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The CTC Wings Scheme thread

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The CTC Wings Scheme thread

Old 12th Oct 2005, 07:09
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LOL both Canadian, both from Toronto, both registered in the same month, both checking out ctc forum. what a coincidence!!!

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Old 17th Oct 2005, 12:03
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Theres a bit of info in the previous pages about the stages, plod through it and you will probably find some useful stuff, there is also some information on the 'CTC or Oxford' thread, but to be honest its kinda turning into a warzone over there, chances of salvaging anything out of that thread?? slim to none...enjoy

good luck with applying

(ps, for anyone interested, there are 2 german guys on the course, one in the UK and one in NZ. Both thoroughly nice guys)
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Old 18th Oct 2005, 00:22
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I am totally new with this forum. I am an aviation enthusiast (needless to say since I'm on here) age 26 going for 27. I read about the CTC sponsorised scheme with easyJet the week before my 26th birthday, and back then it was open to under 26s. Now it seems to be open to under 30s.

Looks like lots of people on here have already been through one or more selection stages.
I have VERY limited flying experience (just a few hours on Cessna 152's) but I read that it is not required. But at the same time I read about people spending thousands of £'s even before having been selected.
What is that I'm missing ? Is it really a sponsorised scheme, or maybe I didn't read the small prints ? I know about the 60 grand cash bond but I thought the cash committment would kick in after you've actually been selected.

Also, does it really start with an online application, or will this just get lost down the drain of the world wide web, unless you phone somebody up and move your application to the top of the pile ?

I don't fear the challenge (there's nothing to lose, only to gain), and in the worse case one will fail which is acceptable - the only thing I can't afford to lose is thousands of bucks for no reason.
So will someone who's been there for longer and more focussed than me give me more insight please ?

Thanks a lot

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Old 18th Oct 2005, 08:42
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Hi Will,

As regards spending thousands of pounds before selection, you must be thinking about people who have paid for lots of lessons themselves prior to applying. The only money you will have to spend before being accepted is about £180 for the stage 2 assesments - to cover costs of thecomputer tests or something.

This is all you will have to pay until you have been selected.

There are guys out here who had 0 hours flying before applying, so don't think you have to go spending lots of money on random flights just to get some experience.

As regards the online aplication, it is true that it is the only way you can apply, but they do get all the aplications and you will hear from them if they likfe what they see!

Good luck!

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Old 18th Oct 2005, 14:50
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Is the selection process for the full Wings cadet scheme the same as joining it at the AQC stage (Wings ATP)?

If not, does anyone have any info / advice on the selection process for the ATP stage 2 onwards.

I only ask as the website is unclear.

Many thanks

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Old 21st Oct 2005, 15:10
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Exclamation Re-application

Hi all

Around June/July of this year I went to the assessment day for the Easyjet/Thomas cook sponsorship scheme through CTC, unfortunately I was unsuccessful and in my feedback they said that I would not be targeted for re-application, does this mean indefinitely? So now that I have been through the assessment process can I never re-apply to CTC or is there a certain time period that must lapse before I may start the application procedure from scratch?

Iíve been looking through this forum for the answers to my questions and can't find anything so any help on this matter would be very gratefully received

Many Thanks
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Old 21st Oct 2005, 15:22
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same boat

I got KB'd from CTC at phase 3 in August some time. In my feed back I was told they definetley wouldn't want to see me before I finished my degree.

It sounded like they really meant they'd never want to see me again at all but all you can do is prove them wrong.

Not exactly the same situation as yours but I remember Lee saying that most folk 2 chances at each stage. I don't which bit you failed at but I would think that you might be able to try again after a year or 2. That said they are strict at CTC which is why they're held in high regard. Basically I don't really know!

I was told to email when I've finished at uni ("..with a bloody good grade..") and we could have a chat about why I think I'm suited to it.

If they told you where you went wrong then could try and do some things over the next couple of years to rectify it and see what they say. Its sounds a long time to wait, and it is. But there's nothing to stop you applying for sponsorships in the mean time, or trying to save for oat/ccat etc. Easier said than done though!

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Old 23rd Oct 2005, 04:36
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Hi all,

Im heading down to Stage 3 on the 16th November. Just wondering if anyones heading to the same selection day, if so drop me a message if you want to hook up?

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Old 25th Oct 2005, 00:11
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does the fact you've got a degree really make you a better pilot of airplanes ? :-)

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Old 25th Oct 2005, 08:38
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No but they want people who are capable of achieving good ATPL results by self study as there are no ATPL lectures, only a four week brush up before the exams. Most people with degrees have the disipline to self study so i would think they see it as lower risk.

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Old 25th Oct 2005, 23:35
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I agree with Chris 2005. Having a degree does not improve your aptitude to be a pilot but it proves (so long as you get a reasonable classification) you can absorb large amounts of information and also have the capability to self study. I did a degree with absolutely no relevance to flying but I still think it helped me pass the EZY/TCX CTC initial stage...but sadly not stage 2.
On the positive side though I have been invited for a re-trial. Just wondering if there are many (or any) out there that failed stage two the 1st time but passed 2nd time? Thanks!

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Old 26th Oct 2005, 10:08
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Hi there, I failed at stage 2 first time round and am happy to say that I was invited back for a second chance and was successful the second time round and got through the next 2 stages no problem. I know of a few others who also failed at one or more of the stages but were invited back for reselection and were successful, so it can be done! Just learn from your past mistakes and good luck!
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Old 26th Oct 2005, 10:20
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Chris 2005 is right, CTC cadets have no lessons. Its all self study. They get better results than OAT. Thats why CTC cadets are of a higher standard. Whats the pass rate onto the APP? 40%? CTC its about 2%.
I sadly did not get onto the CTC course. Would not go to OAT though due to their arrogance! FTE is much better just think of the weather!

Old 26th Oct 2005, 11:20
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Cheers super_starmix. Good to hear its not all doom and gloom. Although I was a little confused by my feedback. It said something along the line that maths/group discussion fine and I presented a medium to low risk for the training. However specific piloting abilities were low. It must have been some of the tests in the pilapt bit! However i'll keep on practicing sim ILS approaches and the 'fly through the hoop' approaches (its a nice excuse to play on the sim anyway) and try and improve my hand eye co-ordination.
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Old 26th Oct 2005, 18:00
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I think also having a degree helps at the interview stage as they ask many questions about your "life experiences" etc etc. I found I used cases from university to answer many of their questions at stage 3 which i could not draw answers from other aspect of my life. Also my degree helped me answer any technical questions that were raised.

However if you dont have a degree it does not mean you have no chance, as you may have other aspects to your life that may answer their questions - e.g. work.

For those going back - dont give up and try your hardest all over again, many people make it through at the second attempt.

Good luck all

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Old 27th Oct 2005, 11:14
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There's also a French chap on his way out in a few weeks...

We even have cats & fish...

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Old 27th Oct 2005, 13:40
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Hey Guys,

trying to get CTC to even let me into selection, (think I'm getting somewhere) but quick question, how long does it take from initial assessment to getting onto the course? and how many people do they take on at any one time?

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Old 27th Oct 2005, 17:12
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Applied Apr-ish. Started going down there end of June and was done by end Aug. Holding until the new year.

Delayed my stage 2 for a bit to brush up on industry awareness etc but they fairly whisk you through the process once you start.

Don't wait too long but don't fail to prep either.

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Old 28th Oct 2005, 12:27
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Hi all,

I have read most of this thread and I am reading much about the people that start this with no or little hours, but almost nothing with more hours that want to go directly to the ATP scheme.

I am actually going through selecion for that ATP scheme. I have 1000hrs now.

I am invited for the two assessment days (phase 2?) and would like to know what I can expect. Anyone that has gone through those two days and is able to tell me something about it and how to prepare?

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Old 4th Nov 2005, 12:24
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stage 4 simulator

Hey guys,
attending stage 3 on nov the 23rd and was wondering if anyone knew the situation with stage 4.
Is stage 4 the next day for successful candidates at stage 3 or at a later date specified by ctc ???

Anyone who has been through stages 3 and 4 recently can you shed some light on specifics of events.

ie for 2 group exercises what were the tasks set? what can be done to prepare?

for simulator in phase 4 what is expected of people with low aviation experience.??

if anybody with recent experience could tell me would be appreciated.
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