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Covid Quarantine Confinement Camps

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Covid Quarantine Confinement Camps

Old 1st May 2021, 15:25
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Covid Quarantine Confinement Camps

I have not seen this on any other PPRuNe listing so I shall start a thread. As it may be slightly critical of the Hong Kong Government the thread or I may be whisked away at short notice, but I think it is important to get this out there.

I was alerted to the situation at Pennys Bay Confinement Camp by a colleague of a friend who was caught up in the Tung Chung removals of around 400 residents from an apartment block after a worker there was allegedly found to be Covid positive. His situation is appalling and as he points out to my friend, worse than the situation in the average Hong Kong jail. (He knows as he has visited prisons as part of his previous job.) I searched for more information online and apart from finding a Ficebook group which supports incarcerated Covid alleged contacts also found an article by Stephen Vines, with whom most of us are familiar.

It is under https://hongkongfp.com/2021/02/27/st...te-so-hellish/ or go to Hong Kong Free Press and access it from there.

The film Brazil has arrived in real life. A resident of Hong Kong now has no recourse to irrational and irresponsible decisions taken by junior bureaucrats. There is no access to legal representation as you are not convicted of a crime, and Habeas Corpus has been removed from the new Security Ordinance which applies to the pandemic. You are held in a cell with food provided three times a day that would not be acceptable by the authorities in a prison. To get food or amenities delivered to you requires such a complexity of impractical rules and regulations (eg you must provide a photo of all the items, which must look the same as the package that arrives, delivered with a photograph of the registration plate of the vehicle, at three windows of time during the day, blah blah blah....) that few delivery companies will bother with the hassle.

All this for the crime of living in the same block as someone who has tested positive for a notifiable disease. What are the chances of meeting up with that person, in a transmissable situation for more that 2 minutes? WHO and CDC work on the premise that it takes a minimum of 15 minutes of exposure to a Covid infected person to ensure infection. Ah, but the non-medical bureaucrats of Hong Kong know better, we shall incarcerate you with prejudice. And don't even go to what happens if you have kids and one of you is positive. Your kids will be "looked after by appropriate staff" while you are carted off to hospital.

In my life in Hong Kong I once stayed in a building that had at my estimate a good 20% of the residents having TB. Nobody cared. We got on with life. We are still here.

For the first time in my life I have become fearful of Hong Kong. Where a bureaucrat, not even from the Health Department, can send me to a detention camp for no better reason than "Can", I feel it is time to get out. The territory has gone from one of the free world's examples of how to run a liberal society to a place where people can disappear, where I do not know if next week I shall be able to move my money or my family out, if I shall be in a detention camp or a very basic state hospital. I consider myself lucky that I have a passport that can still travel. I am sorry if your mileage may vary...

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Old 1st May 2021, 15:32
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Many crew have seen Penny's Bay after the gym outbreak. The CC tower is not 400 people, it is 416 apartments with over 1000 in quarantine yet every single one had tested negative (at this stage). Now they are welcoming more people to come stay at Disneyland's prison for short stays of 3-4 days from the church/market etc. It is a true hell hole there.

1984 anyone?
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Old 1st May 2021, 16:45
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If it is as bad as you paint it to be, and if its a matter of freedom versus tyranny , then why don’t you go to your country’s embassy and seek repatriation due to fear of imprisonment by a hostile state?

CX had in the past “looked after” its employees when they were under a threat of harm. Tell someone apart from Ppruners if your family is in danger.

Otherwise, nice try at spreading fear.
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Old 1st May 2021, 17:16
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Anxiao is completely correct, and people should be afraid. This is freedom crushed under a bureaucrat's boot. There is no science behind this, not even a hint of science. The ignorance is astonishing, even more astonishing is that the population is readily accepting this. Beijing must be overjoyed. Hong Kong is one of the worst examples, but they aren't the only population that has laid down for draconian COVID measures. Australia comes to mind as well, with the confiscation of the computers of those who organized protests against lockdowns, and people put on police watch lists for daily checks. Let the businesses close for good, the bureaucrats will still have their jobs.
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Old 1st May 2021, 22:46
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Given that 95% of Hong Kongers have refused the China-jab, the message that the government is sending is perfectly clear. 'Take your medicine or face the music'. It's as simple as that.
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Old 1st May 2021, 23:46
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The problem is there are no exceptions even if you have been fully vaccinated. You still get your three week holiday in Penny Bay.
So what’s the incentive?
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Old 2nd May 2021, 00:15
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Dictatorships don't offer incentives.
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Old 2nd May 2021, 02:42
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I can confirm that as someone fully vaccinated (2 x BioNTech shots more than 2 weeks ago) and having had no close contact with the infected or her employer family, or any contact, or indeed any contact with any family in the affected Caribbean Coast tower, I am in quarantine in this modern day concentration camp sleeping on a barely padded plank. We all arrived healthy. I doubt all will leave in the same condition particularly the elderly
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Old 2nd May 2021, 07:13
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I am sorry to hear of your plight Spud, it must be awful. I hope you have got someone on the outside to help.

I have asked one of the contributors to the farcebook thread to send me the name of it, as I am not a subscriber. It seems to give good tips and advice, and commiserations from others which can help at times like this.

There are few countries in the world that could get away with this without civil disobedience, but the mainland advisors have timed it well after the imprisonment of the street protestors and the opposition.

I am sure CX People department will be falling over themselves to assist any staff caught up in this. The sad thing is, 15 years ago, that would not have been a sarcastic comment.

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Old 2nd May 2021, 07:23
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Got it, the HK Quarantine Support Group on facebook
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Old 2nd May 2021, 14:19
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at least one HK journalist has the strength to call this out, albeit in support of the 370,000 domestic helpers, suffering rank racism or what Sophia Chan prefers to call “prudent measures”. He particularly nails it when asking what would have happened if it had been 2 doctors or lawyers rather than foreign domestic helpers who had tested positive in TC.

extract From the article
. “But the same concerns apply to anyone arriving from such places. If two bankers or lawyers had tested positive for variants would the government subject those professions to the same measures?

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Old 3rd May 2021, 04:36
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Agree with the institutionalised racism inherent in the HKGGOV, even down to one nationality not being allowed to hold a drivers licence... We can guess which one.

Two of my maid's friends who wanted to get vaccinated have been told by their owners sorry employers that they are prohibited from doing so, on pain of dismissal, as it may make the children they look after sick. Not a lot of STEM education in the Hong Kong system then.

"Let them hate, as long as they fear" seems to be the ruling philosophy of the government. Now ordinary people are stressed that it just takes one person in your block to be tested positive, then a knock on the door and you are incarcerated in an insanitary refugee camp environment for three weeks minimum. It certainly stresses me. Especially as there is a retired gweilo as***e in our block who hasn't worn a mask for a year, and drinks with his 8-10 similar rowdy buddies every night outside low bars. If/when he tests positive I'll be ropeable if we all end up in Pennys Bay.

The lawyer group from Mid Levels who were taken away in the night and sued the Government have gone quiet, not sure if that is because their case has gone sub judice or because they won and have to keep it secret as a condition of release.
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Old 3rd May 2021, 08:19
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Not just Hong Kong. The following article is about a posh private school near Miami.

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Old 3rd May 2021, 16:50
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two of your ‘maids friends’ are lying. Grow up.
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Old 3rd May 2021, 21:01
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Hong Kong has completely mental.

There is now excuse for this sort of behaviour and loss of human rights. It's barbaric.

It's time to get out.

Last one, the lights?
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Old 4th May 2021, 03:50
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Dingleberry Handpump


its a thing
the dh I see who lives on my floor was told the same but got the vax anyway.
and her mates ...
you know very well how controlling some HK employers are

totally unsurprised
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Old 4th May 2021, 03:55
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Yep, I can believe the anti-vax controlling behavior. Total bolleaux though about not being able to hold a driving licence.
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Old 4th May 2021, 06:09
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I think people are just trying to point out the difficulty of some countries citizens to get a licence. But this isn't just the Philippines or Indonesia. There are many countries who need to do the full licence from scratch. Wait times for it can be years.

Also I think the government has back-pedalled on the vaccine requirement now.
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Old 4th May 2021, 07:21
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Here’s another quarantine story.

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Old 4th May 2021, 08:56
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Norhong Kongrea. Free missile rides and petty zoo with rabid dogs and hungry hogs.
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