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The GMA Epistle

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The GMA Epistle

Where does one begin. As usual with anything from management, your letter is a diarrhea of dissembling, outright exaggeration, lies and distortion. It attempts to bludgeon with boredom and a complete lack of perspective and facts. It leads to the outrage that is firmly in favour of the AOA, and all the company pilots.

It starts out by stating that the AOA is the one that is ‘misleading’. So, predictably, straight into the old strategy of ‘tell a lie enough times and it becomes the truth’. In fact, the AOA has carefully and thoughtfully explained the FACTS of their offer (an offer I completely disagree with I might add). The main point he raises in the first section is that the AOA proposal ‘raises costs’. Well guess what Dom, running an airline costs money. Never mind the fact that your department has reduced in real terms the value of our jobs by almost 50% over the past 25 years, you now seem to think that years of below par raises, missed increments, no profit sharing, intermittent 13th month, and outright theft (I still want my 10% back from SLS) somehow makes the pilots the ones who have been unreasonable. In fact, compared to our national compatriots back in most of our first-world homes, we are now falling further and further behind. It is even more ironic and outrageous that just at the point in HK history when housing has reached record levels of cost, combined with ever smaller sizes of rentable accommodation, your department thinks CUTTING housing is reasonable. Whatever you are smoking, I’m sure it violates our drug clause at CX! (cut your own housing first btw)

You also mention that the AOA proposal ‘had damaging implications for our company and employees’. Unbelievable….as if everything your management has done these past years hasn’t been the REAL reason for the damage to the company. Another example of your delusion.

You then go onto mention costs, specifically stating that the proposal would raise the company’s costs by $3.5 billion over 10 years. So, that is only 1/3 of the amount lost EACH YEAR by your genius and industry leading incompetent fuel hedge. You have the nerve to quote $3.5 b over TEN YEARS, when you and your lot have been losing that amount almost every 4 months, for the past two years. Did you write that with a straight face?, just asking.

You go on to state that ‘there are no savings in the AOA proposal’. Well, I (and all the pilots) can CLEARLY see that what the AOA proposed would plainly reduce what we are paid and remunerated. So, if the money isn’t going to me, and you get to keep it, HOW ON EARTH CAN THAT NOT BE A SAVING FOR THE COMPANY? Rhetorical Dom...

You then mention that ‘communications must be factual and accurate’. Exactly the two things that this management has not done in the past 25 years. Over two decades of lies and deceit. And you have the nerve to question us on that score.

Then you mention sustainable cost savings. You completely ignore the fact that two of the biggest savings would be the CMP outcome, and BASINGS. But of course, you choose to ignore those two obvious cost benefits because to have included them would destroy your argument about other cuts being necessary. You have NO credibility until those two things have been implemented and assessed. You then close by saying that ‘doing nothing is not an option’. As I have just pointed out above, YOU are doing ‘nothing’, particularly regarding the obvious cost savings inherent in basings. It is obvious that what you are doing now is trying to commit a career enhancing ‘hail mary’ attack on our group. Well, let’s see how that works out.

You mention you are faced with ‘only difficult choices at this time’. Funny, you seem to have avoided the easy choices (basings, rostering improvements, etc). Your words speak process, but your actions speak the reality of your managements inherent dishonesty and duplicity. You say one thing, but your actions shout louder than your printed words.

You have 3000+ individuals who are implacably set against you. You are already seeing a markedly increasing resignation rate, increasing sickness rate and a general air of malaise set into your Flight Ops department. That is ONLY going to increase. It seems you choose to ignore the fact that the vast majority of aircrew are ACTIVELY seeking new employers. The crumbling of your department will be gradual….and then sudden. We are much closer to the ‘sudden’ bit of that equation. Most of us don’t care anymore about your corporate intimidation or threats. The majority have figured out that there are better careers elsewhere. Perhaps you can take a few years sabbatical from your office job and learn to fly. Soon you will need to be able to fill in on short notice. I think you’ll enjoy the TPE split duties.

Dom, nothing you write can obscure the fact that the majority of us are wise to the lies of this management. The fact that you can state that the cuts the AOA proposed were ‘not savings’ is only the tip of that iceberg (and direct evidence of your departments dishonesty). We live in HK. We know the cost of doing so. We know the cost of staying in touch with our families back home, the cost of health care, the cost of raising children, the cost of retirement. Nothing you offer addresses those concerns, and accordingly we will plan our careers elsewhere. In the meantime, while we await interviews and course dates, we will mess you up. The Christmas and CNY holidays are upon us. That is the only small pleasure left in this environment.

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Agreed in toto.

On a lighter note: I was glad to hear from Dom. Itís been hard lately to figure out what on earth heís been doing for his salary. This made it all clear. Also, I think itís nice he learned that ďproposalĒ is a word and ďsupposalĒ isnít.
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Plus one to that epistle Traf
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I've lost track of how many times management have pointed out the 2300 firm aircraft orders for the region, yet they seem to feel this we should sympathise with them and see this as a threat to the corporate bottom line rather than as a huge opportunity for highly trained, experienced and sought after pilots to seek better employment elsewhere as competition for pilots ramps up. Very blinkered but not surprising.

Another thing I don't understand is how management have generously chosen to take a temporary pay freeze this year (so presumably they were expecting a pay rise for their stellar performance) and not to accept their CX bonuses (as opposed to their Swire bonuses which they will still get) yet they feel that all the minions should accept a permanent cut to salary, housing and provident fund. How is this justified or equitable or considered leading from the front?

My last point is more of a suggestion to aide the company in further improving its bottom line. Adopt the common Hong Kong practice of running the office for 6 days a week - all levels of office staff would be included, right up to Slosar, so it would be seen as fair. There would be no need to pay staff for the extra days' work as it could be done under the guise of HK Best Practice and we are a 24/7 operation after all. It would generate an additional 20% productivity that could be harnessed to further grow this great company. Alternatively, that extra productivity could be used to justify further staff reductions (anyone who spoke out against it would be first to go, naturally) and the threat of job loss could be leveraged to further grow this great company - my preferred option, to be honest, as it feels like double-dipping.
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Curtain rod,

Easy to tell you are old school but with the advent of texts, hashtags and emails, grammar, spelling and structure went out the window. Live with it.

On the more serious points raised, anyone with an ounce of sense knows the GMA ramblings are meaningless and don't for one minute imagine they are actually written by him. There are young "suits" with college degrees wandering around CX City carrying their laptops who are writing these letters and putting the "Sell CX Show" into play. The managers we identify with are just the mouth pieces for a strategy bought and paid for by Swire's at least two years ago.
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They have no idea the chaos that will ensue if they follow that course. Speaking with dozens of pilots this past two months, there isn't a man/woman who isn't ready to cause the company some intense pain. Bring it on.
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You are the owner of a thoroughbred racehorse that has performed well over the years and won you billions of dollars in prize money. The horse gets a sore foot and you have a number of options :

1. Talk to the vet who advises rest, ointment, massage, gentle return to training with a guarantee of a full recovery.
2. Talk to the vet, ignore his advice and cut the horses leg off to save medical bills.
3. Shoot the horse because you are fed up of horse racing.

Which option do you think we face ?

Answers on a postcard to ..............

PS Option 4 was put him out to stud.
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Another pilot has pointed out that the GMA's letter was written on the 15th November. That was BEFORE the AOA released their explanation to the pilot body. Mr GMA sir, you are a disgrace (and also careless). To have written your condemnation (containing nothing but lies and deceit) of an AOA action, before that action had actually taken place is nothing short of despicable. You have '0' credibility, and you have disgraced your position and responsibility. I would add: to the entire pilot body, in HK and all bases, the time is now to stand up against the past 25+ years of abuse and intimidation. If not now, there will be no career left to care about. Take action, each and every one of you over the next few weeks. It's time to kick malicious and deceitful people like DP to the curb. We deserve better.
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The question is... Do we have the sack?

Yes, Iím talking to you spiked haired brigade.

Yes, Iím talking to you trainers whom have been rearing your much cheaper replacements.

Yes, Iím talking to you DB residents with wives, housekeepers, and kids in HK schools.

Yes, Iím talking to you based pilots who somehow like to pretend you are unaffected by the tribulation in HK.

Do you or do you not have the sack to defend your profession and livelihoods?
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Do you care?

I don't care.

I'm beyond caring.

Listened to some ****** going down to SYD the other night pushing 129.9 to speed up their delay.. willing to take any level.. we need to leave onetime.. muppet.

I don't care.

Listened to someone else north of TPE trying to get a higher level to get out of turbulence..

I don't care.

So many guys say they will fight, then they are company guys in flight.

I don't care if were late, I don't care to read any notams..

I don't care.

Stop caring. It gets much better.

There is no changing the course of our collision with the iceberg.

You can be on the bridge discussing strategy..

I'll be in the bar drinking.

I don't care.
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Noble! I envy you.

Oh, to be a teenager again. I miss those days.

Now whereís my dime bag?
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You forgot to mention the "Senior" sim instructors where, following a full career at the highest pay and pension levels, have no problem signing up to undercut those still line flying and awaiting a promotion just like they were able to achieve.

They are literally assisting in the degradation of a career where "they" got the best of the best and then return and assist in the process by VOLUNTEERING to undercut their ex-colleagues.
Narcissistic ageing pilots with no life for the most part.
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Trafalgar, thanks for the wrap up, I donít normally read his updates. I think you are taking what he has said too literally though.

This is the guy they are going to hang this monumental HR screw up on. The increasing level of the invective would indicate he is just realizing it.

DP would be wise to follow most of our junior pilots and start sending out resumes.
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Poor kid. Must have looked so easy on paper. So many pilots coming to work in HK on C scales, or HKA/ HKE pay. No problem to cut the old farts - Worst case is a few more going sick
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Donít forget where the guy comes from.

He is an ISD manager. A typical Ďpilot haterí on a personal vendetta.

Only this time, he has gone too far.

The upcoming chaos over the holidays will cost him his job.

Bon voyage, Dom.
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Dear Dom,

Just a quick heads you don't seem to understand what is really going on.

Comment in article in press today:

"The secretary of the Air Force told reporters earlier this month she was almost 2,000 pilots short, forcing the service to ask retired pilots to come back."

ps. Hope you aren't planning on getting home this holiday season....
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