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trancada 6th Apr 2016 22:47

This week FLIGHT INTERNATIONAL is advertising for type 747-400 Captains and F/Os.

Anyone knows their expansion plans?

Loader1 7th Apr 2016 10:54

The plans are here: Cargologicair confirms launch and sets out fleet plan. And they just applied to fly to the US.

tom744 7th Apr 2016 22:31

Big words for a start up.
Unfortunately they pay only pocket money, 7000 pounds gross

Mr.White 8th Apr 2016 11:19

Any idea on Capt. Salary?

What kind of roster? any chance to get something like 20 ON/ 10 OFF to commut from Europe to UK?

tom744 8th Apr 2016 14:36

that is captain's salary.....befor UK tax.
They contribute 5% of salary to a pension fund, I guess you get also per diem and you got 12 off days a month but no idea if they could be consecutive.

Mr.White 8th Apr 2016 15:01

They wont get 747 Capt for that salary, I hope so.

Whats wrong with this people?

torghabe 13th Apr 2016 07:49

7000 pounds pocket money?? You have enough commodious pocket.

South Prince 13th Apr 2016 11:16

if 7000 is gross total yes, it is very low.

main_dog 13th Apr 2016 14:55

For an experienced B747 captain, that is nowhere near adequate.

SkyHawk1985 13th Apr 2016 23:09

So what about the salary for an experienced F/O?

bafanguy 14th Apr 2016 10:57

If the quoted figure is accurate, do you suppose they offer that amount because they find enough people who will accept it ?

SkyHawk1985 14th Apr 2016 11:48

You never know. It depends the lifestyle that they offer as well.

ErwinS 14th Apr 2016 17:29

7000 gross not enough???

What do you think all the supporting staff is being payed keeping you flyboys up in the air? Not even half!

RedBullGaveMeWings 14th Apr 2016 19:25

I have no say on this matter as I don't even have a tenth of experience required for the job, but let me tell you ErwinS that two wrongs don't make a right.

coltrane 15th Apr 2016 09:04


7000 gross not enough???

What do you think all the supporting staff is being payed keeping you flyboys up in the air? Not even half!
Yeaa, these ever moaning, spoiled flyboys.. Spending 20 days a month away from home and hearth, chronically fatigued, divorced, with the ABN-AMRO at my back.. 3500 NET for a 74 skipper is just not right! that's 30% of the market conform remuneration


Flightmech 15th Apr 2016 11:21

Like pilots are the only people in the aviation industry who spend 20 days away from home and suffer the same ailments you describe....:ugh::ugh::ugh:

DCBOE 15th Apr 2016 16:31

Whinging Pilots.
If you whinging pilots don,t like it don,t do it, there are plenty of jobs for pilots all over the world, 747, 777, 787 and Airbus, but of course you all think you are so special and deserve so much, don,t even go there with how much training you have done, in this industry we have all done loads of training quite often a lot more than pilots.:=

coltrane 15th Apr 2016 23:05

I'm not special, I'm not whining, I love my job!! (unlike frustrated peopel like DCBOE & Erwin it seems..) i just want to keep it like that.. Paying a 74 capt. the same as a 25 year old easy/ryanair FO is just not right.. That's all I'm trying to explain:O :ok:

main_dog 16th Apr 2016 14:05

Boys, frankly you sound like you have a case of green eyes and sour grapes? Your average 747 skipper has gone through dozens of years of training and hard work to get to where he is, in command of (and solely responsible for) a 450 tonne machine worth over 250 million dollars (not to mention all the lives at stake, especially if flying passengers), and quite simply GBP7,000 gross is not even close to adequate. Even 7.000 net would be low.

Anyway fear not, the industry is going to pot from an employee's point of view, and passengers expect to pay less for the airplane ticket than the taxi ride to the airport. The salaries of line pilots in terms of spending power have gone down inexorably over the past twenty years and pretty soon we won't even be making that much... :{

Private jet 17th Apr 2016 12:55


Only 7000? This "wise guy" has a similar attitude.

especially relevent from 1:38 on...

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