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To return to aviation or not....?

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To return to aviation or not....?

Old 10th Jul 2015, 17:47
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To return to aviation or not....?

I'm looking for a little advice really, I completed a JAA fATPL 6 years ago and added my FI rating shortly after. I then became an instructor and racked up approx. 600 hours in my first 8 months. I then took a role in the US as a CPL FI but unfortunately due to the recession the job never materialised and I ended up out of work. At that time I took a 12 month contract in Medical Sales to pay off some of the flying debts and have since ended up staying in this industry for the last 5 years progressing through the ranks now to a National Sales Manager position which comes with a comfortable salary and good bonus potential.

My passion is still aviation and I still watch the big boys on approach to MAN longing to be up there but I fear that going back to aviation would result in a significant pay cut for me initially which is difficult to accept... I'm looking for advice on whether to follow the head and keep the earning going where I am or follow the heart and throw myself back into flying... thoughts?
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Old 10th Jul 2015, 23:29
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To return to aviation or not....?

Fly as a hobby if you can. Unless you are really well connected when it comes to job-seeking.
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Old 11th Jul 2015, 05:57
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First step would be to renew your FI ticket and start to instruct on days-off, part time...then move to instruct on MEP...maybe IRI...(or add some more ratings as TMG, aerobatic...)
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Old 11th Jul 2015, 13:39
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Dont give up what you have!!!

All depends what price you want to pay. In the end you will get there....but at the expense of your social life, your marriage, health etc. Plus you might have to relocate and end up in a place you really dislike. Sounds too familiar for me.

If i were you i would continue instructing and keep on flying as a hobby. This is the only way to keep your interest with flying. I know a lot of prof. pilots who dont want to hear the word "aviation" anymore after their duties. And somehow it is a pitty since flying is an interesting fascinating thing. Now you have a nice job with a nice pay plus bonus and some future prospects. You have probably a regular life. You see your girlfriend, friends, having some hobbies, going to parties etc. If you are a professional pilot, forget all about that. I said so many times: a professional flying job is a very solitary way of living. People seem to ignore that until it is too late.

Good luck.
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Old 11th Jul 2015, 22:42
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Looking at your name, it suggests to me that you will be 30 soon and I believe that you still want to have another chance to make your dream to become a reality. I think you have already answer your own question here, you still want to be a pilot but too afraid that you will lose everything! Well, we can always never have both. You have to decide it yourself. Stay on your current job but live life with regretion. OR go out there and chase your dream like your life depends on it! and, by the time you get old and on your death bed (sorry, but hard cold truth) you can tell yourself proudly this is what i have done. i Tried my best and i done everything i can. No Regrets.
From the looks of your situation, this is what i think will do for you.
1. Stay on your well paid job for now.
2. Renew your FI ticket (somebody already mentioned it)
3. Seek for weekend flying job (instruction)
4. When ready!!!, renew your IR (careful about the laspe rate though)
5. Start to apply slight bigger jobs( i.e. twin jobs, surveys, regionals)
6. Aim for your dream job (Big Jets)
You have to look at yourself what kind tools and knowledgae you got now. What kind of your jobs you can get it(prob. wont be big jets for now)
Dream big but start smallll
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