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Aussi base closure adds to costs

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Aussi base closure adds to costs

Old 30th Apr 2021, 22:01
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Aussi base closure adds to costs

The only direct crewing cost to the company for aussi pilots is their medical insurance. Closing the base will immediately increase costs as those who can will return to HKG and then get paid for doing nothing. All the shit we are getting from the company isn't about short term survival, it is all about using the current situation to force drastic reductions on us, either to structure the company for sale or to maximise future bonuses for the managers. Anyone out there not got an exit plan?
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Old 30th Apr 2021, 23:13
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There is NO room or need for Aussi bases in the "new" AirCXx ....... You can thank the parade of 3rd floor sycophants and the flowing river of Swire Princes and family for the unconstrained collapse that Merlin will now wear dishonourably. I could say wear in shame however there's no such thing in narcissism.. As was in the cards since 1993;
the bigger they are, the harder they fall . "THUD"
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Old 1st May 2021, 01:42
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The Oz Gov wonít allow more than a handful of flights for years yet. Unfortunately there is no point in the base. In HK people are now questioning whether CX will survive.
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Old 1st May 2021, 01:44
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Short term cost but long term saving. Non comprendo?
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Old 1st May 2021, 02:49
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so I guess you are taking the voluntary exit scheme then? If not, then why are you still complaining about everything?
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Old 1st May 2021, 09:38
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The evil managers who proposed the stupid bases idea and got bonusses for short term financial accountancy should now be sued for any losses resulting . It is amazing that CX managers receive bonusses for perceived short term gains, while the long term damage to the company is never punished.
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Old 1st May 2021, 11:58
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Or at least get a refund for those bad decisions..
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Old 1st May 2021, 16:21
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The usuals here would rather stay and keep complaining about everything than to actually leave. Some even "envy" their Dragon mates who got culled, yet here they still are/will be after every voluntary retirement/separation scheme or exit opportunity. Go figure.
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Old 1st May 2021, 16:22
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I suspect this the last VSS you will see. After this they will begin culling the "undesirables".
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Old 1st May 2021, 23:22
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I will complain about injustice and lies and stupidity. What do you do?
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Old 1st May 2021, 23:52
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Controlled. I completely understand and sympathize with your sentiment. The company is deserving of opprobrium and condemnation. However, nothing will change. They have decided to completely eradicate the CX of old. The new CX will be an Asian version of Ryanair. If you cannot accept that, it is better for you and your family to leave. It is a tragedy in the industry how CX decided to destroy the very fabric of their success. However, here we are. It is now an established fact. Move on.
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Old 2nd May 2021, 00:21
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CX already has the Asian Ryanair painted purple. If anything you'll see UO rise into the new Air Asia. People in Hong Kong like cheap quick travel options. I have not heard a peep from that side of the field though.
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Old 2nd May 2021, 01:47
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mngmt mole

Don’t know how you can compare CX to Ryanair. It’s not even close. Reducing the pilot wage bill also doesn’t destroy Cathay's success. Cathay still has an excellent customer product. Unfortunately you guys are too narrow minded to see what has happened at CX is an industry wide problem and not unique to CX. Time will tell post-COVID who actually leaves or not but you won’t find any better jobs out there, if there was you all would of left years ago.

Controlled rest has been talking for years about an exit plan yet here they still are, even presented a golden opportunity to take some money and leave. Always humorous how the most vocal don’t do anything about their situation. If there is so much injustice in CX, just leave. Vote with your feet rather than just moaning on PPRuNe. I’m fed up being surrounded by such a miserable bunch.
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Old 2nd May 2021, 03:30
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Thatís the problem with airline seniority the pay at the bottom of the next airline is worse than the cut at the present.

There is no pressure to increase or maintain salary at airlines where industrial action is limited therefore the seniority system is a hindrance. The opposite for airlines under strong labour laws and unions when seniority helps maintain the status quo.
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