan?
She intends to use the disabled to disable Abbott.

She has manufactured a disabled football and wants Abbott to play her grubby little game. He won’t.

Abbott has already agreed that disability legislation is vital. The argument now is one of funding only.

It is these pre-planned, pre-election tactics that gave her the confidence last year to state that the 2013 election was hers.
Sorry ol’ girl, it won’t work. Even single digit IQ Labor voters can see through this one.

Just when you think Gillard, Macklin and Shorten can’t stoop any lower, along comes 457 McTernan with yet another bucket of faeces.

Gillard’s tactician and taxpayer-funded McTernan is better suited back in the UK political sewer he was born to.

The only losers in this Labor charade are the disabled who Gillard has earmarked for yet more disappointment in exchange for a point in the polls.

I feel sick!

sisemen 2nd May 2013 10:07

Whenever I think of this government and its personalities I keep being reminded of "The Thick of It".

I can just see the the antics and the effing and blinding in the various offices as they fume about Abbott taking the wind out of their sails and how they can wedge him again in what they know is likely to be a very bruising encounter on the floor of the House.

Fliegenmong 2nd May 2013 10:52

So the Red witch is playing politics....she is a politician... :rolleyes:

TA should grow some balls and refuse to agree to it.....but he's playing politics too.....he is also a Politician, one who accused a dying man of being impure of heart

TA has done nothing in his Political life to ever convince me to vote for them, howard, well...less said the better....

The red witch can go f&*k herself with her broom, after which she can sodomize TA with it for all I care (probably a good idea

As with sooo very many elections September will be yet another case of the incumbents losing rather than the opposition winning......Rudd never won as much as howard lost

Red witch scrapped in because Windsor and Oakshott could see right through TA....pleading that he'd do anything to be PM (well almost anything, which is why the idea of Red Witch doing him with a broom handle is such an amusing thought), nothing about what's best for the country, just what's best for TA and his cronies

CoodaShooda 2nd May 2013 13:01

The irony, Fliegs, is that it's labor that's making Abbott look appealing to the electorate. Something we tried to warn RTB and friends about a long time ago.

Ovation 3rd May 2013 01:20

he is also a Politician, one who accused a dying man of being impure of heart
Fliegs - when was that and to whom was he referring?

500N 3rd May 2013 01:28


"The irony, Fliegs, is that it's labor that's making Abbott look appealing to the electorate."

+ 100

A year or two ago - and further - Abbott was "on the nose" for most of
the electorate.

Now, well, talk about making an unelectable pollie into a shining light.

The biggest shoot themselves in the foot I have ever seen.

What was that saying from the Hawke era ?
A drover dog could win the election ?

CoodaShooda 3rd May 2013 02:14

I recall a post I made in 2007 suggesting that Abbott and Bishop's presence on the front bench of Brendan Nelson's opposition was evidence of the paucity of talent available to the libs. No-one here disagreed with me at the time.

By their over the top criticism of him, Labor has done a magnificent job of promoting him to the status of a statesman. They would have been better served listening to Isaac Newton rather than McTernan and HawkerBritton.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction = the more you rubbish someone the higher they rise.

Or, as Sir Humphrey advised Bernard, "you have to get behind someone in order to stab them in the back".

In the lead up to the 2010 election, most posters here seemed to agree that the worst case scenario was a labor/greens coalition - but, then, how much damage could they really do in one term?

We now know the answer to that. :ugh:

It must be time for us to start focussing our demonstrably successful clairvoyant powers on Australia post-14 September 2013. :E

Buster Hyman 3rd May 2013 02:20

Agreed Cooda. Never, personally rated Abbott, but he'd do better than the red witch by a long shot. Bozo the Clown would do better to be fair!

I've always rated Hockey on personality...I'd like to see him step up & see how he goes. (Senior Minister to start with)

RJM 3rd May 2013 02:49

Hockey would be treasurer, naturally, with the leader of the National Party as deputy prime minister.

Whatever you think of Abbott, there's probably more horsepower in those three than in Gillard's front bench.

CoodaShooda 3rd May 2013 04:18

Agree RJM. But what about the talent on her backbench? :E

RJM 3rd May 2013 04:23

And long may they stay there...

500N 3rd May 2013 04:47

I've always liked Hockey. Would like to see how he goes in Gov't.

Andu 3rd May 2013 05:22

If you'd have asked me for my opinion of Julie Bishop four years ago, it would probably have been best for me not be put on this page. However, (unlike another high profile female with a similar given name), I'd have to say that she's grown in the job over the last four years. Besides being easy on the eye and a good public speaker (sadly, the first point matters for public figures in this television age, and the second matters as well, because it's vitally important that a politician can get his or her message across), she's shown herself to handle difficult situations well. I think few, except for rusted-on Laborites, would disagree that she handled herself well in parliament when she was chosen to be Gillard's questioner because she was the one front bencher Labor couldn't accuse of being a misogynist.

It will be interesting to see how she handles herself when she has to answer for a ministry. It will also be interesting to see how many heads of departments and other staff the Libs send packing given that the Public Service has become so politicised under Labor.

As for Joe Hockey... I just wish he could crank the voice down a octave and grow a little gravitas. He comes across as a nice guy, but also as a lightweight. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to have to eat crow on that assessment, for I believe he's going to have one hell of a job trying to sort out the mess he'll inherit from the Lame Duck.

500N 3rd May 2013 05:33

I think Julie Bishop has always handled herself like a lawyer
which is of course where or what she is trained in.

Agree, she has grown in the job.

CoodaShooda 3rd May 2013 05:40


I also have to agree re she of the patented Death Stare.

Certainly seems to have grown into the job.

7x7 3rd May 2013 08:06

184 on suspected aslyum seeker boat | News.com.au

184 on suspected asylum seeker boat

May 03, 2013 12:11PM

THE navy has intercepted a boat carrying 184 asylum seekers northwest of Christmas Island.

The 184 passengers have been transferred on Friday to Christmas Island for initial security, health and identity checks.

There were also two crew members on the boat.

The federal government says people arriving by boat without a visa after August 13 2012 run the risk of transfer to offshore detention centres at Nauru or Manus Island.

Border Protection Command assists vessel

3 May 2013

HMAS Launceston, operating under the coordination of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s Rescue Coordination Centre, has rendered assistance to a suspected irregular entry vessel that sought assistance north-east of Christmas Island on Wednesday.

Indications suggest there were 153 passengers and two crew on board.
Border Protection Command has transferred the passengers to Australian Government authorities on Christmas Island, where they will undergo initial security, health and identity checks and their reasons for travel will be established.

People arriving by boat without a visa after 13 August 2012 run the risk of transfer to a regional processing country.

Media contact: Minister Clare’s office - 02 6277 7290
At this rate, we'd have the Goose's monthly budgeted total with just three boats.

..and on this evening's news, we learn that three boats arrived today, the first with 184 on board, the second with 150 and the third with 160. That's 44 more than Wayne's planned monthly total in one day.

Flying Binghi 3rd May 2013 09:45

via CoodaShooda:
...it's labor that's making Abbott look appealing to the electorate...
Heh, and lets not ferget that it were the incompetent bankers mate Turnbull that gave the global warming sceptic Abbott his chance to look appealing..;)


Nervous SLF 3rd May 2013 10:58

I have been sent this TV clip from 2 years ago.


RJM 3rd May 2013 14:28

A few days old, but worth reading:

No dragons live in PM’s perilous fiscal fantasy

Miranda Devine
Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"IMAGINE a wage earner, John, employed in the same job throughout the last 20 years.

For a period in 2003 to 2007 every year his employer gave him a sizeable bonus. He was grateful but in his bones knew it wouldn’t last. The bonuses did stop and John was told his income would rise by around five per cent each year over the years to come. That’s the basis for his financial plans.

Now, very late, John has been told he won’t get those promised increases for the next few years but his income will get back up after that to where he was promised it would be. What is John’s rational reaction?”

This was Julia Gillard’s patronising attempt to explain her government’s latest budget crisis. In a speech this week the Prime Minister used “John” to explain why it’s the fault of everyone but her feckless spendthrift government that there will be a $12 billion revenue shortfall in the year she promised a surplus.

“John” appears to be the human embodiment of her government, two weeks before Wayne Swan hands down his fifth Budget, complete with its fifth deficit.

In the real world, a man who found his income reduced would tighten his belt. His family would look at the household budget and figure out what luxuries to give up.

Lamb might be off the menu, for instance, as would the Foxtel subscription, and the HCF membership. The holiday overseas might become a trip to the Forster caravan park. Private schools would have to wait until Year 11.

This is the sort of thrift Australian families have practised as a prudent response to global economic uncertainty, job insecurity, and a mercurial government, with household savings tripling in two years.

But the Prime Minister scoffs at such parsimony.

In “John’s world” - that arcadia of protected jobs, plenty of cash and government benefits that flow like water, when John’s income is cut, he doesn’t curb spending.

Eat two-minute noodles for dinner? Take his kids out of private school?Perish the thought, says the PM.

He borrows money to keep his “family and lifestyle intact” because tomorrow is always another day of free money.

You can only understand John’s behaviour if, like everyone in government, the public service, academia and a good deal of the media, he has a protected job sheltered from the disciplines of the market.

In the real world, mistakes have consequences, dad loses his job, incomes fall, people can’t pay their mortgages, kids are pulled out of private school and belts are tightened by necessity.

The division in Australian society exploited by Gillard and Swan is not between left and right, haves and have-nots or even insiders and outsiders.

It’s between those who have protected incomes and those who are exposed to the real economy - the small business owners who create wealth, the PAYE employees who work for the wealth creators.

In John’s world, an 18-year-old working as a “glassie” on Anzac Day in a Balmain pub earns $550 for 11-hours work, because his employer is obliged to pay double time and three quarters under the Fair Work Act.

The result is that youth unemployment has skyrocketed to an average of 18 per cent and students can’t find casual jobs once taken for granted by their parents. Only pizza delivery and off-the-books labouring are immune from the new harsh economic realities.

In the real world, bustling suburban high streets have become ghost towns on Sundays because shop and restaurant owners can’t afford to pay penalty rates.

In John’s world this is a “fair go” for workers.

The ABC lives in John’s world, which is why it received an extra $10 million this year and reflexively spruiks for the federal government.

Take, for example, Four Corners’ belated discovery of more than 1000 asylum seeker children in detention, after five years of see-no-evil journalism.

During the Howard era it couldn’t focus enough on detention centres. But apart from once in 2011, it hadn’t touched the subject since 2008 when it featured the reminiscences of detention centre guards in the Howard era, starring special guest villain Philip Ruddock, who had not been immigration minister for five years.

Meanwhile, the actual Rudd government was dismantling border protection policies, with the result that a trickle of two boats per month has exploded to more than 2000 people a month - and hundreds of asylum seekers have drowned. The cost to the taxpayer is more than $2.2 billion a year.

In John’s world, this is a good policy. In John’s world, $6 billion thrown at schools to please militant teacher unions will fix our children’s declining performance in reading and maths, when evidence around the world shows little correlation between money and educational outcomes.

In John’s world, the financial woes of the federal government are the fault of John Howard and Peter Costello.

In the real world, Howard and Costello inherited a budget in deficit in 1996 and left $22 billion in surplus in 2007, plus a $60 billion future fund.

Spending has blown out by 35 per cent a year since Labor came to office. Eighty cents in every dollar of income tax goes to social welfare and the government keeps promising to spend more.

Only in John’s world is this sort of profligacy sustainable.

In the real world it is the road to ruin.

parabellum 3rd May 2013 22:55

Excellent RJM -:D

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