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radeng 11th May 2010 15:21

Being 'European' these days actually means living under a totalitarian state, ruled by the un-elected, over-paid bureaucracy of Brussels.

G-CPTN 11th May 2010 15:21


Boundary Commissions (United Kingdom) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

ORAC 11th May 2010 15:24

Boundary Commission for England - Report Introduction, including history of the Commission.

frostbite 11th May 2010 15:26

I have always regarded the LibDems as political tarts and they are simply reinforcing that view.

G-CPTN 11th May 2010 15:28

Boundary Commission for England - Report Introduction, including history of the Commission.

tony draper 11th May 2010 15:34

Another totally independent body relying on politicians for their well paid cushy jobs??

Curious Pax 11th May 2010 15:35

Some instructive information on their website, thanks Sprogget. It does demonstrate how seats are arrived at, with a target of around 72,000 voters per seat. What is interesting is the spread they achieve (55,000-87,800 - the Isle of Wight has always been a special case) as I am surprised they couldn't get more constituencies closer to the target. However with the constraint of not splitting seats between local council areas as far as possible it does make a degree of sense, plus they also seem to aim for minimal change for (presumably) historic reasons.

Back on the subject of coalitions - interesting article on our situation by a Dutch journalist with more experience of these things: Dutch journalist on coalitions

Effluent Man 11th May 2010 15:39

Geographical mobility is such that inequalities occur.A typical example might be high achievers from Northern England and Scotland moving to well paid jobs in London.the result of this will be that the constituency that they move from still elects an MP,in these cases generally Labour, but without the votes of these people.

The area they move to still elects an MP,probably Tory,and their vote is added to the majority.Consequently over a period of time a disparity in the relationship between votes and seats occurs.The electoral commission seeks to equalise this but by the time the boundaries are withdrawn they are already out of date.

Low Flier 11th May 2010 15:55

It looks like Labour is ready to throw in the towel.

It really is time for Cameron to 'grow a pair' and send a message via the Buck House flunky that he's ready to tell HM that he's ready to put together a minority government.

Enough faffing about. Get on with it. He's already on the wrong side of the drag curve and he needs to get some speed on before he goes into a deep stall.

MagnusP 11th May 2010 15:56

#10 stating negotiation with LibDems is over.

Large holdalls are being loaded into two government cars at the back of Number 10, reports the BBC News channel's chief political correspondent Laura Kuenssberg.

Low Flier 11th May 2010 16:09

My bottla Champoo is chilling down nicely. The flute glasses are beautifully polished and have gone into the fridge.

I'm salivating.

Storminnorm 11th May 2010 16:21

Quite a lot of the Euro States still have a Royal family IIRC?

Apart from the Ffrogs, who chopped theirs.

tony draper 11th May 2010 16:29

He will probably take all the towels toilet rolls and light bulbs with him and send a waggon back for any coal left in the coal house.:)

Storminnorm 11th May 2010 16:33

He'll become a Lord as well Cap'n Drapes.
Entitled to sit in the Upper House.

ORAC 11th May 2010 16:48

I have to wonder if Nick Clegg has deliberately done for Gordon?

It is known that he hates Gordon with a vengance, he stated publically during the campaigh he could never work in colation with him.

So it must have been galling, when as he promised, he started talks with Cameron as the leader of the largest party, to know that Gordon could hang on as the leader of the Opposition, perhaps for years with the rules of the Labour party on replacing their leader. Having to face the prospect of seeing him on the other side of the dispatch box face to face with Cameron every week.

So he makes approaches to Mandy and other Labour barons about a deal still being possible... if only Gordon will go. He even starts talks to persuade them. The result is they persuade Gordon to announce his retirement in August or September.

He then leaves him overnight to believe he can remain PM for a few more months and eventually hand over to another Labout PM with honour. And the next day he walks away leaving him to twist in the wind.

They do say Clegg is a hard cold barst*rd....

barry lloyd 11th May 2010 16:53

He will probably take all the towels toilet rolls and light bulbs with him and send a waggon back for any coal left in the coal house.
Ah, so that's why it's taking so long!

dead_pan 11th May 2010 16:53

Its not a done deal by any stretch of the imagination. The Lib Dems still have to get three quarters of their Federal Executive and wider membership to back the deal. Judging by the dissent at the top levels of the party this may be problematic.

We still may be looking at a short-lived Conservative minority government.

Gordo may be even more resigned this evening in a last ditch attempt to get a deal.

bnt 11th May 2010 17:08

BBC and other sources saying that Labour's talks with Lib Dems are over, and the Evening Standard is reporting that Brown has quit. (Though I suppose he isn't really quit until he speaks to Her Maj.) It's all happening now, folks.

Um... lifting... 11th May 2010 17:10

I suppose that was one way of cutting expenses.

Llademos 11th May 2010 17:10


I SO hope that this was what happened. My heart sank earlier, when I thought that my vote was being used to keep the most unpopular party in power, but getting rid of Brown and dumping NuLabour from government in the space of 24 hours was either an happy accident or carefully planned. :ok:

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