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APC programme- Help!

Old 5th Feb 2018, 15:25
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APC programme- Help!

Hey folks,
I am new to this forum so please be patient with me(:
O.K so here's the deal. I am 21 years old with an European passport. I have an American PPL 60 hours of flying. 31 as PIC and 25 PIC-CC.
I looking for a career in Europe. currently my situation is as follow:
1. I have been accepted to APC programme for Ryanair in Prague (training in Fair) for about 35,000 Euros. that's the offer.
2. I contacted BAA for Wizzair cadet program. the cost of the integrated course there is 56,000 considering I am passing the Review.
3. I have decided to not go to the Wizzair cadet program because of the price difference and because I thought that the APC programme is good.
4. after going to the review and compass test in Prague for the APC program I got a little confused. I had the feeling that the program is directly with Ryanair. now I see that the program is from Aerojob and they get you ready for the final assessments at Ryanair after the end of the training. and I am very worried now that this program is a scam or something. I can't find a lot of information about it and I want the confirmation that this is indeed a legit program that can get you to Ryanair. Aerojob claim for 100% success for those who finish their training and applying to Ryanair through them.

my questions for you guys are:

1. do you know this APC programme through Aerojob? is it legit?
2. do you think I should go and try the cadet program at BAA even though it's 20,000 euros more?

I am ruling out Jerez, Oxford and such for the simple fact that I don't speak French, German, Spanish and such so going to Jerez or Oxford is simply too expensive to justify going there and ending up in the same place that I can through much cheaper places in Europe (considering I already paid close to 10,000 on my PPL in USA, Jerez or Oxford will not consider my PPL...)

I appreciate your help guys!
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Old 5th Feb 2018, 16:30
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I was under the impression that the Ryanair APC scheme was now open to anybody - regardless of flying school (have a look at this video where that was announced -

The problem is getting into it. I personally know 1 guy who did but he was Polish and at the time i believe they had a particular demand for Polish pilots. The video mentions they will take something like 80 pilots a year this way - compared to the total intake thats a small number so the chances are pretty slim.
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Old 5th Feb 2018, 17:04
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Hey! thanks for the info. so basically, as for aerojob, is it useless? I am a Lithuanian citizen BTW...
sounds to me that I might stay away from this program...
I'd appreciate more opinion guys(:
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Old 5th Feb 2018, 18:50
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Go for BAA. Yes it is 20K more maybe, but the school is reliable and a great opportunity to get a good start after training within a very succesfull airline on the A320.

Quality of training is good. I can tell from own experience.

35K seems to cheap. Especially when they claim to offer some good prep for Ryan Air Assessment but not officially tagged to Ryan Air.

So try BAA.
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Old 7th Feb 2018, 09:21
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Yes I certainly leaning towards that... I appreciate you help!
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Old 22nd Mar 2018, 12:35
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what Aerojob does for you is to prepare you for interview at Ryanair. APC is Ryanair thing.
I think that 35k is value for whole easa cpl with mep/ir rating and preparation for interview. (maximum allowable hours in sim) If I am right then this is very good price as I paid ~45k eur for my easa mep/ir license. Mind that I am local citizen living in Czech and I chose schools that gave me good prices. But I only flown real ac, not sims(except 3hours)..
I recently passed interview for APC with Ryanair and I used Aerojob to prepare me for interview. I was trained by Cpt flying in RYR so it was perfect. It is definately not a scam
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Old 22nd Mar 2018, 14:51
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Thumbs down

I think that Aerojob/F-Air were misleading people by making them believe that they were running the Ryanair Apc Programme...false advertising to say the least as they actually have no affiliation to Ryanair whatsoever ....
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Old 22nd Mar 2018, 18:50
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The Ryanair APC is no longer available.
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