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jetjockey696 20th May 2021 16:18

CX aircrew may have to get Covid-19 vaccine if they want to keep their job

Oasis 20th May 2021 22:08

Not an anti vaxer, if they mandate it, can you depend on their support if you have adverse medical consequences from the vaccination?

ie lose your medical

fatbus 20th May 2021 22:24

Is there any data to say there is a potential medical limiting side effects ? Did not have a choice pre gulf war 1 prior to deployment. Got jabbed for all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff. Still holding a class 1 .

Flex88 21st May 2021 00:57

Data ??
Please note; these vaccines are STILL EXPERIMENTAL.. That means there WAS NOT enough data spread over a sufficient amount of time to APPROVE the vaccines as normal.. Fill in the blanks!

fatbus 21st May 2021 03:03

Which vaccines are you referring to experimental?

cxflog 21st May 2021 04:00

ahhhh, this thread is going to bring some very interesting characters out of the woodwork

Rie 21st May 2021 04:17

100% onboard with mandatory vaccinations. Let the anti-vaxxer essential oil and MLM makeup/health goods flight/cabin crew come out of the woodwork to put in their always truthful “facts.”

Many pilot jobs require certain vaccinations to be employed so why should Cathay be any different. You fly to Africa you should have yellow fever vaccine so why not just comply…

On a side note it would probably save a few visas if it was the redundancy checkbox… Also hiring of locals would be compromised in Cathays favour as there will be a fair few not taking it.

herewego75 21st May 2021 04:23

Good! If you don't get a jab then goodbye... I now predict that all these anti vaxxers will drop the [email protected]#$% and get the jab. When it comes to money we all know what happens in HK.
Now stop moaning and toughen up! (shame maybe the PC police will have something to say about this)

Bangaluru 21st May 2021 04:59

CX aircrew “MAY” have to get the vaccine. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

If you didn’t volunteer for separation,
if you didn’t volunteer to return from your base, and
if you don’t volunteer for your vaccination,
standby, incoming. You had your chance.

I have no problem with any COVID-19 (or any other) vaccine.

Freehills 21st May 2021 06:41

You also need a passport to keep your job, despite the fact that it is well known that they have chips in that governments use to track your movements in and out of countries. Sheeple, do your own research on Freemen of the Land!!! Getting a passport means you sign a contract binding you to Their Laws! Don't do it!

main_dog 21st May 2021 07:01

(sound of popcorn being munched enthusiastically)

Asturias56 21st May 2021 07:26

Don't register your kids birth! You're signing them up on the Ship of State as Crew!!! Represent yourself in Court! Ask for the Judges Oath of Office!!!1 ...

go to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass GO

Silent Treatment 21st May 2021 07:36

Seems like a few of the company's poster boys and girls refuse to get the jab.
A STC comes to mind...

swh 21st May 2021 08:13

It is absolutely ridiculous that government staff working in the Covid wards finish their shifts and take public transport home without any sort of test and hold and without being vaccinated.

Just as ludicrous as those government workers at the airport go home after a shift without test and hold or being vaccinated.

I think all government employees from the leader on down should have mandatory vaccinations, I hear there is an excess of the Hong Kong Government endorsed Sinovac. What a better way to significantly increase the vaccination rate across the community to mandate vaccination by government employees.

About time the government makes anyone performing a public service from
transportation, utilities, health, and government get vaccinated, at least then the critical services can still function WHEN there is an outbreak.

Far too much complacency in the community with people not getting vaccinated, a Taiwan type community outbreak is very possible. The weak link in Hong Kong is all the government employees interacting with infected people that go home without testing and who are not vaccinated.

Jnr380 21st May 2021 08:37

Apart from the anti-vaxx rhetoric on here, what does that article say about pilots and cabin crew? Cabin crew are more scared of vaccines or a stronger in telling the company to go f**k themselves


The pilot body is more brave or too spineless to tell the company to go f**k themselves and will always comply with management?

Bueno Hombre 21st May 2021 08:41

Reduced Quarantine requirements?
Would that mean to say that Hong Kong Government is considering reduced or even eliminated quarantine requirements for those arriving in Hong Kong with credible vaccination certificates ?

cadet7000 21st May 2021 08:47

This is already the case, currently it’s only 14 days hotel quarantine coming from ‘medium risk’ countries and 7 days hotel, 7 days at home for low risk (Australia, NZ and Singapore). You need to be fully vaccinated with 2 weeks since the second dose for these rules to apply.

Mill Worker 21st May 2021 10:21

I am struggling with the logic... By definition there are no current vaccines for WuFlu. The products being promoted as "vaccines" at best may reduce your symptoms and improve your chances of recovery in the highly unlikely event that you catch the virus and have a severe reaction to it.

None of the six or so products currently available prevent you from catching or passing on the virus... so to think that quarantine measure can be thrown away is rather optimistic. Of more interest are new drugs that may actually cure you if you catch it. Early days but encouraging results however even under "emergency approvals" probably at least a year from coming to market.

Rie 21st May 2021 10:24

Originally Posted by Bueno Hombre (Post 11048534)
What vaccine type experience and vaccination certificates are currently acceptable for these reduced requirements for arrival in Hong Kong ?

This is a month old but I doubt it changed.

Oasis 21st May 2021 12:51

Mill Worker

I just had a bit of a look into general vaccine efficacy (protection) mumps, etc.
it looks like most vaccines don’t protect you 100 percent, so the touted 95 percent efficacy of for instance Pfizer against covid is not bad at all.

if you have the vaccine, another benefit is that if you do catch the disease, you are also a whole lot less likely to be able to pass it on.

the final benefit is that if you do catch it after taking the vaccine, your chances of hospital admission is near zero.

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