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BarbiesBoyfriend 7th Apr 2010 14:31

Barring the 'hung parliament' scenario, you lot dorn sarf' have two choices:

Blue Tories or

Red Tories.

At least up here in Jockland we can vote SNP, which is what I'll be doing.

Come to think of it, even a 'hung' parliament will major in one of the two Tories.

(I'm an ex Tory, but I'll never vote for them due to them supporting the government over Iraq/ Afghanistan).

I think there will be a lot like me.

MagnusP 7th Apr 2010 14:46

BarbiesBoyfriend: I know what you mean about the choices here, but I can't vote for the Nats as long as they oppose new nuclear build and continue to support insane windfactory schemes which do feckall for energy security but put my hard-earned into the pockets of absentee landowners.

We may still have Gordy on May 7. I really can't see Nick getting into bed with "call me" Dave if there's no clear majority.

LIMA OR ALPHA JUNK 7th Apr 2010 15:41

I think there will be a lot like me
Indeed there are. Didn't vote last election for the Tories due to their support over Iraq invasion for the first time ever. No vote or UKIP for me this time round. Haven't decided yet.........

BarbiesBoyfriend 7th Apr 2010 15:54

Magnus. You'd better start your own party if you're going to that picky;).

A prediction for you.

1. The Tories get straight in. (polls invariably underestimate support for them).

2. At next Scottish elections, SNP win much stronger than last time.

3. SNP force referendum on Independance.

4. a. They win it, Labour are fugged for ever in the UK. Hopefully we don't slide into communism.:uhoh:

b. They lose it, but make a decent fist of running the country with the 'Indy' issue dealt with.

Hows that sound?

MadsDad 7th Apr 2010 15:56

I lost approximately $8,000 in comparison to the last time I transferred some
Unless there are some new currency transfer restrictions in place which are unknown to the general populace that will be down to the free market activities of 'The Wunch'. Who are courted, and supported, by both Blue and Red parties (instead of being taken out and hung from the nearest lamppost as should be their due).

G-CPTN 7th Apr 2010 16:25

Why is it that the incumbent feller is now professing that he will do the things that his lot promised to do last time around? What prevented them from honouring their promises? - and are they any more likely to keep their word this time around?

In some respects I am tempted to vote for 'none of the above' - but then there's no chance of them getting elected, so the usual villains will get back in.

Perhaps we should all wish for a success at CERN? (then our fears about loss of pensions or erosion of savings will not matter . . . )

sitigeltfel 7th Apr 2010 17:47

I have just listened to one politician saying that before he entered parliament he was all in favour of reforming the place but once he was there, changed his mind. His convictions were probably swayed by the appearance of his first expenses cheque.

Vermin, all of them.

sitigeltfel 7th Apr 2010 17:58

Two Jags Prescott has been caught attempting a conspiracy to commit online fraud.

Prominent UK Politician Encourages Google Click Fraud

He is trying to distance himself from it but the original tweet has been traced back to him.

(Apologies if the above does not make sense. I have been told the tw33t word is banned and was forcibly ousted by the PPRuNe acronym.)

larssnowpharter 7th Apr 2010 19:59

'hung parliament'
Most sensible idea yet.

Here, let me give you a hand:


frostbite 7th Apr 2010 20:56

I bet Prescott didn't think that up himself.

Probably the guy who showed him how to use a mouse.

sea oxen 7th Apr 2010 22:02

I bet Prescott didn't think that up himself.
No surprises there, then.

I blame the protoproles who kept on voting him in.


Sprogget 7th Apr 2010 22:04

Fatty Prescott? profiteroles more like.:}

dropinhteoggin 7th Apr 2010 22:31

Look up the definition of the word ''Incompetence'' there is a picture of Gordon Brown next to it!

Also if you look up the word definition for ''Lying Scum'' it says 'New Labour, ie...Lord Mandleson.

Ancient Observer 8th Apr 2010 17:21

One good benefit of an election...............the 10.00 o'clock news removes the need for anyone to take sleeping tablets.

Bruce Wayne 8th Apr 2010 17:46

Gordon Brown pledges 'five more years' as Prime Minister if Labour wins - Times Online

Gordon Brown promised today to serve a full five years in office if he manages to lead Labour to a fourth term on May 6.
5 more years of the gurning, lying troll !

If that's not motivation to take the car into a locked garage with a few feet of hosepipe and a roll of gaffer tape, I don't know what is.

Der absolute Hammer 8th Apr 2010 18:41

Read 'The End of the Party' by Andrew Rawnsley, who was editor of The Observer? You will see in there that the propaganda effect of the lies or exaggeratrions or delusions of Tony Blair were instrumental in Englands contribution to the Iraq war. I make a respectful suggestion that some very good men were hoody winkeld into supporting the WMD/45 minute argument. It is not sensible to chastise onself for being deceived in such good company. No, your real crime has been commited by those who commit troops and then contribute toward killing them with economic and equipment restrictions. In the Iraq context today, you should surely vote for the party which will give the squadies the max support. Outside of the BNP, there is only one British party.

S78 8th Apr 2010 18:53

Thats Gurning, Lying, SULKING troll.

Theres a blog on the ITV news website by one of the interviewers describing our PM.

It seems Broon doesn't get the concept of being interviewed by a news team (as opposed to a 'cuddly' lifestyle magazine) and sulks, loses his temper, tells them their research is wrong and generally acts like a spoilt brat who cannot get his way.....

Who wants 5 more years of that?

Might consider leaving for somewhere warmer if Labour win.

El Grifo 8th Apr 2010 19:14

Might consider leaving for somewhere warmer if Labour win.
Then you would have to join the long line of tosspots who said that the last time, but didn't :ok:

Interesting press conference earlier today with Broon, Mandy and the bloke with the mis-matched collar and cuffs.

They made a very interesting case for the possibility that Osbourne is either bluffing or inept.

I will watch that space V. closely.

El G,
Long gone, but still interested in the Panto :ok:

birrddog 8th Apr 2010 20:05

Originally Posted by El Grifo (Post 5622871)
Then you would have to join the long line of tosspots who said that the last time, but didn't :ok:

Well, I can claim to be part of the group that said that last time and did:ok:

Browns turn at Chancellor was enough for me...

Out of curiosity, how many expats still vote?

I don't even know if it is still allowed...

sitigeltfel 8th Apr 2010 20:17

Out of curiosity, how many expats still vote?
I believe I could, but utter contempt for the whole Westminster regime has put me off. Anyway, I am out of the clutches of whoever is next elected to screw the UK taxpayer so I will leave the decision of choosing him to those who are doomed to suffer.

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