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CX aircrew may have to get Covid-19 vaccine if they want to keep their job

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CX aircrew may have to get Covid-19 vaccine if they want to keep their job

Old 22nd May 2021, 22:53
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Just get your jabs. A "no brainer".
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Old 23rd May 2021, 08:48
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Soon all those non PR/non citizens who missed the 12 May deadline to resign, will be made redundant, and if youíre an anti vaxxer, you wonít be able to leave the territory

If you thought Hongkers wasnít all that expensive, youíre in for a very rude wake-up call.

Outbound travellers will be required to get jab: CE

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Old 23rd May 2021, 09:19
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I am expecting it to be like the Singapore (burst) Bubble. The only people they could enforce to have the vaccine to travel were HK passport holders. Anyone with dual citizenship and using their other passport was exempt. Not going to stop the majority. Many of the HKers I know (who want to travel) are waiting until new of border opening to get the vaccine. This defies logic but logic is out the window right now.
Rie is online now  
Old 23rd May 2021, 09:36
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CX don't really need to enforce vaccination, complying with other countries likely future requirements for unvaccinated crew will make it virtually impossible for them to work anyway.

A negative test at own expense prior to departure together with quarantine on arrival and another test on return to HKG followed by three weeks locked up, again at own expense and it wouldn't be worth working.
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Old 23rd May 2021, 11:06
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"I've done my research" = "I've googled it and read 3 articles. I am now an expert on vaccines and am not interested in the views of scientists and medics who have dedicated their entire lives to immunology and vaccine research.
Presumably you'll all be doing the same thing if you get a fatal disease or need an organ transplant? "Oh no Doctor, I read a thing on Facebook thanks - I'm not having you remove a kidney when I can take Vitamin C....".
I don't want to fly with anti-vaxxers either - I read an article on Facebook that says you can catch the stupid from spending 8 hours in an enclosed space with them.
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Old 23rd May 2021, 11:08
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I believe being vaccinated was part of the cos08. Cos18...cannot find.
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Old 23rd May 2021, 11:22
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My sentiments exactly.

Get your VAX, or become a PAX
(on a one way ticket)
Curry Lamb is offline  
Old 23rd May 2021, 14:38
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Doesnít your OM-A say you have to take any vaccines that are needed in order to carry out your job?
Our does. We have a few tinhat people, but most of us have no objections against getting vaccinated. I got mine two weeks ago.
Still alive.

I would rather not fly with those who refuse to get vaccinated. I still have a 5-10% chance to get infected. The risk to me from an unvaccinated pilot is way higher than from a vaccinated pilot.
Vaccination is not mandatory. Just say no. Stay home. Let the rest of us continue with our lives/jobs.
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Old 23rd May 2021, 15:50
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fairly normal Nigel responses. Its the same as me getting onto a flight - do I trust the Pilots - Yes. Do i trust the scientists - yes. They wouldn't go tell you how to fly a plane would they...
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Old 23rd May 2021, 19:43
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Originally Posted by Threethirty View Post
Oasis, why not if youíve had the vaccine, surely thatís the whole point in taking it right? Or does the vaccine only give you immunity if you catch the virus from another vaccinated individual? Iím intrigued to hear your logic
Everybody says that. I'm already vaccinated but it is not just about me. To achieve something that resembles what has been called herd immunity and begin a return to "normal" we need very high rates of vaccination in the population.

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Old 23rd May 2021, 19:56
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Originally Posted by Landflap View Post
Koan : with that logic, you are indeed a "no brainer".
Sorry, I just didn't see the downside to vaccination with my MD and every public health organization in the world recommending it.
I was not likely to be swayed by FUD on the internet either besides a lifetime of shots with no apparent ill effect I'm not worried about what will happen in 10 or 20 years, as my vaccine hesitant friends have warned. What countries will soon be mandating vaccination for entry soon?

Last edited by Koan; 23rd May 2021 at 20:09.
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Old 23rd May 2021, 22:12
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Well for all those who feel that there are no dangers involved with this vaccine consider this data from the UK .
to date thousands of people have either had severe adverse reactions or died following vaccinations . I am not anti vax but every other vaccine has had years of testing before being granted a licence . The Covid 19 vaccines are still in phase 3 trials despite what some people contend on this site . They are wrong , by being granted emergency use you are unable to sue the vaccine manufacturers if something goes wrong

for the doubting Thomas out there here is the web site
scroll down near the bottom of the page
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Old 23rd May 2021, 22:16
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This vaccine is a serious threat to your health, do the research. You guys are pilots you should be able to read and draw conclusions based on information which is out there, backed by facts and beyond what your local government TV wants you to believe.
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Old 23rd May 2021, 22:47
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I feel great after being fully vaccinated since March . How am I supposed to be feeling to suit your agenda ?

The other day I asked the doormen at my place in HKG if they vaccinated . They said NO- can not as we fat, have high blood pressure and diabetes. And they smoke, eat sodium loaded food and drink heavily . I said but if you get COVID you will cough yourself to death; last person you see is a nurse draped in plastic ( and I doubt they hold your hand in HKG )

What happened to the attitude that we wear masks to protect our neighbour? Hereís the chance to truly protect your neighbour and resistance is fanatical . Proves the initial mask wearing wasnít a sense of community, just self-preservation.
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Old 23rd May 2021, 23:20
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people like you are a threat for contradicting the science. I really hope people like you are nowhere near the controls of an aeroplane. Your lack of sense and conspiracy theories should be flagged by any organisation that you work for and you should be considered unfit for the job. Bet you believe the contrails that aircraft produce have mind controlling chemicals to control the population ….
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Old 23rd May 2021, 23:48
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Because the vaccine isn't 100% effective. Like most (all) safety systems, multiple layers of defense give protection. It's not rocket science.
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Old 24th May 2021, 00:06
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My employer has achieved a 98% vaccination rate for flight crew since February, it’s not compulsory and it was stated that it wouldn’t affect your roster BUT the company would have to comply with local and foreign regulations. Unvaccinated crew are already subjected to more frequent swab tests and as flying increases I fully expect certain countries to bar entry or even prohibit them to operate turn around flights, especially given that Taiwan’s recent outbreak was traced to China Airlines pilots.

So far, no adverse reactions beyond mild fever and no COVID infections either.
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Old 24th May 2021, 00:13
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You are a danger to society. I agree, the truth is out there, but it is not your version of it.
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Old 24th May 2021, 00:15
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Join Date: Apr 2002
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LOL - claim that thousands in the UK have died or suffered adverse reactions, show table that the number of such cases is 365.

I'm with Oasis, such lack of reasoning ability has no place in the cockpit.
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Old 24th May 2021, 01:15
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So this vaccination is a serious threat to my health? But surely that’s counter balanced by my healthy lifestyle which includes;

Up up four polar flights a month.

Back to back long haul flights followed by a commuting flight.

A lifetime of forcing myself to stay awake during my circadian low.

Multiple crossings of time zones whenever I go to work.

Drinking excessively down route to feel half human again.

Sitting in a cockpit with noise levels around 90 dB, a humidity level of close to zero, breathing in air that smells of oil.

Living in a shoe box in a crowded, polluted city with limited outdoor lifestyle options or access to fresh organic food.

Yes, there is evidence this vaccination isn’t good for your health. There is also evidence that countries which have daylight savings imposes a health risk on their citizens as they adjust their body clocks by 1 hour, twice a year.
If Hong Kong ever introduces daylight savings I’m out of here!
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