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Ryanair threads (merged)

Old 26th Nov 2009, 20:59
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Lax and Stefair, thanks.

IRJohnston, I like the laissez faire approach you have to the whole process. You keep on thinking about it. Have a wet dream if you like. Then consider the money, the selection and your future.

Let me put it in Laymans terms for you, if they needed you, they'd pay for you. They aren't paying for you so guess what? They are taking the out of you.
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Old 27th Nov 2009, 12:18
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db, Are the numbers stated before or after taxes? And is this just the summer months or on average per month over a year? In other words, if it's after taxes and on average it is a great salary indeed. If it is before and average it would probably leave him with nearly 3k a month, which is great too. But if it's true that Brookfield people fly very very little over the winter months and the numbers stated are before taxes it is not that great at all and paying off your debts becomes rather impractical. Could some people please enlighten us RYR wannabes since this would be critical to know. Thank you.

I recall Beak saying on a couple occasions that he would be more than willing to fly for RYR but cannot apply as he is already type rated on the 737.
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Old 27th Nov 2009, 12:47
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dickie byrne, thanks for the positive reply... I'll be thankful to get working for any of the carriers with current financial crisis. are you currently working?
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Old 28th Nov 2009, 19:13
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Yes you are working as a pilot or yes you are working? It doesn't really matter, either way, you are entitled to your opinion.

This made me happy - Ryanair named the worst family brand:

Ryanair named worst 'family brand' - Telegraph
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Old 28th Nov 2009, 19:25
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The worst family brand! WTF?

who gives a toss about that,, we are not in marrage counciling!
we do not promote family values? errmm ok,,, I dont see it in the glare shied check list?


I fail to see the relevence of that list to any airline.

you really are clutching at straws there pal.
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Old 28th Nov 2009, 21:00
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why is the beak so aggressive? what did ryanair do to him? I think ryanair gets unfair publicity. i suppose beak works for an airline that gives the cheapest prices, the cabins are a spacious & luxurious, they treat their pilots like royalty, and the passengers burst into floods of tears because they are so happy with the service...

Ryanairpilot?, did you do your type rating with ryanair on one of their recommended courses? How do you find them as an employer?
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Old 28th Nov 2009, 21:07
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Devil Ryanair

Cannot belive there is so much abuse towards guys wanting to spend money on a type rating and join Ryanair.
IF you are successful in getting through the selection process and you get an offer, it is a real job, and not a summer job like elsewhere.
Once past the Line Check stage, the money is reasonable as most fly loads of hours. I have asked loads of F/Os what their pay is and it is more than enough to live on, pay rent, eat, lease a car etc.
Let me know where else you can be a captain at 24 and taking home 5000+ a month and i will eat my sandwich.
Incidently, having recently been down at EMT, they are hiring 400 cadets next year and that doesn't include those needed if our boss buys more from Boeing than already on order.
The sim and line training is second to none and I've trained at other airlines and say that with confidence. I fly with the products of our system and they do a great job. You also have a choice of 38 bases to choose from, new one announced only 4 days ago.
If you are prepared to take on the risk of getting an ATPL i don't see that the type rating decision is so hard to make. No one will offer you one for free, no matter how much you moan about it being unfair.
Good luck to those who decide it is for them, hope to fly with you on the line.
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Old 30th Nov 2009, 09:44
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Does anyone have any experience of Ryanair recruitment and/or being sent to random bases? I've an interview for cabin crew in London but am a little concerned with their extremely random bases where they could place me!

Please message me.

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Old 30th Nov 2009, 23:16
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You lot really don't get it do you?

When your time comes - you have experience on the 737 and more - you are looking for work through no choice of your own, and you come across a thread like this. You really don't see how your scramble into the RHS of a shiny 737 affects the industry you work in.

You probably think it's great that you are being offered the opportunity for a leg up having just finished flight training - but just think how galling it is to experienced 737 F/Os out there that they don't get a look in because RYR aren't going to be able to make a profit out of training them. You are subsidising your company guys. You reap what you sow.

You will get it one day, but by then there'll be another batch of new guys out there for the unscrupulous to feed on.

Mucky Devil
It would be nice for experienced guys to get a look in too as DE F/Os. With loads of new planes and trainees some experience would probably be mutually beneficial.

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Old 26th Jan 2010, 18:55
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Does anybody have information regarding selection at Stansted?

Is their a need to focus on certain ATPL questions?

Hints about the simcheck?

Advice (or links to advice) are welcome

Thanks in advance
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