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Handsanitser 18th Nov 2021 09:53

CX- employer of the century
Getting fired while in quarantine… must be a new low for us. Why anyone in their right mind will stay here? Because of the 60% pay cut?

This ship is sinking faster than Titanic

cxflog 18th Nov 2021 09:54


interesting times ahead

Handsanitser 18th Nov 2021 10:06

Jelly fish is handing over hotel details so the HK police can secure a criminal conviction against them.

CX- the caring employer who will fire you while you have covid and your wife and kids are locked up in penny bay.

Where is the AOA? Are they even going to provide legal support?

ascalehero 18th Nov 2021 10:15

Great so now the next time my uber eats driver drops of my lunch to my crap hotel lock-in I risk catching covid which will lead me to being fired without any evidence I did anything wrong

KABOY 18th Nov 2021 10:16


Really? Australia is prosecuting people for crossing borders and you blokes think you can travel around the world walking around outside in complete defiance of strict health orders?

I don't think your Uber eats friend is delivering to your door. Did you shake his hand and thank him for the thumbs up service?

Rie 18th Nov 2021 10:47

All they needed to do was check the CCTV. It was almost a certainty that they had left the hotel after getting locked down for 5 weeks in the loop. I'm not surprised, outcome is what it is and they have no fallback to any just culture committee.

Drc40 18th Nov 2021 16:27

Oh great, notwithstanding the folks who got fired even the poor sods and their families who don’t have Covid get thrown in the gulag like trash. CX and HK are beyond toxic and you can pint the finger squarely north at the criminal Chi-Comms.

Bindair Dundat 18th Nov 2021 21:54


go to North Korea. You’ll do really well there. You have the perfect mindset.

pfvspnf 18th Nov 2021 22:22

What activity they did when leave hotel room ? Oktober fest already finished

Dufo 18th Nov 2021 22:36

What the heck?
How about for food, fresh air, going to the gym or just socializing?

ToCatLady 19th Nov 2021 01:53


i suspect this is Danny Lee. Just for your info these gentleman were not in a 5 week loop and CCTV was not the source of discovery. Sorry to put a dampener on your next article.

KABOY 19th Nov 2021 02:14

Bindair Dundat

You are living and working in a communist state, isn't the disbandment of the CTU a wakeup call for you? You believe you will be afforded protections when you knowingly breach a policy/rule/order?

Piet Lood 19th Nov 2021 02:35

Kaboy, and you think it’s okay to just abide by ANY order? Without question?
Would you willingly lock yourself in your room 365/24/7?
Because we’re nearly there.
I’m pretty sure the “secondment” to Penny Bay without due process or even proof of positive testing is in violation with basic human rights, but because the government says so, the people will have no choice but to abide by said unlawful orders?
If they tell you to sit at the back of the bus because of your skin colour, I suppose you will just do so, because “it’s the law”.
If there will be an uprising(unlikely, because most people lack guts), people like you will be on the “right” side of the law but on the wrong side of history.

KABOY 19th Nov 2021 02:45

There is a thing you signed called COS18, its their circus and you guys need to play by it. Same thing goes for the country you are in, public health orders differ everywhere, look at Chairman Dan winning the most locked down state in the world.

Next time you get the chance to overnight in China, see what they think about your human rights? You are in their state now.

No point complaining, suck it up or move on..

controlledrest 19th Nov 2021 03:01

We work for an outfit which sacks Captains for throwing peanuts in a bar or telling an arseling what he thinks of having his car wheel clamped after a long duty. What did you expect would happen to anyone caught, in the eyes of the company, not following their rules? If they broke the rules they deserve to be sacked.

Life does suck, the HKG Govn rules and procedures are beyond stupid. This is the world we live in.

About the only thing to look forward to is the community spread of covid in HKG and the mainland, the stacking of body bags and the scrambling of the imbeciles who run this shit show to adjust to the new reality on the ground. The day will come. The sooner the better.

Piet Lood 19th Nov 2021 03:02


That’s what they told Rosa Parks and MLK as well.

For the record: I moved on.

Agent Blake 19th Nov 2021 04:14

The latest trend of disgruntled crew taking photos of people without masks and sending them to the media & management is purely toxic. Trust me walking out of that place for the last time is the best thing for your family & personal wellbeing.

Bindair Dundat 19th Nov 2021 04:18


You are speaking with the authority that HK and Cathay have always been this way, that there hasn’t been a precarious slide very quickly into a dystopian nightmare that is China made on two fronts.
The rate at which pilot’s basic dignity and human rights have been stripped in this part of the world is toe curling. If these people had better options at the moment they would avail of them. Shame those pesky kids needs to be fed.
We are nearly two years into this travesty. Your lack of compassion and understanding for your fellow airmen who are desperately trying to remain sane in appalling conditions should be seen as a real strike against your character. No one with any intelligence, integrity or moral fortitude thinks that any of this is ok. Save your preaching for a lower IQ bunch. Your arguments here are idiotic to say the least.

KABOY 19th Nov 2021 05:00

​​​​​​Your lack of compassion and understanding for your fellow airmen who are desperately trying to remain sane in appalling conditions should be seen as a real strike against your character.
CX pilots now living in appalling conditions? Seems like the golden handcuffs really have turned this group into a a new low skill set.

Save your preaching for a lower IQ bunch. Your arguments here are idiotic to say the least.

Try telling this to the 500 pilots from Dragonair who have mouths to feed, they have moved on.
I think my comments seem to be perfectly aimed at the CX pilots IQ(is it really that low, seems a bit of an insult)

Complaining about an employer whilst employed and thousands of fellow airmen are unemployed, I think, sums up your EQ…is that not a little idiotic?

ACMS 19th Nov 2021 05:16

Well, that was the rules they instigated a long time ago, so what other outcome did you expect?

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