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SaulGoodman 24th Nov 2021 10:55

Closed loop flying
For clarification: If you do closed loop flying for say 5 weeks: Am I right to assume that you leave your HK residence on day 1, do a trip and upon return at HKG you go to a quarantine hotel before you go on another trip. It is only after 5 weeks that you can go home after such a loop: is the mandatory quarantine to enter HKG in your OFF days?

solitary confinement has been proven to be extremely detrimental to ones mental health. Since Germanwings in EASA land we have to talk about our mental status every medical yet the HKCAD seems to be ok with all of this?

If the closed loop flying really is what I believe it to be shouldn’t it be time for regulatory authorities worldwide to close its airspace for HKG carriers?

MENELAUS 24th Nov 2021 11:48

Yes frankly it is well past time.

BubbaJ 25th Nov 2021 04:03


SIDS N STARS 25th Nov 2021 04:11

CX flights being cancelled because of pilot shortage, while at the same time, UO pilots taking unpaid leave because their is not work in Hong Kong for pilots... I don't know whether to laugh or cry..

Smogville 25th Nov 2021 04:47

To have low cost S.Americans flying our shiny jets with ICAO 4 on the RT? Where will that leave our Saffa brothers?

Truly shows how far CX has fallen the ranks in the industry.

Rie 25th Nov 2021 05:27

It is becoming laughable how many decisions across the group have been made with unsavoury outcomes. Friends at UO are wondering why they never did passenger freight ops around SEA. These same people are now are being told that it is in their best interests to allow the company to take away all pay until next October.

A quick check of the seniority list is showing more departures lately. Seems to be accelerating post Penny's.

What is stopping them from doing a quick CCQ to the 330/350 letting them operate it as a UO pilot short term. I am sure there would be many crew there with previous Wide Body/Airbus experience. It would help the group and I am sure there are many of them would be happy to get away from their wives for 5 weeks after being incarcerated for the last 2 years.

I do recall that the old Back in Ansett boys had stories from 89' that were similar albeit surrounding wage issues not just closed loop problems. People swooping in to save the day and hitting the little black book for the rest of their lives. You never know, we might see a CX little black book.

Jnr380 25th Nov 2021 06:33


Just heard that this morning, instead of paying a decent wage and extra to retain talent and for the grief caused by the government the company decided it’s much easier to just cancel flights, Their main source of income!

Bueno Hombre 25th Nov 2021 07:48

Ah , so the CX Management Morons are starting to see sense.. Fast Learners ?

kenfoggo 25th Nov 2021 10:00

Is there any truth in the rumour that CX are now contacting pilots that were let go on Voluntary Severance Scheme to rejoin the airline on short term contacts to help with the pilot shortage and cancellation of flights?

carolknows 25th Nov 2021 10:08

You reap what you....

RAT Management 25th Nov 2021 10:41

Don't worry plenty of people will sign up and volunteer for the TC appointment by the company. Only to cry about working so hard and only getting paid minimum hours +5%. The good will is still alive and well, I see it everyday. People aren't leaving. Sickness isn't on the increase. Mental health and well-being are not a problem. Nobody taxis slowly. There is no them and us, it's all one team. The multitude of genuine thank you's being heaped on the flight crews without any attempt to address the permanent cut to T&C's. The light is at the end of the tunnel and things will only improve once we all get the 3rd vaccination.

KABOY 25th Nov 2021 11:22

We are taking about a company that continues to pay Swire’s finest princes over 10,000,000 per year, in an airline that has lost billions.

The uniform continues to attracts narcissists who are willing to participate for the acceptance they receive.

Greg, Chris and the team thanks those individuals, because without them the losses would be even greater.

Swire is only a minority shareholder, but they continue to milk billions out of the airline under their management agreement.

The HKSAR have signed up to support the business, whilst Swire’s line their pockets in fees for managing the airline. That is a great business model.

RAT Management 25th Nov 2021 11:31

" We are deeply grateful for your professionalism and dedication and will look at proactive ways of assisting you".....:mad:!.... So does that mean you will return my pay and conditions to the former level at the same time Management have their pay and conditions returned...? Afterall management don't need to do closed loops, EMS, MS, RAT's. Even the doctors don't get it ? They wonder why we are all fatter than a year before..? They tell you to try exercise more. Where the :mad: is your motivation when your locked in a room all the :mad: time! Like the professional listener from the PAN will help me if I call. All I want and everyone else wants is answers. If I want an empty whinge I go to pprune.

CovidRefugee 25th Nov 2021 11:45

All well and good Rat, but you and your colleagues put up with it. You're all impotent.The most important thing to you is that CX uniform. Nothing else matters.

Pay cut - where do I sign.
Multiple closed loop with hotel isolation- Yes Sir!
Compulsory booster jab - Which arm would you like?
Family locked up in PB - Don't worry it might not happen.

If Chris K asked for volunteers to donate one of their nuts there would be a queue of willing pilots at his desk. You'd probably bring your own chopping knife.

Jnr380 25th Nov 2021 12:06

🤣 I find it funny because it true, except for the last point, we’re not there…….yet!

Flex88 25th Nov 2021 14:50

Should be "gave" up...
CK eagerly handed them both over many many years ago.. Jellyfish don't and never will have balls because who would ever have the need to ask a jellyfish for courage or integrity..

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