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NTR and Not Current

Old 6th Mar 2016, 01:20
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Post NTR and Not Current

So I wanted to just throw this out there and I hope that it wonít turn into a poo flinging extravaganza like threads like this usually do.

NTR and Not Current. I have a ton of time over 6K TT and 2K Turbine PIC. I have an FAA ATPL. However I have been in the training environment for the last 5 years. My training bond is coming up and I started applying to all of the contractors. Trouble is that I am not current. SIM time is irrelevant to most of them. I would love to get a job the day my training bond ends (A few months). I have CRJ time and also a couple of type ratings on corporate jets (DA-7X). I am a type rating checkairman on both.

I would totally take a CRJ job to get current again and build a relationship with a company if someone would even look at me.

I have passed the Chinese Medical and CAAC ATP although I never got the job and never earned the license. That was BAA 2 years ago.

Whatís available to me in Asia or Elsewhere?

I would prefer tostay out of the Middle East and if I did go it would need to be a quick upgradeand a good company. By quick I mean a year or so

Thanks in advance for your professionalism.
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Old 14th Mar 2016, 11:15
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what is the break down of that time.

TP -
S/E -

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Old 14th Mar 2016, 11:37
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I do not intend to throw dirt or whatsoever.

But I am afraid you have been a bit to lazy about your license and being current. I know, that can happen easily, but as a pilot you should always look out to have an "easy" typerating (in terms of cheap sim check possibility) in your license.
I met enough guys in the ME that did the exact same with their ICAO/JAA License. Thought they never need it because the fly the shiny jet on the local arab (usually ICAO) license. And then, after they realized what they went into and looked for options to come back it was too late.

Without any typerating in your license it is very hard to find any job(e.g.ZFTT). You are just not very interesting for any potential employer as long as there are rated guys around, after that come the NTR guys having tons of hours and currency on their current narrow body(or maybe even wide body).

THEN come the guys in your situation. The good news is that at the moment it seems everyone is searching for pilots. So best, give it a shot, send out lots of applications, maybe someone is already so much in trouble that he wil go for you(sound bad, but no offence intended).

Try Biz Jet operators that are clearly expanding, there is a big one in this segment, getting tons of Globals over the next few years. Don'T want to say their name, but it is easy to figure out.

Airline might be hard with your current "setup".

Quick upgrade? I honestly would say - forget it.Especially the one year timeframe with your XP AND not having a rating is a bad combination. Any more or less serious operator would not risk to put you that early back into command and secondly they have to take care not to piss off their current FO's waiting for an upgrade - maybe since years.

Good luck!
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Old 14th Mar 2016, 12:29
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And if he is just getting a me/ir instead of an expensive recurrent? Is that not good enough?
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Old 19th Mar 2016, 02:32
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CRJ = 5000+ and 2K PIC
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Old 19th Mar 2016, 09:28
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Yeah, missed an "o" when I did my nick .

Check PM.
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