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Bruce Wayne 28th Oct 2010 17:31

I imagine the London landlords will be pretty ticked off as well,however I think the cap will be 400 pounds whether that is a week or month I'm not sure
not really. landlords only charge what the market will dictate.

if the going rate for x type property in area y is 400p/w, then shoving it on the market at 5 or 6 hundred will pretty much see it left empty or the price dropped to fill it.

renting to local housing authority is tough call. generally, the tenants dont give a stuff about the property and will likely trash it. or leave a string of debts and unpaid utilities. they wont lose their deposit or be hauled thought the courts for recovery.

Bruce Wayne 28th Oct 2010 17:33

Apparently, housing benefit is capped already - for London the figure is 21,000 . .
which is about 400 p/w

Effluent Man 28th Oct 2010 19:41

I would want someone to pay ME 21,000 a year to live in London.

Bruce Wayne 28th Oct 2010 19:50


that's called london weighting...

born in london and grew up there in my early years.. its not the same london it was.. its a dump now.

oh and i ain't that old.. was born after Armstrong walked on the moon.

tony draper 28th Oct 2010 19:55

As a country we obviously cannot afford London, I think it should be scrapped.

G-CPTN 1st Nov 2010 00:59

London Fire Brigade.
Currently they work 9 hour days and 15 hour nights.

The proposal is 12 hour days and 12 hour nights, an arrangement that the firefighters are resisting.

What hours do other region firefighters work?

BBC News - London firefighters' strike to go ahead on Monday

Parapunter 1st Nov 2010 01:08

The firemen got found out last time they struck. Time they sucked it up like everyone else.

5th Nov strike? Not on is that.

G-CPTN 1st Nov 2010 10:38

It seems that the usual shift pattern is two consecutive days (or nights) followed by four days off then two days on the opposite shift then four days off.

So, every eight days they work four shifts with four days off between, then four days off two days shift then two days off followed by two days off (four in a row).

In a 32 day 'month' they work 16 shifts and have sixteen days off (four groups of four with two shifts between each 'rest period').

How many workers only work half the days in a month?
(Pilots, I suppose . . . )

Parapunter 2nd Nov 2010 19:53

Unbelieveable that in this musty old gentlemen's establishment, on a day that we have said we'll give prisoners the vote & France our nuclear secrets, no one sees fit to pass comment.

Presumably, lining up with the frogs means we'll do the attacking & they'll do the retreating.:rolleyes:

tony draper 2nd Nov 2010 19:59

Buggah! this will give the Germans a excuse to rearm now.
Here we go again.

stuckgear 2nd Nov 2010 21:54

Buggah! this will give the Germans a excuse to rearm now.
Here we go again
invading poland should be interesting.. they're all over here !:}

S78 3rd Nov 2010 09:06

I think this Anglo-French agreement has potential.

According to the Beeb we'll be testing nukes in eastern France, get it wrong and we could take out part of Germany as well:E

tony draper 3rd Nov 2010 09:56

Good quote from a Military chap on Newsnight last night.
"We have given up our place at the front of the race and have dropped back to trot along with the fat specky lads at the back"

teeteringhead 3rd Nov 2010 11:14

Apparently, housing benefit is capped already - for London the figure is 21,000 . . .
... and by way of comparison, the lowest grade of MOD Civil Servant (Admin Assistant - think typists and filing clerks) has a maximum wage (after 9 years) of 18 815, for a 42 hour week.

And that includes London Weighting (outside the M25 'twould be 17 584) .....:uhoh:

SOPS 3rd Nov 2010 12:29

If the above figures are correct ( and I assume they are) there is something very, very wrong:ugh:

G-CPTN 5th Nov 2010 19:26

BBC News - Gordon Brown urges aircraft carrier work at Rosyth

When Mr Brown pressed him for an assurance that the refit would take place in the UK, Mr Luff said: "I think it is extremely likely that they will, but I cannot rule out the possibility that they will not."

tony draper 5th Nov 2010 19:33

Just been a Item on the local news, the Tea Company Twinnings have been given a ten million pound grant from the EU to help move their factory and the jobs to Poland,some of that ten million from British tax payers.
That's the same company who expected their UK employees to train the Poles they brought over to do their jobs.
The EU madness moves on by leaps and bounds.

S78 5th Nov 2010 19:38

It amazes me that Brown can remember where the House of Commons is, he's hardly been there since the election.

Anyway, today's main political story:

Labour minister barred from Commons for three years - Telegraph

Aside from the whole 'first conviction of its kind in 99 years, former immigration minister scaremongering over Muslim immigration (if it's THAT bad why didn't you do something before the election?)'. Why did Milliband pick Woolas for the shadow cabinet with this ongoing case? He must have known the details, seen the election pamphlets. Lapse of judgement or could it be that Milliband didn't see anything wrong with lying and scaremongering to the electorate?

Gertrude the Wombat 6th Nov 2010 00:16

could it be that Milliband didn't see anything wrong with lying and scaremongering
Well, election leaflets are full of lies and scaremongering, it's how the game is played.

But competent agents will advise their party machine to make sure that no such lies are actually false statements of fact about the opposing candidates, precisely because of this law.

Maybe someone was daft enough to think "oh well, this law hasn't been used for 100 years, I don't need to worry about it". Or worse, someone employed an agent who couldn't be arsed to learn the applicable law. Which is the whole point of having an agent in the first place - the idea is that for most breaches of election law the agent can go to prison if necessary whilst the candidate acts all innocent and keeps his seat.

G-CPTN 7th Nov 2010 00:49

BBC News - Long-term jobless 'could face compulsory manual labour'

Parapunter 7th Nov 2010 00:57

Long-term jobless 'could face compulsory manual labour'
Stand by for more drug dealers.

G-CPTN 7th Nov 2010 20:00

As this is the one place (on PPRuNe) where we can discuss politics, what are the feelings about whether we have got the government that we voted for?

(it has been said that the election result in the USA is because they voted for 'anyone except the current government'.)

What do you think would be the result of a 'snap' General Election now? Would people be so keen to vote for the third party?

G&T ice n slice 7th Nov 2010 20:31

Did my ears deceive me, or did I hear on the radio 4 news regarding the suspension from the Labour party of some MP, Harriet Harperson said:

"It is unlikely that he will be re-admitted to the party as no party is interested in getting elected by lying"

errrrr come again john?

vulcanised 7th Nov 2010 20:50

She forgot to add 'and getting caught out'.

tony draper 7th Nov 2010 21:02

I suspect the Tories feel able to push the envelope a bit because they are teamed up with the liberals,I can imagine the howls of protest re compulsory labor had they been a majority and the Liberals still in opposition.

Effluent Man 8th Nov 2010 09:49

Yes they are using each other as cover quite effectively.I feel that this will rebound to the Libs disadvantage.As to the Government we voted for, well personally I didn't vote for either of the coalition partners so count me out. I think that Tory voters have got most of what they wanted but most Lib Dem voters are pretty hacked off about it and will drift off to the other parties.

You can't really blame the Tories because they are trying to deliver their manifesto.The Lib Dems,well I don't think that many of their erstwhile supporters believe anything they say and they are quite clearly going to get wiped out,beginning in Oldham.

As for the scheme to put the unemployed to work this is going to be a re run of YTS.My father in law ran one of these in the 80's,they were working on canal tow paths.One day they came back after lunch to find that one of the yobbos had chucked all the tools in t'cut....

tony draper 8th Nov 2010 10:03

I mean they have to do something to encourage the lazy buggas back into the workplace, look at all the thousands machines standing idle in the factories across the country due to lack of workers to man them.
If we are not careful they will shut all those businesses down and ship them abroad and we wouldn't want that would we,:rolleyes:

G-CPTN 8th Nov 2010 14:18

Without doubt there are cheats on the benefit system, but they have gone about announcing this scheme all wrong.
There are only so many jobs available, though job-creation schemes could 'create' more I suppose. Suggestions for ideas?
If there was a 'Ministry of Work' that employed those on Job-Seekers Allowance to do jobs that others aren't doing . . .

Using some as cheap labour (30 hours 'work' for 65) contravenes the minimum wage laws (and undermines those who would do these jobs for real wages). The overheads of running this 'YTS-type' scheme will be expensive (requiring supervisors - but I suppose that those who trained as Home Information Pack certifiers will be available - HIPs: a seller's guide : Directgov - Home and community ).

Krystal n chips 8th Nov 2010 17:26

" 'Ministry of Work' "

Probably not, it sounds far too 1930's even for the junta....

Now a Ministry of Socially Harmonised Integrated Training on the other hand....would summate them nicely......:E

G-CPTN 8th Nov 2010 21:41

Mother lives 2 years RENT FREE in Britain's most expensive 2.5m council house | Mail Online

G-CPTN 9th Nov 2010 14:37

Bring back the ACF and the ATC.
BBC News - Recruit retired army officers for schools - Heseltine

Army Cadet Force - Make your mark

Captain Stable 10th Nov 2010 11:22

Ex-MPs Face Criminal Trial Over Expenses - Yahoo! News UK

Maybe some justice will now be seen...

Storminnorm 10th Nov 2010 11:29

The only problem is that he thought recruiting ex-army OFFICERS
would help the situation. NOT so!!!
Ex-Army Drill Sergeants and PTI's would be much more effective.

Regarding the ex-MP's. As they 'Reaped', So shall they SEW.
(Mail-Bags, preferably.)

El Grifo 10th Nov 2010 14:53

A Little trilogy of dodgy lefties indeed.

What of those of a different persuasion, the "Duck House" individual et al ??

G-CPTN 15th Nov 2010 00:08

I'm hearing (on the Beeb) that many people who voted for the Liberals are withdrawing their support because of the major changes in policy that are being introduced under the Coalition (such as university fees). It seems that individual MPs gave pledges that they would oppose any raise in such charges.

Does this mean the end for them?

Cheerio 19th Nov 2010 15:03

Well, the Meeja got another notch on the sty gate-post. A poor old toff in a bow-tie says something vaguely correct, depending on your outlook, and the mass sucking of teeth coming from the BBC this morning pulled the legs from under him.

David Cameron's enterprise adviser Lord Young has quit after claiming most Britons "had never had it so good".

The Tory peer said many people had gained from low interest rates during this "so-called recession", remarks Mr Cameron said were "unacceptable".

El Grifo 19th Nov 2010 15:18

Depends !
Whilst it can be I suppose, in some ways be "vaguely correct" depending on your outlook, It can also be totally repellant depending on your situation.

Old Thatcherite/Tebbitisms like that should be left in the past, the exact location from where this dinosaur emerged !

Adios "poor" old toff :D

Krystal n chips 19th Nov 2010 17:41

A very er, noble, gesture you might say....albeit one that echoes sentiments and idealogies that are just below the surface...his crime was to mention them in public...a warning that should not go unheeded...but probably will.

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