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Work Visa renewals

Fragrant Harbour A forum for the large number of pilots (expats and locals) based with the various airlines in Hong Kong. Air Traffic Controllers are also warmly welcomed into the forum.

Work Visa renewals

Old 2nd Jun 2021, 10:53
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Avoiding a big, embarrassing, expensive court case? Or even worse, getting booted out of HK and closing shop, for not playing by the ImmD rules.
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Old 3rd Jun 2021, 10:17
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Yes. We know that almost from the beginning of aviation in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong CAD, lacking in its own expertise, relied almost completely , on the advice of the perceived expert, Cathay Pacific Airways. Of course Cathay Pacific would give advice that was tainted by their own interests. Perhaps that situation still continues until now. Means to say that it is, in fact, Cathay Pacific that is, perhaps deliberately, stuck in the past.
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Old 5th Jun 2021, 23:15
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Everywhere else in the world, nationals are employed preferentially. It is also true that expats are terminated in order to create positions for the unemployed nationals.

This is the risk we all understood when we chose to became expat “mercenaries”. High reward = high risk. We all knew that eventually the dice wouldn’t roll in our favour and it was time to find a new casino to try our luck in.

It surprises me that with so many unemployed HK National pilots that the government has not yet forced this issue. It will be inevitable.

As for PR, the HK government must surely be asking itself what value is it to HK. What is it that a PR holder contributes that a non-PR holder doesn’t. That someone with 6 years and 354 days of living in HK has lesser value than one with 7 years and 1 day makes zero sense. With Beijing exerting more control every day, I suspect these questions are being asked.
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Old 7th Jun 2021, 04:35
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It doesn't make sense the WIN-WIN situation, "she/he" gets a visa to live in a "proper" country and you get visa to work and live in a place?
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Old 7th Jun 2021, 06:33
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Well, this won't help things. Wonder if CX knew about this when they posted the Job Vacancy ads last week? Hope the pilots and cabin crew can find work elsewhere.
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Old 7th Jun 2021, 07:13
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The old private browsing trick is not working anymore. I guess Danny had to get paid this week. Less info on the standard but same idea.

Hong Kong Airlines is considering laying off 50 percent of its staff due to the prolonged impact of the pandemic on its business, according to reports.

It was understood that the management of the airline will be looking into two options in adjusting its operations to try to stay afloat.

The first option would be laying off half of its workforce - affecting around 1,000 staffers, while the second option would be grounding all A320 flights.

According to Hong Kong Airlines’ official website, the airline currently owns 32 aircraft, of which 12 of them are A320 airliners.
The airline had twice announced mass layoffs last year, slashing around 650 jobs.
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Old 7th Jun 2021, 07:18
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COS22 will be offered by CXHKE to these unemployed pilots. Never miss the opportunity in a crisis…..
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Old 7th Jun 2021, 07:50
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A coordinated effort in making space for Greater Bay Scarelines, their AOC is ready and expansion plans shall be announced soon!

You read it here first
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Old 7th Jun 2021, 08:17
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Yes Curry. I believe their first cohort of pilots started with them today. I hope it will turn out to be a good choice for those who got in on the ground floor. If nothing else they’ll get a rating and currency out of it and get paid more than at HKE.
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Old 7th Jun 2021, 08:27
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cheers CL
but why Scarelines
that CX superiority complex is not a badge I’d be polishing right now
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Old 7th Jun 2021, 08:46
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HKA just advertised for pilots, now they're half folding (again) wtf, hire or fire make up your mind!
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Old 7th Jun 2021, 08:57
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When did HKA advertise? I think you are confusing HKA with HKE......
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Old 7th Jun 2021, 09:12
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The was Hong Kong Air Cargo (RH), technically is a different company with HKA
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Old 7th Jun 2021, 09:57
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Originally Posted by lucille View Post
Everywhere else in the world, nationals are employed preferentially.
I have to correct this statement, although I get what your trying to say the way in which you are saying it might be misunderstood as racist.

In the USA, UK (insert other generic western nation) Nationals are most certainly not employed preferentially to non nationals, once you have the right to live and work without necessarily being a nationally or having a passport then everyone is treated equally.

The BIG difference is that in most western nations (apart from the USA where some Australians were sponsored by airlines to come and work) airlines do not sponsor work visas for pilots because they have enough available domestically and don't need overseas workers.

FYI In the USA when the furloughs started they did not terminate the employment of the Australians on company sponsored work visas ahead of American nationals. I am well aware of what happened at Singapore and Korean, so there you have it some countries do it one way and others do it another.

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Old 7th Jun 2021, 10:25
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Farman Biplane

Unfortunately those whom will be let go, don’t have or won’t have a working visa. Either can you change employer on your correct employment visa.
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Old 7th Jun 2021, 11:48
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It is worth mentioning that many Based Pilots have asked (for years) to maintain their visa (being as they were being taxed they may as well be taxed legally), but the Company always refused to do this. Had the Company done this at least they would now have the ability relocate to HK.
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Old 7th Jun 2021, 12:03
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Darned right Millworker. I first asked back in ‘08 or ‘09 when we went “on-shore”... cannot.
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Old 10th Jun 2021, 08:52
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Work Visa Compromise?

Rumour doing the rounds:

IMD and CX have reached a compromise. Hiring is open at CX & HKE to see how many unemployed PR pilots are interested in flying again. Every pilot that Cx/Hke hires off the street in turn IMD will give Cx/hke one work visa. So if true looks like it might save some work visa holders jobs, fingers crossed.

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Old 10th Jun 2021, 09:19
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In seniority order, maybe, IAW Company Policy…

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Old 10th Jun 2021, 09:45
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Why would they want more pilots when they’ve got too many already?
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