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MagnusP 23rd Jan 2013 13:24

Hey, don't blame us, WITW, McTernan was born in London!

Worrals in the wilds 23rd Jan 2013 20:02

Fair enough, I knew I was doomed either way :ouch::}. However, I don't think he gets the Aussie way of doing things. By and large people aren't buying the message because it's 1. rocking horse poo and 2. really mean.

The difference between the UK and Australian gossip mags shows the difference between the two cultures wrt mean. British publications are a lot more horrible. I was surprised when I first went to the UK and read a few; there would be loads of complaints if the press here published stories calling people 'fat tarts' and similar. Their version of The Biggest Loser was just brutal :eek:! That's not a criticism of the UK, just an observation. I think McTernan's SOP is to channel as much mean and bile as possible, and it just doesn't work very well in Australia.

The true believers love it, but what's the point in wasting time on true believers when they're going to vote for you anway? :bored: It's not winning over the people in the middle, who are the people they desperately need.

Andu 23rd Jan 2013 20:33

Worrals, I think where McTurdan (sic) is proving to be very effective and earning his (I'm sure) very large taxpayer-funded salary is with the young, FM-listening voters, (which is, I suspect, the target audience Labor have employed him to target).

The constant, drip, drip, drip water torture technique of constantly repeating the current Big Lie of the day about Tony Abbott - straight out of Dr Goebbels' song book - is proving effective. The young ones "don't like" Tony Abbott. Ask them why they don't like him and, if my (both single, inner city, 30-something) children are anything to go by, they shrug their shoulders and can't give a concrete answer. They just "don't like" him, and think Malcolm Turnbull would be a far better Liberal leader. Ask them why they think Turnbul would be better and again, they can't answer. It's just that they hear both opinions fifty times a day whenever they're tuned to Triple J, Nova or MMM.

As I said, my kids are over 30. If McTernan's message is reaching them, what hope do the Libs have getting their message across to the 18 year olds?

Worrals in the wilds 23rd Jan 2013 22:10

People didn't like Howard or Keating either, but they still voted for them. Young people too, though usually quietly in the latter case :suspect:.

I listen to yoof FM radio semi-regularly (usually Nova) and I don't recall much political content; maybe it depends on the show? :confused: Either way I think family and friends play a greater influence on a person's politics than what they hear on the radio.

Saltie 24th Jan 2013 21:36

Where has this fellow been and why haven't we heard from him on this thread earlier?

(From the "Is Australia the next Saudi" thread.)

gassed budgie

Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: Lost in the space-time continuum
Posts: 294
Best up your order for F-18s/F-35s and start thinking about a couple of carriers
It ain't gonna happen anytime soon. The Federal government has wasted/blown/pissed up against the wall tens of billions of dollars, on all sorts of left wing leaning, socialist trendy, tree hugging, green tinged, latte sipping, do gooder, vote buying bullshit program's, it's all got a bit like mother hubbards cupboard. They couldn't even get the MRRT up without managing to shaft themselves up the ass big time. Don't forget that this tax was personally negotiated by little Ms.Ogyny and our world champion treasurer (not). They were seen coming by the mining execs from ten mile out.
This lot couldn't organise a decent crap in a country shithouse.

Mooney Driver 24th Jan 2013 21:57

I would think that Trish Crossin would be entirely justified in filing suit on the grounds of racial discrimination.
She is clearly being discriminated against because she has white skin and the only person deemed suitable is required to have black skin.

Fubaar 24th Jan 2013 23:36

Don't hold your breath waiting for that to go through an Australian court, Mooney Driver. Don't you understand? Discrimination in Australia is very much a one way street. You can only be guilty of discrimination if you're white, Anglo Saxon Celtic and you're discriminating against someone of a non-white race. Anything attempting to go in the opposite direction meets a very tight, never to be bypassed non-return valve.

Just heard on the ABC news that another asylum seeker boat has been "intercepted" off Ashmore Reef.

prospector 25th Jan 2013 01:57

Discrimination in Australia is very much a one way street. You can only be guilty of discrimination if you're white, Anglo Saxon Celtic and you're discriminating against someone of a non-white race.
That is a problem not only in Australia, looking at many news articles around the world we all have the same problem, must be brains being fried with the glabal warming.

Clare Prop 25th Jan 2013 02:09

Meanwhile it's quite funny on the blogs (particulrly The Drum) to see the JG disciples try to blame Tony Abbott for the massive and gowing backlash against the Nova thing everywhere but particularly in the NT.

I only just realised NP has actually been living comfortably in Canberra for many years so perhaps Gillard could explain why Kate Lundy didn't get the boot rather than Crossin.

Paternalism, racism, sexism, all sorts of -isms going on here and none of them good.

Yep even the ALPBC are publishing less than flattering articles.

Has the tide turned?

sisemen 25th Jan 2013 02:12

No tides turning - just the increasing size and speed of the already underway tsunami :E

Worrals in the wilds 25th Jan 2013 03:14

Meanwhile it's quite funny on the blogs (particulrly The Drum) to see the JG disciples try to blame Tony Abbott for the massive and gowing backlash against the Nova thing everywhere but particularly in the NT.
I stopped reading the comments on the Drum for the same reason I stopped using passenger trains; the crazies and ferals are just too pitiful/irritating to watch. Abbott has very sensibly stayed well out of this debate, they can wear this debacle all on their own.

Even Natasha Stott Despoja criticised the decision on TV last night, and she's hardly a right wing misogynist. IIRC her opinion was that it sent a message that a good Senator was expendible and that Perris was making a bad decision. If even she's publically critical, everyone's critical.

sisemen 26th Jan 2013 01:47

Advance Australia Fair

Australians hang our heads in shame,
‘Cos Gillard is still free
She’s scammed and knifed her party mates
And doing the same to me
Election day is nearly here
And she will soon be gone
So ready with the baseball bats
And sing this joyful song

She is consigned to history
And can’t do anymore wrong.

Have a good one mates :ok:

Andu 26th Jan 2013 05:04

I wonder if there's a journo out there who could come up with some stats. on how many of the people who took up Australian citizenship today have retained the citizenship of the nation they've come from?

I have a neighbour who has three passports, or three 'nationalities'. WTF? We've so cheapened Australian citizenship since Whitlam lowered the residency requirements to two years that we might as well put an Oz passport into corn flake packets. If my neighbour is anything to go by, that's about the value dual citizens put upon it.

Flying Binghi 26th Jan 2013 08:38

...I wonder if there's a journo out there who could come up with some stats...
Stats... just the job fer Nate Silver. He's in Melbourne at the moment, could probably ask him how big a landslide the next election will be..:cool:


CoodaShooda 27th Jan 2013 21:50

Watching the Melbourne Comedy Festival Great Debate on telly last night.
Surprised to see several speakers of usually labor orientation make jokes that reflected poorly on our current PM.
Equally surprising was the warm reception the jokes got from the usually trendy audience.

Forget the opinion polls. McTernan has a bigger problem than he may realise.

500N 27th Jan 2013 22:02

"Discrimination in Australia is very much a one way street. You can only be guilty of discrimination if you're white, Anglo Saxon Celtic and you're discriminating against someone of a non-white race."

That is so true it's not funny.

I have just come back from the NT, they use "whitey", whites all the time.

If I used the term "black" in Melbourne, well .....................

Worrals in the wilds 27th Jan 2013 23:47

But would the term black be an issue in the NT?
It's not in Queensland (depending on the intonation of course), and nor are blackfella/whitefella. There are several other derogatory words in use for Indigenous people (and Anglos for that matter), but IME 'black' and 'white' are still neutral descriptives, albeit untrendy.

500N 27th Jan 2013 23:50


The problem is, what is OK in one area is not OK in another.

Yes, black is used but a lot of people use T/O's - as in traditional owners,
not a term I like.

Fubaar 28th Jan 2013 00:01

Cookies must be enabled | Herald Sun

A RECORD number of asylum seekers have made the dangerous monsoon season crossing to Australia during January, with 425 arrivals eclipsing previous marks under the Labor government.

While the government believes its policy of turning people back to Sri Lanka has stemmed the flow of boats from there, there had been hopes a slowdown over summer was due to policy and not simply monsoonal weather conditions.

Two boats were intercepted over the weekend with the first carrying 15 people picked up north of Christmas Island and the second carrying 59 found east of Christmas Island.

There have been nine boats carrying 425 people this month, compared with 308 arrivals in all of January last year, which turned out to be a record year with 17,270 people coming on almost 300 boats.

Fliegenmong 28th Jan 2013 00:05

T/O's !!! :yuk: What a PC [email protected] that is!!!! :rolleyes:

500N 28th Jan 2013 00:08

Agree, it is a mess.

The blacks / Abos are the worst, they discriminate between full blood,
half blood et al because everyone is or has jumped on the band wagon.

sisemen 28th Jan 2013 00:21

That's being grossly unfair to the aboriginal people - the original owners of the land who merely want to continue with their simple nomadic lifestyle; catching the odd goanna here and there; spearing a 'roo perhaps; or just squatting around the campfire telling tales of 'the dreamtime'.

Much like this aboriginal, Bindi Cole, who felt so outraged at Andrew Bolt that she, amongst others, took him to court.


RJM 28th Jan 2013 00:30

WITW - Mcternan's tried various UK strategies here: inciting class war (no success); race war (limited success); gender war (success among idiots); religious war (Abbott refused to defend catholic Church re paedophilia investigation).

Peris is 1/4 Danish, 1/4 Filipino and maybe 1/2 Australian Aborigine. Until 2010 she was on the public teat as a bureaucrat in the education department. Leaving that job under a cloud, she needed continued sustenance, so her company Nova Peris Enterprises Pty Ltd scored a AUD900K grant to duplicate, inefficiently, existing children's health services in the NT with what was called 'Nova Peris's Travelling Medicine Show'. When the money for the air cond four wheekl drives etc ran out, and despite the officially assessed failure of her previous effort, she was given another AUD330K to continue. That's now run out so she is now a 'politician' on a senatorial salary.

Perhaps Peris is on the inside circuit in Canberra. Or, as someone said, she is 'so far up Gillard's a*se that she can see the soles of Bill Shorten's shoes'.

RJM 28th Jan 2013 01:49

I would think that Trish Crossin would be entirely justified in filing suit on the grounds of racial discrimination.0i
She is clearly being discriminated against because she has white skin and the only person deemed suitable is required to have black skin.
Sadly, Mooney Driver, in Roxon's outrageous proposed legislation there is an exemption for 'good' discrimination. There is also a blanket exemption for the federal government from the legislation as it goes about its business.

If it does get up, I don't intend to comply with one word of our Attorney-General's ridiculous law.

Worrals in the wilds 28th Jan 2013 02:03

WITW - Mcternan's tried various UK strategies here:
Agreed, RJM, and I don't think those strategies are working at all well.

I heard that Gillard and Perris know each other socially. Dunno if it's true, but it would fit. I can't imagine that she'd be a part of the Party circuit without being a member, but if they were mates then that would explain why she's suddenly burst out of nowhere.

Of course she hasn't been elected yet, and I see in the Australian that three other Indigenous female state NT pollies have added their names to the preselection ticket.
NT Labor; over to you. Do you want a genuine local Senator or the PM's flunky parachuted in from Canberra? It will be interesting to see the result, but the Aus is probably correct. :( That's another big wad of traditional Labor voters who will now be annoyed with the federal government and the ever powerful faction leaders.

Of course if the ALP get thrown out of government the faction leaders also become a lot less important. Guess they've forgotten that.

MORE indigenous ALP members are putting their hands up to stand against Olympian Nova Peris in tomorrow's preselection contest to head the Northern Territory Senate ticket, as a protest against Julia Gillard's "captain's pick" gathers steam.

Three indigenous former Labor ministers or candidates have added their names alongside sitting senator Trish Crossin after nearly a week of anger over the Prime Minister's decision to ignore process and the wishes of the Labor rank and file.
Party sources predicted as many as a dozen could join the protest against Ms Gillard's decision to oust Senator Crossin in favour of Ms Peris, before nominations close tonight.
"The strategy now is everyone is supposed to be doing it," one senior source said.
Warning that Ms Gillard's intervention "smacks of dictatorship", indigenous long-time Labor supporter and former candidate Des Rogers added his name to the list yesterday. "I hadn't put my nomination in before, so it's quite obvious to anyone that I put it in now as a protest," he said. "I think anyone looking at this from the outside would be appalled."

Indigenous former deputy chief minister Marion Scrymgour and indigenous former Northern Territory minister Karl Hampton have already pledged to stand against Ms Peris. Angry members of the party in the Territory are seeking to show the national executive that there are many experienced indigenous candidates it could have chosen.

The moves comes amid growing dissatisfaction with federal Labor minister and longtime MP Warren Snowdon, who is rumoured to have backed Senator Crossin's ouster but is yet to comment publicly.
Several senior Labor figures commented that Mr Snowdon had "been there too long" and should himself have stepped aside from his seat of Lingiari, covering more than 98 per cent of the Territory, if federal Labor were serious about increasing indigenous representation.
A spokeswoman for Mr Snowdon did not respond to requests for comment.
Mr Rogers added his voice yesterday to a chorus calling for Ms Peris to return to the Territory to begin repairing relationships and win support for her campaign. "Nova has got a lot of bridges to rebuild," he said.
Northern Territory Labor suffered a dramatic defeat last year when it gave up four bush seats to conservative local and traditional Aboriginal candidates.
There is a growing view that Canberra has failed to learn the lessons of this defeat and is again taking the bush vote for granted.

Leader of government business in the house Anthony Albanese, a member of the national executive, said Ms Peris would be endorsed, and threw his support behind her candidacy. "People have been very impressed with her record of engagement, particularly with indigenous youth. I think she has a lot to offer the people of the Northern Territory and indeed the nation," Mr Albanese said.
Nominations for the position will close today, before tomorrow's vote of the national executive. Candidates will not be required to make a presentation.
The vote will be by secret ballot.

However, decisions on the vote will likely be taken by the caucus of the Right and Left factions prior to the meeting. As Ms Gillard's choice, Ms Peris is certain to be elected overwhelmingly.

owen meaney 28th Jan 2013 02:04

I was born in Katherine and grew up in Darwin 60s and seventies.
Lived in the Territory until recently.
Never seen racism from tribal aboriginals.
Seen racism from mixed race friends in Darwin when growing up. they disliked the residents of Bagot Road Reserve, go figure.
Went to school with some of the Peris boys, they never mentioned Danish ancestory, only Filipino and Larrakia heritage.
THe history of Half Caste people in the territory is interesting, older Darwin people will remember the fights at the Parap pub between the Greek boys and the boys from Parap Camp, nearly destroyed the place one night. Maybe that was racism too.

500N 28th Jan 2013 02:19


Interesting. Yes, tribal out in the bush, a lot less - or no racism.
I must admit I haven't spent a heap of time with bush Aboriginies,
only in passing / when hunting or they were acting as guides / trackers.

Spent part of Xmas acting as a driver, picking up, dropping off some.
It was interesting.

The whole thing is a mess, I'll leave it at that.

Fliegenmong 28th Jan 2013 05:39

Fark! That Bindi Cole looks a real fair dinkum spear-chucker!! :rolleyes:

Mind you, the Country would be better off without's Bolt's mindlessly toxic invective....imagine a Barby with Bolt, Ackerman & that other thug (who got up on stage drunk at an awards night and starting taking swings at people, class act) Glen Milne?.! That's him, the negativity would give you cancer faster than a burnt snag and green potato...

Please tell me Bindi the spear chucker was charged with contempt of court...please!

sisemen 28th Jan 2013 07:26

No contempt of court unfortunately :*

This, from her website which is more full of sh*t than a pub dunny.


Not Really Aboriginal...

I thought I might give you an update on some of my old work. This seems to be a topical series to add right now giving the recent Andrew Bolt ruckus. In fact, it was this series that brought me to his attention. He ended up seeing a media release on the series which was part of the 2008 Next Wave Festival at the Centre for Contemporary Photography. I made this series in response to certain prevailing attitudes that I was aware of. The first being that when I identified as Aboriginal, people would often respond by saying, but you're not really Aboriginal. This was because I don't fit the stereotype of what Aboriginal is ie. living in a remote community, very dark skinned and suffering from dysfunction. However, my grandmother always taught me to identify as Aboriginal and to be proud of the heritage I shared with her. The second attitude was one of lack of integrity. That, in fact, the only reason I was identifying as being Aboriginal was to obtain some amazing benefits that were to be had by being Aboriginal.

So I was well aware of these attitudes. The response that I got from Bolt completely validated my thoughts and well, now, the rest as they say, is history. My identity and integrity was challenged by Bolt, brought to the light in Federal Court and proved to be genuine and honest. Now both his identity and integrity, on the other hand, have been brought into question.

500N 28th Jan 2013 07:31

very dark skinned ???????


I'm darker than her after 3 weeks up NT way and darker than
some up there that claim to be Aboriginal.

"identified as Aboriginal"
We had this discussion a few weeks ago re how the skill sets
of blacks has been lost. The person I stay with is a very good hunter / gatherer
and all the Aboriginies come to her to get her to take them out hunting / gathering.

Fliegenmong 28th Jan 2013 07:43

Take my hat off to you 500., the only Abos I see are on welfare down Tweed., dangerous end of town, so I am not down there all that often....Oh yeah I see 'em in Yamba too, but they're the displaced from Redfern....part of the 'Sydney 2000 Olympics' clean up apparently, a disgrace what they have done with the facilities gifted them, and paid for with my taxes

500N 28th Jan 2013 07:52

yes, I've seen them as well - at Tweed, in Sydney and plenty of
other areas including Darwin. Darwin at 6.00am is not a pretty
site !!!

Hence why I tend to go straight out bush and stay there.

You know what really pisses me off, they go to one person
to take them out hunting but won't bother learning to do it
themselves, be it probing for turtles, catching water pythons,
yams, other food, geese etc.
(I have purposely stayed way from things that involve firearms
as not everyone has access to them).

And, a couple of years ago spent 1/2 a day cleaning up and marking
some Black graves with a mate yet he told me that the blacks had had
a meeting and were going to do it themselves. Same a clearing
scrub from an old Black camp site. I did find a really good flat stone
including the grinding stone when doing it so a good find !

Too much free handouts and not enough earn them IMHO.

500N 28th Jan 2013 09:23


Are you Aboriginal ?

or from somewhere else ?

owen meaney 28th Jan 2013 09:35

Are you Aboriginal ?
No, can make no claim as have not been initiated.

and paid for with my taxes
Muck fee, you must pay a lot of tax.
All the Yolgnu at University, all the dole bludgers, relocation from Redfern to Yamba.
No wonder you are pi55ed

Fliegenmong 28th Jan 2013 09:38

Has Nova????:confused:

500N 28th Jan 2013 09:40

No worries, it's just you used the word "we" when we
were discussing Blacks in the Haka thread.

All our posts have now been deleted BTW !!!

owen meaney 28th Jan 2013 09:45

Flig, Nova is from the Coberg Penisular mob, not sure they initiate women, other than puberty ceremony.
Nova has proved her worth with setting up the Girls College for Aboriginal girls at St Johns in Darwin and other works for Yolgnu peoples.

Fliegenmong 28th Jan 2013 09:50

WTF is that about?!?!?! A white hetero male voicing his opinion on a public forum is censored by way of deletion???

Never mind my taxes supporting the murderous maori, Oh heaven forbid!!! I'll leave you violent murderous kiwi to sit around your tax payer funded housing commission unit drinking Oz beer at Oz tax payer funded expense, whilst any opposition to that will be deleted.....and you wonder why????

owen meaney 28th Jan 2013 09:51

No worries, it's just you used the word "we"
We, as in people with aboriginal heritage. Not all mixed race people "need" to broadcast it.
Interestingly, my son, blue eyed and blond hair can claim, as he was conceived, had Yolgnu spirit enter his body(the quickening) and born on Yolgnu land. Was smoked and given small boy name. He can return to Yirrakala for initiation and circumcision if he wants to.

500N 28th Jan 2013 09:57

You are one of the few then.

But can you see what Flip and I are saying ?
(mainly from the Haka thread that has now been deleted)

I am sure you have seen more examples than not.

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