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easyJet (merged)

Old 20th Sep 2004, 17:45
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Dutch are welcome again!

EasyJet has changed the application form.

Cheers Joe
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Old 9th Nov 2004, 09:55
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Thumbs up Easyjet interview

Hello fellow aviators.

Yesterday I received a call from Easyjet asking me to attend the pilot workshop in a couple of weeks for a interview and assessment.

I'm currently a Captain on a turbo prop with 3500 total time.

I know this question has been asked many time before but I have spent the last 2 hours going through the search engine and cannot find much information on the Easyjet interview process, some people kindly answered the people asking the question by sending them a PM. I would be most thankfull if you could take 5 minutes out of your time to advise me on what to expect and what Easyjet ask at these assessment days either on the forum or a PM.

Many thanks in advance.

For people wondering when I applied to Easyjet and how long I have had to wait for a reply, it's been around 5 months.

Cheers Stone Cold.
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Old 10th Nov 2004, 13:35
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There is a standard psychometric test (435 questions) followed by a tech questionnaire - all the questions are lifted straight out of the Cathay Pacific book.

Then you do a group exercise (you have to build stuff using a box of large coloured tubes).

Then you have either the interview or a logic test - the interview is pretty standard stuff from an HR bod followed by a tech/flying section with a training capt. (all very standard jet/swept wing etc type questions.)

The logic test is where you have several sets of cards with different bits of info on it, then you have to use the info given to fill in the blank spaces on the cards. It's pretty straightforward if you organise the card sets properly.

Then you find out if you are going to the sim the next day!

Good luck pal - just keep smiling no matter what!
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Old 10th Nov 2004, 14:19
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Thanks for the reply mate, very imformative.

Many thanks
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Old 18th Mar 2005, 14:57
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Easyjet Direct Entry

Hello guys,
Is easy website the only way to send applications for their direct entry scheme? Or is there any useful phone numer or email?

Thanx very much for help
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Old 19th Mar 2005, 10:07
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Website only.

Good luck.
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Old 4th Jun 2005, 10:51
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Easyjet Interview

Hi there can anyway point me in the right direction of obtaining some notes or links on the easyjet interview.



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Old 8th Jun 2005, 01:51
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get hold of the 'preparing for the Cathay interview' book. Learn the tech exam. Study what you can of 'Handling the big jets' specifically swept wings, dutch roll, yaw dampers, etc

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Old 8th Jun 2005, 12:52
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There were two easy's in the circuit at PIK yesterday, 1x737 and 1xA319.

Looked up in envy at them going round and round!
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Old 14th Jun 2005, 15:30
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Thanks rm. can you tell me a little about the cpacity test and group excercise? much appreciated......chuck
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Old 15th Jun 2005, 22:18
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Check your PMs
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Old 18th Jul 2005, 16:35
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Lightbulb easyJet (merged)


The Easyjet Sponsorship scheme 'seems' to be a fair sponsorship
for those searching for a way to become a pilot officer starting from scratch.
Are there any forum members out there that are in the process of ,or have completed this scheme and if so,would you be willing to tap out your opinion of it?

Best Regards

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Old 9th Sep 2005, 20:57
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EasyJet Assesment

Dear guys,
I'm new on this forum and was just wondering. I have applied to Easyjet a while ago via the net. And after a few days I got a automated message stating that I was succesfully selected to another stage, and that they will contact me for the assesment days.

Also I've been informed that it's like a holding pool and whenever they started recruiting they will call. Of course I know I'm in that pool together with 900 other people or even more, but I was wondering if easyjet is recruiting at the moment?

And if someone knew how long it usually takes for them to contact u back for the dates. Also does anybody know if there is a book or something to help u with the recruitments by Easyjet? Or if one of u guys have tips on this matter.

I'd really appreciate them, thank you guys.
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Old 17th Sep 2005, 09:04
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ryanair VS easyjet

Dear PPruners,

I am new to this site, and I would like to hear from you all your views on which of the 2 companies to join if you had the choice and why?
could you also shed some light on the 1st day of in the interview process in easyjet? Perf A questions? technical questions?
I have read the threads for Ryanair and it seems pretty straight forward.
Comparing the 2 companies, where do you think that command would be achieved first, or more easily?
Thank you all
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Old 26th Sep 2005, 16:15
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Easyjet interview

Hi everyone,

I am having an interview with Easyjet coming soon and i would like to know if someone had attended one recently.
By that i mean if there was anything new in what they were asking in relation to everything that has been written in PPRuNe about the subject.
thank you
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Old 1st Oct 2005, 15:13
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looking for easyjet interview experiences.....

Hello all,

I've been searching for easyjet interview experiences and am not having the best of luck....if anyone has any suggestions on where to look, could you please, kindly, point me in the right direction....(help!)

Most of what I have found has been from PPRuNe, (thanks!)
I've just ordered a few books, also suggested here, but if anyone has any new info whatsoever, it would be SOO appriciated...

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Old 4th Oct 2005, 12:16
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Would'nt it be great to have a choice!

I know a couple of easyjet pilots and they sound a pretty ok company to work for. where as i've heard not nice about ryanair as far as working for them is concerned.

Probably get command quicker with ryanair, four years in some cases.
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Old 4th Oct 2005, 18:42
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Speaking as the casual observer: EasyJet. I don't like the way that Mick the Gyp runs his outfit. Come his retirement, I'd also suggest that the shareholders will lose faith, thus making already tenous employment unbearable.
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Old 4th Oct 2005, 20:00
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The place to look to get this kind of information is in Terms and Endearments, where experienced pilots discuss their jobs. You're unlikely to find anyone within Wannabes who has the information you need - with the possible exception of WWW, who's away on his honeymoon.

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Old 6th Oct 2005, 20:28
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Hello Rolf, oh sorry SERP..

It's interesting to see a swiss(air) pilot looking for a job to easyJet. Do you know that a lot of Ex-crossair Pilot are working in this nice company? Are you so sure you will be able to manage a good CRM with an Ex-crossair on the left side? Or do you really believe you will have a direct astronaut left seat? I'm sure you do, if I'm looking your four-letter code.. Ha, ha.. so naive, the next time you should take a nickname..
Regarding the CRM you may already start a contact with those remaining CCC guys in the ZRH-OPS...

Concerning the test I have all paper and information but I suggest you to ask you nice union Aeropers..

See you in ZRH ... or in Easyland... I will enjoy to work with you..

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