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Cargolux details requested!

Freight Dogs Finally a forum for those midnight prowler types who utilise the unglamorous parts of airports that many of us never get to see. Freight Dogs is for pilots and crew who operate mostly without SLF.

Cargolux details requested!

Old 10th Aug 2011, 11:15
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Lets hope for the best, maybe the next thing is Cargolux Qatar...
If using Cargolux Italia as a reference for the future, then perhaps you should not hope for a Cargolux Qatar.
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Old 10th Aug 2011, 13:39
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True, let's see what happens
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Old 22nd Aug 2011, 08:48
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First aircraft will be arriving soon...

Boeing 747-8F Wins FAA, European Certification | AVIATION WEEK
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Old 27th Aug 2011, 22:03
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Hey Czech Buddy,

ND here, been away for a bit, however, my advice.... Go to the gulf... Emirates or Ethihad, Why, well you'll get a command there a lot quicker!! whilst life here in the Banking jungle is good we have a lot of issue's to be resolved.... command 10 yrs plus, so if your happy to be in the RHS for the rest of your life , go ahead join, but i have a lot of friends who are in the gulf, and things there really are about the same as europe... except the heat! And with a family, you'll have a villa/ condo etc all paid for!! Not to forget the 5pm maid service ;-) But if you really want to live in europe, then whey hey, we get shiney new a/c in a few days!! Old Aust77 will be coming in his pants over that one, that's if he still can fly, maybe as we type, he is in a shagged out 'ol 741 bitching on about his shiney CJ7 of such!! but as we know, soon after his post's NJE had serious troubles (thanks to the bucking fankers who created a whole load of shit for all of us and seem to have walked away from it, claiming that they were hard done by!!! A#$holes!) and he might well be flying a freifghter for CLX, hope chuffing not!
So, good luck, I like PVG, but only for a few beers or more in Bar Rouge or wednesdays in Zappatta's!!

Good luck!

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Old 28th Aug 2011, 11:20
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Hi Nose Door and others,

Well, thats one point of view.

I can tell you that Cargolux is my 6th company to work for, and every other company I have worked for has had its own "issues" to sort out.

There is no company on the planet, that is perfect, but I think that in the great scheme of things, we are actually very well off here at Cargolux.

The "sandpit", just like Cargolux, is a lifestyle choice as I have mentioned in previous posts.

I too have plenty of ex-collegues and friends down there, and from what I have seen visiting them and what they tell me, its most certainly not for me.
Thats purely a personal choice thou.
Maybe I appreciate where I have come from and where I am now.

Pilots are very quick to bitch and moan about anything, but when you start countering the arguments, suddenly everyone changes their tune from "this company is shit..." to "yes, off course its not that bad..."

Like Nose Door said, the near future will be very interesting at Cargolux, as a lot of new aircraft will be arriving in a short space of time.

I am grateful for my job here, and I am optimistic about the future too.

There is always room for improvement in any aspect of life.

As for the time to command, I am in no rush to get there, as I am happy working here.
And none knows what will happen in the future.
Maybe things will move quicker, maybe not.

Please don't get me wrong Nose Door, I am not saying that your point of view is wrong, I just wanted to put up a different point of view
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Old 8th Sep 2011, 10:31
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Another day less until the -8 arrives…
First of all, thanks everybody to give all the great information to almost every question a newbie could have.
After reading all 44 pages from #1 and considering if the job suits me for 2 years, I feel like participating in the forum and start queuing for the job…
Just applied with a JAR ATPL / 4000 TT / LR experience @ the age of 29 years.

So far no news as career.aero states that there might be no selection until end of 2011.
Looking forward to read more interesting posts and hopefully be part of the team one day,

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Old 21st Sep 2011, 09:29
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recruitment homepage

anybody knows whats wrong with the recruitment homepage.
Trying to log on to update my application but ends up at a blank page.

Is in not supporting MAC maybe?
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Old 3rd Oct 2011, 11:46
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Cargolux Italia

Anybody can tell if the roumor is true, that Cargolux F/Oīs are asked to go to Cargolux Italia to get their upgrade ?

If yes...is that the only way to get the upgrade or is the standard waiting time (10-14 years approx. )still an option and Cargolux Italia just an accelarated upgrade for worse conditions ?

Would be a tough fact after working so long for an upgrade in SA...

Any ideas or even better facts are appreciated.


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Old 5th Oct 2011, 17:04
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is the type rating subject to any bond?
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Old 6th Oct 2011, 15:02
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Thanks to all cargolux pilots for all the information provided. Can any of you answer a few more questions?
Can the pilot choose to get 9 days off all in a row every month? or is it the company to choose if you get 9 in a row or 6+3?
Now that the 800 issue is solved there will be expansion and hopefully pilots recruitment will start again?
How is the general feeling in the company about the new shareholder: things are going to improve or get worse for employees?
thanks and rgrds
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Old 8th Oct 2011, 18:12
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Answers to the last questions

It is true that all Cargolux F/Oīs have been asked to apply for Cargolux Italia as DEC. The contract would have been for 5 years. After this 5 years you would have rejoined Cargolux in Luxembourg without loosing any seniority. If you would have been captain by then you would have stayed captain, otherwise you would have found yourself back on the right seat. In total 2 F/O have been desperate enough to apply. In the end none signed the contract. I guess you can imagine why.

I think there was a bond linked to my type rating, but not more than 1 or 2 years. By the way, hardly ever someone resigned and with exception of the guys that went to Air France, most of the ones that did, tried to come back after realizing their mistake.

The 9 days off mentioned are in fact 10 days off, as there have to be 24 hours of rest time starting at midnight local time before the beginning of the first off-day (blank day). Crew Planning prefers to give the 10 days in one block as they save one one rest day. Otherwise it would be 7 days off in one block + an other 4 days off in one block. You can place 3 requests for each upcoming roster. Trips as well as off-days. All is by straight seniority. Thus you can ask to have your off days in one block or in two. Most guys link some of their 42 vacation days to their off days if taken in one block. The amount of off-days per roster is not reduced if you take vacation days on top. There are 13 rosters of 28 days per year.

About Qatar as shareholder. Ask 10 of our pilots and you will get 10 totally different opinions.

About the recruiting page. Call Interpersonal or send them an email to explain your technical problems. This is what I did some years ago. They should be able to help you.

By the way, I back Pow-wow in his opinion of the company. You will do hard to find better a company with better working conditions, especially in europe.
In all the years I can not remember that any one complaint about his salary.
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Old 10th Oct 2011, 13:19
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thank you so much for your answer emer desc
I've read the whole topic and I understand that the 6 off block is untouchable but the 3 daysoff can be moved if they need you, what happens if you get just one block of 9 days off? Are all 9 days unmovable or 3 of them you can get a duty if they need?
I also read that the average nights out pr month is 15 which means that during the 18 days of duty you also return a few times to base right?
It would be very nice to see a junior first officer roster (without details so it's anonimous) to have an idea of how life would be during the first years.
Let's hope all the 400 will be kept so they start hiring again very soon. tnx.

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Old 10th Oct 2011, 15:42
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In more then 5 years in company they have only moved my 3 days once after they have been published. Once published and linked to your 6 days especially if they are at the end of the 6 days they will not touch them. It happens from time to time that you will fly into one or two of the 3 off days. If that happens they have to give it back to you in the next roster and they will automatically become untouchable. Unless otherwise requested they will be linked to your 6 days. You also have the option to sell these days. For a first officer it would be no less then eur 400 net per day + eur 100 net for as expenses. I only once flew into my 6 days when I was stuck because of the volcano in iceland. you can either sell them or get two for one back as untouchable days in the next roster. The average trip length is about 6 days I would guess. If you return to LUX you will have your rest time, possibly one or more blank days on which I would not count and then sent out again. Rest time limitations in Cargolux are more restrictive then according JAR-OPS. Send me you e-mail as a private msg. and I will see if I can send you a low seniority roster. I am positive the hiring pilots will continue in the near future. If you are still in your twenties or low thirties with about 2,5 k hours on jet or more you have good chances. Preferably guys from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands are being hired. They donīt like guys that live to far away from Luxembourg but still their are plenty Austrians and Swiss.
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Old 10th Oct 2011, 18:46
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Capt&Fos salaries

What are the average montly salaries for Capt/FOs ?
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Old 10th Oct 2011, 20:19
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Cargolux jobs, payscales and entry requirements.

Without selling any off-days I would say EUR 4,5k salary net + EUR 1,1k net (EUR 4 "per diem" per hour from starting duty in LUX until check out in LUX) for a non married low seniority f/o.
Married the net salary would be about EUR 702 net more (EUR 5,2k net)
If below 600 hrs on 747 aircraft (usually the first year) it will be about EUR 700 net less.

For a single low seniority captain it would be around EUR 7,5 - 8 k salary net + EUR 1,2 k net (EUR 4,5 per hour from check in LUX until check out LUX)

Married the net salary for a captain would be about EUR 745 more.

13 salaries (with a bit of luck 14 or more because of profit sharing) are payed per year.

A f/o after thirty years in company would earn almost exactly double the money then on in his second year (with more then 600 hrs on 747) or as much as a captain in his 7īth year.

A captain after thirty years would earn 53% more then a captain in his first year. This however is in far theoretical, as a f/o who would receive his upgrade after eg. 10 years would start in the same payscale as a captain who is since 10 years in the captains payscale.

To make things easy, your income would increase by more or less 58% after you upgrade.

On top all salaries in Luxembourg are index based, thus by law they have to be increased by 2,5% each time the inflation rises by 2,5 %.
The next increase will be in October 2011.
For 2012 they plan a 5 % increase in 2 steps (one in April, one in September)

As Cargolux is always desperately short of pilots, it is up to you if you want to sell some of your precious off-days.

It is possible to double your monthly income if you donīt care about your private life.

Everyone pilot you ask will tell you how much he is against the practice of selling off-days and how bad he thinks of his colleagues who do it from time to time.
As I recently spoke with 2 of the guys from our Crew Control, I found out, that with very few exceptions the majority of all pilots sells some days from time to time.

net = take-home pay.

I guess these facts in combination with the days off explain why hardly anyone resigns from Cargolux. The net income and the off days beat the conditions of most major carriers + you donīt have to "suffer" in the desert.

Last edited by emergency descent; 10th Oct 2011 at 20:37.
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Old 11th Oct 2011, 11:55
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I had a good laugh on this pilotjobsnetwork website:
actual plans say that 8*747-400 stay and 13*747-8 come on top. So strong expansion planned.
"Actual plans?" Where is this written in any CV document, email or annual report?
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Old 11th Oct 2011, 12:22
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T2E: In defense of the poster on PPJN, the rumors were pretty strong on the subject. On top of this we will not get any info other than the pressreleases, since every time something internally was sent around by the Chief Pilot's office he was requested right away a meeting with the social partners!
So much for internal speculation.. Let's not give up hope, though.
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Old 11th Oct 2011, 13:03
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Sure Ray, I have no problem with a good rumor or some optimistic wishful thinking, and I understand that with the very limited information and press releases given out by the company, sometimes some tiny rumor starts a life of it's own. That's what PPRuNe, the Britannia Pub and those loooooong PVG-LUX flights are for.

The danger however is that this PPJN website is pretending to present facts which future CV employees are going to use in order to base a very important career decision on. Keeping 8 744's and "strong expansion is planned" to the best of my knowledge never were facts or "actual plans" in the first place, and anyone using this information to join CV and perhaps gamble on a quick upgrade on a 747 could be in for a nasty surprise.

It's great to be optimistic, but to whoever who posted that nonsense on PPJN on the 18th of February I would like to say: let's make a clear distinction between facts, official plans, rumors and wishful thinking!
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Old 12th Oct 2011, 11:28
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sloopy market at the moment, no " next news " until the dash late is rolling
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Old 13th Oct 2011, 03:47
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the 747-8 is finally on the way to luxembourg.
they have come to an agreement with boeing.

part time is possible but limited and subject to seniority. do not count on it. cargolux is usually short on pilots.

and as my personal opinion to those who are concerned if an expansion will take place or not:
i had no idea at all how long it would take me to upgrade until i was already hired. believe it or not.
as a f/o in cargolux you have a higher salary and more days off (not to forget other benefits) than most of you guys will ever have no matter if on the right or already on the left seat.
if you would belong to the remaining few percent, you would fly for a major carrier and most likely have no interest in following up this tread.
i gave up my command for more money and more days off. even after years i do not regret it for one minute. i will take gladly everything that comes on top. but even if this would never happen, i already won...

also it is unbelievable for me about which minor things some of you guys worry.

by the way, i do not have any doubts that an expansion will take place.

however, cargolux is very conservative. as this protects me as well as i have an other 30 years of work ahead, i can for sure live with it.
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