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Eastern Europe training

Old 3rd Mar 2015, 16:21
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Question Eastern Europe training

Hello everyone,

Im seeking for some help. I am considering the eastern europe schools for training ( ATPL, IR, ME, ...) but I was wondering if afterwards the training (which is greatly cheaper) would be as appreciated as an other ... ( Belgian, french or UK)

Would the training in eastern Europe be less valuated than another as I apply in a company ?

Thank you
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Old 3rd Mar 2015, 17:53
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I'm not an expert on Eastern European training, the only one I think is relatively famous is Baltic AA, but they use Pay2Fly (judge for yourself). I think western Europe is where you want to be training if I'm honest, Eastern Europe may be cheaper but there's no substitute for the quality I think you get in the West.

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Old 3rd Mar 2015, 20:03
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Momo gave to you the right comment!
Take this as an investment and choose the best option, please!
Standard are not so good overthere!!!
And don't understimate the weather during winter!!
Choose something in the West side, with good standard and good english!
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Old 3rd Mar 2015, 21:00
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Thank you both for your answers !

Thats what I thought at first but then i looked it up and realize they have uk and french instructors and look reliable ...

im just hesitating because of the reputation it can have at the recruitment time ...

I wish I could ask a recruiter directly but it seems almost impossible ...
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Old 4th Mar 2015, 03:46
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Czech Republic
Qualification for instrument flying | FLY FOR FUN
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Old 4th Mar 2015, 08:23
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Just my 2 cents: what really matters it is not the reputation of the flight school itself but the training you receive from your instructors. Instructors do matter. So best idea is to try get in touch with some students in the schools you are considering and listen to their opinions. I tell you this from my personal experience. Later on when I had my first interviews and finally a job nobody ever considered where I was coming from, just my skills and knowledge. This is to say, like in my case, that a flight school with a so called "bad reputation" can definitely have very good instructors and you can save quite a lot of money. As I said though, just my 2 cents. Good luck!

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Old 4th Mar 2015, 10:43
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...don't go to CEE... we don't have electricity and we fly dragons

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Old 5th Mar 2015, 11:07
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Old 5th Mar 2015, 11:26
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I didn't mean to be rude sorry if it looked like. by uk and french instructors i meant intructors from the same countries as the companies i wish to apply for after my training ...

But i do like the idea of Dragons

after a lot of research I can tell you that the schools are well recognized as well as the instructors where ever they are from.

what about CEE ??
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Old 5th Mar 2015, 15:23
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what really matters it is not the reputation of the flight school itself but the training you receive from your instructors. Instructors do matter.
that's the point!
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Old 5th Mar 2015, 20:07
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what about CEE ??
CEE - Central and Eastern Europe

On this part of the world situation is pretty much the same like on most of the other parts of it: there are schools where you get quality training and others where the quality is not so great.
I agree with the previous comments that the instructor does matter, my 2 cents however is that a quality school will always try to employ good instructors.
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Old 6th Mar 2015, 09:22
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I didin't mean to be rude as well...maybe a bit sharp-tongued

Anyway, my message was just not to discard a FTO, just because it is from CEE.
Like everywhere there are good and bad schools...true! Your job is just to be smart and ask colleagues (internet, etc) about the opinion. Nice website with a picture of 747 cockpit as a wallpaper doesn't make a good FTO

What is an added value in CEE is still much less costs for achieving exactly the same results, papers and training. That pisses me off a bit cause I don't get it why my salary should be less than a colleague from Germany or France. We do the same job, fly the same aircraft and have exactly the same qualification. But this is a separate subject, not to follow here.

I, personally have a lot of forreign students (even from Mexico ) and everybody is very happy. They get the same licences with half of the price and do the training in countries where food is great and girls are awesome

So, it is your choice, your money. All I am saying if you don't know something don't say it is bad...try, you might like it

Take care!
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Old 16th Mar 2015, 15:58
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Polish Instructor,

I wish you and your country same price levels and cost of living, fuel, insurance and other fixed and variable cost, so that you can appreciate what it means to be paid different wage or salary in different country.

Do you think all the Irish and Brits etc, would go to Poland if it they couldn't save on cheapo rates, aircraft or instructor or both? Would so many instructors in your country still have all the instructor jobs? You mentioned sizeable amount of biz/students from outside your country. So likely less FI jobs at your employer's school, without them and your relatively cheap country.

With EU and all the free movement of labour, I suggest you move to Germany or elsewhere and take up a job there if you prefer their salaries and wages, just don't come here complaining it's not enough or worse than Sweden etc.

I do agree that due to the high relative expense and 'price competition', most countries' flight schools don't pay the PPL (and more) instructors enough. Unless the 'free' market (supply/demand) changes significantly, don't expect business to be too compassionate.
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Old 19th Mar 2015, 10:19
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Thumbs up bartolini-air

Try to contact Mr Adam Stawczyk
They fly from EPLL international airport, and they have nice and quite new (2 brand new SEP Tecnam P2002JF ) fleet of aircrafts.
SEP- Cessna152 and Tecnam P2002JF
MEP- Piper Seneca and Tecnam p2006t .

Great bunch of instructors.
Highly recommended
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Old 20th Mar 2015, 17:01
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I went to Iceland - Keilir Aviation Academy.

They were relatively cheap and the instruction was good. Many of the instructors has airline experience and you get a EASA license.
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