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G-CPTN 12th Apr 2010 17:34

As the UK Hamster Wheel has been closed
This seems to be the alternative.

BBC News - Expenses MPs Devine, Chaytor and Morley get legal aid

Krystal n chips 12th Apr 2010 17:43

A bit premature perhaps, there again, possibly not with some of the performances to-date of the erstwhile "leaders"......:rolleyes:. as seen on TV.

So, select from Brown, Cameron or Clegg....pre or post May 6th.....personally, I would go for Cosmetic Cameron....:E

YouTube - The Great Pretender-The Platters(1956)

G-CPTN 12th Apr 2010 17:58

Just heard someone complaining (on the radio) that the Green Party should make the price of food lower . . .

James 1077 13th Apr 2010 02:45

I notice an oddity about the polls. They all add up to 100%. Now, if they only publish the opinions of those who say how they will vote, those polls are seriously skewed. "Use and Abuse of Statistics" tells one that a proper poll would include all the "don't knows" and "won't votes". On the doorstep, I'm finding about half of those canvassed fall into this category. (That's when one calls the MP over to chat with them.) Also, its mostly the younger folks - students and such - who say they're not interested and won't be voting. Its gonna be a grey election, in our constituency at least.

Blacksheep - Norman Tebbit says something quite interesting about the polls and why you need to beware of them in his blog here.

Interesting to see that he also has a good argument against the "consensus" view that Tory votes went to New Labour in the last elections - the numbers that he shows demonstrate that they simply stopped voting.

Der absolute Hammer 13th Apr 2010 05:24


Krystal n chips 13th Apr 2010 06:55

The Great ( non ) Debate (s).....coming soon to an avid public...or not as the case may be.

Watched the Beeb 2 prog last night about political debates as seen on TV over the years showing gaffes various plus some memorable moments.

Now, as we all know, our erstwhile "leaders" have finally condescended to appear on television in a series of live debates, hence it was the last part of the prog that was of great interest. It's been quite well publicised that these "debates" have more strings and T's and C's attached than your average insurance policy, all enshrined by various advisors looking after their charges to ensure they appear in the best possible light ( sounds more like Crufts actually rather than a debate ) but it was the emphasis on the "it's about policies not personalities" that seems to be the most inane excuse contrived.....surely, it is about the personalities who determine the policies that is relevant here...and lets face it, if some of those personalities show their true nature, then the general public are not going to be overly impressed...hence the non debate title. Not to mention the equally sanitised audience ( no questions, boo's, cheering, clapping etc) who, it seems, have been carefully selected ( First question for selection "Have you ever posted on JB?"..Ans "WTF has it got to do with you sunshine!" would probably ensure non attendance :E ) and no doubt vetted.

There is also another little mantra that gets trotted out that is applicable here "Nothing to hide, nothing to fear"...in which case, no reason not to have a serious and open debate now is there ?.

tony draper 13th Apr 2010 09:06

Brown would have made Nixon look honest.:rolleyes:

Ancient Observer 13th Apr 2010 13:26

Was that funny face pulled by Brown at the launch of Mandy's manifesto the best "smile" that all these million-dollar consultants could get out of him?
With a smile like that, all children would be very, very, scared.

Blacksheep 13th Apr 2010 14:56

Brown doesn't look scary to me, he just looks like "I'm not a crook" Nixon.

If its scary you're after, take a look at that Ed Balls character. He frightens the crap out of me!

lexxity 13th Apr 2010 15:12


A bit out of date, but on the whole it's like something out of a Tim Burton film.

tony draper 13th Apr 2010 15:16

Oh for half a dozen of those chaps who lurk on grassy knolls.:)
Think they have all been recalled to the colonies though,their skills are badly needed at home.

Bruce Wayne 13th Apr 2010 16:35

A bit out of date, but on the whole it's like something out of a Tim Burton film.

Perhaps the armed forces could use enlargements of the full photo for target practice.

good spark 13th Apr 2010 17:43

the guy at the back far right, is that cameron?

frostbite 13th Apr 2010 17:54

The one (out of several) I find repugnant is Miliband.

He looks like the sort of kid we used to beat up at school because of his looks.

Krystal n chips 13th Apr 2010 18:01

"Power to the People ! "....er, no.

Only a cynic ( moi for example ) would perceive this as a neat bit of re-branding. Now where I have heard "Market forces" and " the market will prevail" before ?.......which, in essence is what this is.

Strangely, I don't see vox populi as being the new Tory mantra.....:rolleyes:

G-CPTN 13th Apr 2010 18:03

The one (out of several) I find repugnant is Miliband.
Which one?

tony draper 13th Apr 2010 18:15

Agree about that Balls bloke, he has the kind of face that should be peering through a splintered door shouting "Here's Johnny!!!"


sea oxen 13th Apr 2010 18:33

Now, as we all know, our erstwhile "leaders" have finally condescended to appear on television in a series of live debates
Blair, Thatcher - er - Callaghan?


glad rag 13th Apr 2010 18:54

Debates? no they are certainly NOT debates.....

Bruce Wayne 13th Apr 2010 18:58

Separated at Birth ?

Ed Miliband


Beaker (Muppets)

Baroness Ashton


Scarecrow (Wizard of Oz)

Bruce Wayne 13th Apr 2010 19:08


Gordon Brown

Bucket of [email protected]

Out Of Trim 13th Apr 2010 21:03

You know you want to slap a Party leader! - Well here's your chance.. Slap away!


Prawn2king4 15th Apr 2010 11:08

The Great TV Debate
Just read that 20 million people will be watching the boys on tv as they engage in some desultory chat.
And that the studio audience will be under orders not to applaud! Why?
Well; guess thatís wishful thinking on all sides.....:rolleyes:

MagnusP 15th Apr 2010 12:04

A distinct absence of style and substance to all.

Wonder if it'll be like 1960 where radio listeners thought Tricky Dicky had won it, but TV audiences opted for JFK.

phnuff 15th Apr 2010 12:07

Twenty million may start to watch it (and I doubt that), and at the end there will be about 10000 journalists (and very few others). I consider myself to be politically aware, but I can think of nothing less appealing than watching 3 self centred politicians indulging in what promises to be an orchestrated sham of a debate while looking for what ever band wagon they can find to jump on.

In short, why is this debate taking place other than because the media moguls want a feeding frenzy? I predict it will do very little to interest disillusioned voters and may do even more damage to our democratic process. It is another step along the way to personality driven rather than issue driven politics and in a world in which Joe Public is increasingly obsessed with the cult of celebrity, it can only be a matter of time before some big brother wannabe becomes a party leader because he/she looks good in a debate.

Anyone know if ITV are running ads during the 'clash of the titans'? It would be interesting to see who would buy air time !!

MagnusP 15th Apr 2010 12:10

It would be interesting to see who would buy air time !!
It'd be an excellent time to advertise. Everyone'll watch the ads then nip off to make a cuppa when the programme comes on. :bored:

Ancient Observer 15th Apr 2010 12:34

Do they get Expenses for appearing?

MadsDad 15th Apr 2010 12:38

Strikes me as being a good time to catch up on some of the stuff we've got recorded.

Firestorm 15th Apr 2010 12:45

The only reason to watch (I admit it isn't a good one) would be to see if one of them decides to just break the rules, and throw in some sort of explosive comment. Let's face it: what are the producers going to do? They might reprimand the offender, but the programme will continue, and the comment will still have been made,and will be a fact of record! Who of the trio has the courage to break the rules?

frostbite 15th Apr 2010 12:46

I shall be relying on the meeja, or even those here on JB to give me a succinct summary of proceedings.

Sure I can find something more worthwhile to occupy the 90 minutes.

1DC 15th Apr 2010 14:09

It looks as if it is going to be so well stage managed they might just as well stick three actors in, might make it more interesting.....

Sprogget 15th Apr 2010 14:15

They have stuck three actors in & it still won't be interesting.

Lukeafb1 15th Apr 2010 14:16


If those three are not accomplished actors, what are they???????? :ugh:

Storminnorm 15th Apr 2010 14:23

Looks like DVD sales will increase.

tony draper 15th Apr 2010 14:30

It would be great if a fist fight broke out,but one suspects they being three total arses would fight like big girls blouses,slapping at each other and shouting things like Oh!you beast!!.

Storminnorm 15th Apr 2010 14:59

A nude wrestling match in a vat of axle grease and swarfega
would be really entertaining, for some anyhow.
Although I'd give even that a miss.
Unless it was ladies involved!! Not a bunch of tarts.

CATIII-NDB 15th Apr 2010 15:12

Dear Stormin
Your post has made me think of Topless darts as an alternative - or watching paint dry - Perhaps one of the bunch will go off topic and call one of his esteemed fellows as a "Self propelled pile of Donkey pooo.." but I fear not - You know; one of the older members of the audence may perform an anti social act in desperation; at the stage managed farce that the program may sadly turn out to be.


MagnusP 15th Apr 2010 15:58

I don't see anything topping:

"I knew Jack Kennedy.
Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine.
Senator, you are no Jack Kennedy".

Ouch! :ouch:

Effluent Man 15th Apr 2010 16:20

Mr.Draper,Where is John Prescott when you need him?

Sir George Cayley 15th Apr 2010 22:44

Just watched the Great Debate, which appeared to have lasted about 40 mins. Then Lady Cayley pointed out that I slept through the middle bit:confused:

I did warm to the boy Clegg and with his dad Vince might be worth giving a go. Hell they couldn't **** it up any worse.

So, Give Lib a Chance.


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