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MReyn24050 28th Apr 2010 16:29

‘We’re all human,’ he repeated, ’sometimes we do say things we don’t believe….’
I believe that the remarks Brown made at the time showed him in his true colours.

ORAC 28th Apr 2010 16:38

The Times: :}:}

.......And later, in an interview with Lord Mandelson, Sky’s Kay Burley asked: “Do you think he’ll let us have our microphone back?”

To which the Business Secretary replied: “I should think he’ll let you have your microphone back, indeed he might even wish you’d kept it to yourself in the first place.”.....

Effluent Man 28th Apr 2010 17:55

A SKY microphone was it? I wonder how that happened Mr.Murdoch.

Bruce Wayne 28th Apr 2010 18:19

A SKY microphone was it? I wonder how that happened Mr.Murdoch.
It happened by the PM and the party leader expressing his contempt for the electorate, who also happened to be a labour supporter.

sea oxen 28th Apr 2010 18:33

Peter Mandelson did a pretty gracious job, in the circumstances, of explaining away to Kay Burley on Sky News his master’s latest blunder.
I don't think anyone's Mandelson's master, apart from *** ****** ******. I need some mindbleach after that.

Before me, I have Viz, 195, which arrived on Monday. In it, a politician refers to voters as 'you senile old [email protected]' and uses other language I dare not use in a family forum. Private Eye, bought yesterday, includes a column ostensibly from Gordon Von Brownstain, relating the following exchange with the CEO of BA:
"Why are your planes all useless grounded when they should be flying our honest, hard-working Comrades to and from their holiday destinations?"
"Because you told us we weren't allowed to fly"
What a pathetic attempt to shift responsibility from his own shoulders!

I wish that they would print the Lottery numbers - they seem to be good at predicting the future.

This blundering, vindictive poltroon has now given Mr Cameron the opportunity to kick the chair away and see Brown twitch. Not for him the gentleman's way out with a revolver in the study; nor that of a nobleman and the axe. He's on the gallows and the prayers have been said.

If this sounds harsh, you might like to reflect upon what his own party wishes upon him. The knife sharpeners will be busy tonight!


G-CPTN 28th Apr 2010 18:37

I have decided where to place my vote.
I suppose the fact that I was uncertain whether to vote with the local majority or support the only viable alternative was, in itself, decisive.

The other aspects were a parachuted-in candidate (our MP decided to retire whilst he was ahead in the expenses game) or a local family man currently involved in academia having previously worked in the NHS. School governor.

No contest really when you examine the relative attributes.

I won't be alarmed if my vote isn't decisive - there's a limit as to how much water you can push uphill with a fork.

That's the local situation - the national situation is still too confusing to decide on who to support (IMO).

Again I don't expect that my single vote will be decisive in that respect either.

GB certainly seems to have made a bollox of things today . . .

glad rag 28th Apr 2010 18:49

The moment.

Andy_S 28th Apr 2010 20:59

Originally Posted by Effluent Man (Post 5663367)
A SKY microphone was it? I wonder how that happened Mr.Murdoch.

Even Gordon Brown's personal sycophant Kevin Maguire of the Daily Mirror has acknowledged that there's no conspiracy theory. I don't think Murdoch forced Brown to put the mike on.

sitigeltfel 28th Apr 2010 21:09

“For those of us that have known Gordon Brown for many years, what we have just seen is no huge surprise I have to say.”
This is a quote today from Nick Robinson, political correspondent at the BBC.

Well Nick, why didn't you share this little secret with the BBC licence payers? You know, the ones who were paying you to be impartial, objective and informative ?

It was long suspected that you were just another BBC/Labour lickspittle. Two theories confirmed in one day, I will need to go and have a lie down. :rolleyes:

rusty sparrow 28th Apr 2010 21:36

That moment
Almost as good as watching Thatcher leave Downing Street in tears

Skittles 28th Apr 2010 21:39

I'm not really sure why this is even the slightest bit newsworthy.

It's a shame the mindless masses buy into this 'ooh now he's showing his true colours' rubbish - if any of you on here can tell me that you havn't turned to a mate in the pub after someone causes some trouble etc and called them a name then you're a liar. No exceptions.

If people base their voting habits on this then they should have their power of vote removed.

I don't care if he hurls abuse at every person he ever meets, believes that fairies live at the bottom of the garden, and wears a tutu to G20 summits, as long as they do what needs to be done for the country I don't care.

Do you think that after that young lad stuck two fingers up at David Cameron he sat at home saying to his wife 'lovely chap' or do you think he turned the air blue and called him a chavvy little $&*@.

sea oxen 28th Apr 2010 21:47


He's not called 'Toenails' for nothing!

Having said that, it appears that the Tories have adopted this 'fight' meme, first put about by Our Great Leader.

This is a load of spherical objects. Until they convince the dimwitted wives of Tory voters who'll go for a pretty face (and let's face it, Blair was more pulchritudinous than JM, IDS and MH) over how many furrows their husbands will gather over the next few years, and to go in hard and say that enough is enough, that's it. If you think that I am being sexist, ask yourself why so many women are being parachuted into foreign electorates to - er - sex things up.

We need electoral reform. It is apparent that the people piping up her saying 'hey, I don't count' have a reasonable grievance. They are right. Voting should be a privilege, not an automatic right. Far too many people have a say in the governance in this country when their only interest is taking money from other people.

It is essential that we deny the vote to people who are net beneficiaries of the State, because they are not stakeholders. By virtue of the fact that they have not contributed, to what extent may we call upon their wise judgement to govern a complex state of affairs? The Labour government was more than happy to dismiss 650 years of tradition with the HoL, under whose counsel we seem to have done rather well, to summarily stack it with its little friends, carefully crafted to corrupt the Upper House and pollute our political system.

And all this - because 'he has a nice smile'. Hrmmph.


edited to say:

rusty sparrow
Quite the gentleman, aren't you?

sitigeltfel 28th Apr 2010 21:49

Originally Posted by rusty sparrow (Post 5663768)
Almost as good as watching Thatcher leave Downing Street in tears

Or this...

YouTube - Neil Kinnock gets his bum wet

The Civil Civillian 28th Apr 2010 22:34

Browns gaffe couldn't be worse.

He's shown himself as two-faced, nice one minute, slagging her off behind her back next.

He rounded on an old lady who was speaking common sense about an issue that concerns us all... only for him to slag her off for disagreeing. [she actually said, paraphrased: "You can't even bring immigration up without the risk of being called racist for it"... and Brown proved her right!]

She was a a labour supporter and ended their meeting on a positive note!!!

The public appology, where he altered the days schedule for this, shows him weak and playing to the gallery.

The actual 'to camera' bit after the public appology, where he was all false smiles, showed him as the false twXt he is.

It was just an epic fail in so many areas and on so many levels. We all now know what he thinks about us all.

Watching the Vine interview, I've never before seen a man crumble beffore my eyes. LOL

rusty sparrow 28th Apr 2010 22:43

I'm a gentleman where ladies are concerned - but Thatcher was no lady.

tony draper 28th Apr 2010 22:45

Dunno what she was moaning about, there were only 30,000 Eastern Europeans ever gonna come here.

Andy_S 28th Apr 2010 22:47

Originally Posted by Skittles (Post 5663778)
I'm not really sure why this is even the slightest bit newsworthy.

In the same way that the allegations of bullying were newsworthy. Because the charachter of the person who leads the country and their behaviour towards others counts for something.

He referred to an ordinary voter, a lady who in many ways should form part of Labour's core constituency, but who had concerns about immigration, as a bigot. That speaks volumes - about his irritability when he is challenged, his dismissive attitude towards the justifiable concerns of the voters, his lack of tolerance to differing views, and his duplicitous on camera / off camera behaviour.

The electorate deserve to hear about these gaffes because they may offer us an insight into the person concerned that would be hidden in a stage managed tightly scripted public appearance.

Low Flier 28th Apr 2010 23:02


parabellum 28th Apr 2010 23:09

I'd like to see more Labour politicians adopting the John Prescott method of dealing with people who don't agree with them - should reduce Labour's popularity by another 5 to 10%!

Sprogget 28th Apr 2010 23:13

They may offer an insight into the man, but the hypocrisy is that it's an every day occurence for pretty much all of us.

bnt 29th Apr 2010 00:12

Originally Posted by tony draper (Post 5663918)
Dunno what she was moaning about, there were only 30,000 Eastern Europeans ever gonna come here.

"Where do they come from?" Were I in Gordon's shoes, I would have told her, in no uncertain terms, where Eastern Europeans come from. :ugh:

There's a word for Gordon's "crime": he was impolitic. That is, he was not acting as a Politician should, once he got in to the car. Perhaps he needs a rest from the Politicking, and should join his former boss on the rubber chicken circuit, eh?

G-CPTN 29th Apr 2010 01:26

One is reminded of the various (contrived) videos depicting Adolf sounding off about bad news.

I'm sorry that the one purporting to be GB contains too strong language for here . . .

sisemen 29th Apr 2010 02:50

You probably won't be able to find it any more G. The makers of the film got a bit uppity about copyright and YouTube have been gradually taking them off the web.

sea oxen 29th Apr 2010 07:28


You will be delighted to learn that this is no longer the case, and you can savour this and this.


Lon More 29th Apr 2010 08:43

Everybody was promised fast access to the internet. When this is provided we don't need politicians of any creed, the lords or the royals any more. They can all be packed off to Rockall or simply put up against the wall.
Everybody gets to vote on everything and the majority vote has it - simples.

No more lies from politicians, everyone is provided with all the info before they make their choice so no grounds for complaint afterwards. The decision is yours.

For "Ceremonial" occasions the Queen Mum could be dug up (the gin should have kept her well preserved) and fitted with an 8 channel radio control kit (nobody would notice the difference)

A simpler form of proportional representation than the Lib Dems want and what Cameron is so afraid of. (In 12 months time all those here baying for GB's hide will probably be after his, unless of course, he's gone the way of Major and the other forgettable tory leaders.)

TURIN 29th Apr 2010 10:39

I'd like to see more Labour politicians adopting the John Prescott method of dealing with people who don't agree with them - should reduce Labour's popularity by another 5 to 10%!
Except it didn't. Labour's and in particular John Prescott's popularity went up after that incident. (According to a chap from MORI on the news last night). :ouch:

Lon More 29th Apr 2010 12:48

John Prescott's popularity went up after that incident.
Showed he was human, unlike some of the living dead on the other side of the House

sea oxen 29th Apr 2010 13:22

Showed he was human
A common chav, I think you mean.


Andy_S 29th Apr 2010 13:25

Originally Posted by Lon More (Post 5664854)
Showed he was human, unlike some of the living dead on the other side of the House

The thing was that he (and also his wife, if I recall) had an egg thrown at him. That's not quite the same as having someone disagree with you. Basically, he was assaulted and defended himself, and I think the wider public had a degree of sympathy with that.

Cheerio 29th Apr 2010 13:33

I must admit, if I had an egg chucked at me and I saw that wurzel pikey leering at me, my first instinct would have been the same as Prescotts. I found his response far more honest than Browns reaction yesterday. It said all you need to know about the contemporary Labour attitude to government. As if we didn't know it. Hopefully it will remove the scales from more gullible eyes. They need booting out, no question. With any luck this is the boot to do it.

I bet Brown is secretly sighing with relief. It could easily have been so much worse..... I wonder what else was said that was not broadcast?

Blacksheep 29th Apr 2010 13:34

Knocking on doors and hearing voters' concerns night after night, my experience is that the question asked more often than any other is "What do your party intend to do about immigration?"
Perhaps a major proportion of our country are bigots, but bigots do have votes.

TwinAisle 29th Apr 2010 13:48

In Prescott's memoirs, he recounts the incident in some depth. He thought he had been stabbed - he felt a sharp pain and a blow, and when he put his hand up to his neck, what was warm egg white he thought could be blood.

As a former boxer, what would anyone have expected him to do? He went up in my estimation, I have to say.


sea oxen 29th Apr 2010 13:49


I must admit, if I had an egg chucked at me and I saw that wurzel pikey leering at me, my first instinct would have been the same as Prescotts. (sic)
I, too. But I am not Deputy Prime Minister, and this was not some pub car park.

There is no precedent, of course; this position was created for this fumbling, bumbling piece of lard from some hellhole no one in his right might mind might visit, let alone settle.


Cheerio 29th Apr 2010 13:50

From the BBC 1321: Gordon Brown does not seem to have learned enough from the unplanned broadcast of his comments about Gillian Duffy, the BBC's Carole Walker says. He failed to take his radio microphone off again after a brief walkabout in Manchester at the end of a day dominated by his unguarded comments. This time the camera crew stopped him to remove it before he said much more.

galaxy flyer 29th Apr 2010 13:53

Just sayin', but it looks like the UK won't have GB to kick around any longer.


Blacksheep 29th Apr 2010 13:57

Oh, I wouldn't say that. If Nicholas Clegg gets his way, Gormless Gordon won't have to send for the removal van for a few months more. :rolleyes:

Cheerio 29th Apr 2010 13:59

Originally Posted by sea oxen (Post 5664974)

Sorry! I'm not too good with the apostrophe, but I can drill you a lovely bunch of oil wells ........ ;)

ORAC 29th Apr 2010 14:03

Torygraph: Another scandalous Labour insult, and the reason the BNP do well

I’ve just come across something which reveals even more than Brown’s “bigot” remark the contempt in which the Labour elite hold the people of this country.

The Harrow Times relates the story of a debate last week between the four candidates for the seat of Harrow East: Tony McNulty for Labour, a Tory, a Lib Dem and a UKIP candidate.

Now as it happens, I know the UKIP candidate a little. His name is Abhijit Pandya. He is a fellow in law at the LSE. As well as being academically distinguished, he is hugely intelligent and likeable. He is also admirably unafraid of tackling difficult issues. That is, he is exactly the sort of person who would make the House of Commons a better place.

According to the local paper, during the Harrow debate Abhijit said that in this country British culture should be put first. He also said that the policy of multiculturalism “is a bad thing” because of the segregation it causes.

For this McNulty declared that Abhijit had “forgotten his roots”. McNulty then accused Abhijit of being “the BNP in a suit”.

I didn’t think Brown’s “bigot” remark could be bettered for showing the Labour high command’s contempt for the people of this country as well as their desperate attempt to stop anyone even pointing out the societal ruination they are leading us to.

Polling shows that it is disgruntled Tories who tend to go UKIP. But it is disgruntled Labour voters who go towards the British National Party. Put Brown and McNulty’s recent performances together and you can see why that is.

sea oxen 29th Apr 2010 14:31


I owe you an apology. I am terribly sorry. Let he who casts the first stone, and all that. I did not wish to upbraid you. I'm unwell, and in a bad mood :)

May I come around to your house in my taxpayer-funded Jaguar (what's that on the carbon tax?) and grovel (I hesitate to use the expression 'brown-nose';) to you?

I promise, that the Labour government's will not cut back on apostrophe's. Don't listen to those Tory's. We'll have your bairn's eating tomotoes's and banana's for the hard-working people's of this nation.

A vote for the Liberal Democrat's is a vote agin the apostrophe's that made this country great. British apostrophe's for British worker's! Otherwise, your all biggot's.

(I feel a little ill)

tony draper 29th Apr 2010 15:06

Hmmm,someone has just mentioned what I have been thnking for a while, mebee none of them want to win, concidering the problems the country faces twill be the ultimate poisoned chalice for whichever party wins,mebee the other two just set up the Cleg person.:E

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