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GMA dummy spit

Old 24th Nov 2017, 11:49
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GMA dummy spit

Looks like Domís choked on a peanut in the gay bar this afternoon after reading the AOA update.

I must say, I had almost the same reaction but for vastly different reasons.

Anyway, in case anyone had any doubt as to where this basket case of a company is intending to head, consider this;

He says that 3.5Billion increase over 10 years is unacceptable.
So by their own figures we cost 45% of their 19.7B wage bill. Or about 9B annually. So 90B over 10 years. And a 3.5B over 10 years is unacceptable. If anyone is in any doubt about the writing on the wall, look no further than this very simplistic example. These clowns have 1 goal, and one goal only.

Donít be the last one standing when the music stops.
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Old 24th Nov 2017, 12:26
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Funny, he didn't mention the 24 BILLION, that's right, $24,000,000,000.00 we are on track to lose for the past 3 years in fuel gambling incompetence. Someone's gotta pay for that, and it ain't gonna be manangement from the looks of it.
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Old 24th Nov 2017, 13:04
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I hope you helped dislodge the peanut with a firm slap.

Whilst applying the firm slap, I hope you pointed out the following (repeatedly);

1. ARAPA costs about $1bn per year. Over 10 years that will cost $10bn right? Well no, it won't because in 10 years there won't be many left on expat terms. I don't say that out of hysteria, but demographics. Where does that saving appear in either the Company's or AOA's BS.
2. The CMP will deliver savings/productivity gains.
3. Open the Bases FFS.
4. The TB is strangling the Company. Yep, it's strangling some of us too, but the GMA is responsible to the shareholders, it's no solace to the shareholders that it's hurting us too. CC also costs the company. They need both gone.

I guess with the CPS team in there chucking around concessions, he must be dissapointed he didn't get the mother of all good deals for his bosses,- TB/CC gone, pay cuts, all because he convinced the CPS bods he might somehow impose something worse.....
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Old 24th Nov 2017, 17:14
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Just read the GMA's latest update. He accuses the AOA of telling lies to it's membership (factual inaccuracies ). I wonder who he thinks he is talking down to? Out of an Employee Engagement survey only 45 percent of employees could be bothered to respond and be engaged. With people like the GMA in key positions is it any wonder the staff feel alienated?,
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Old 24th Nov 2017, 23:03
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And he had a week to write it! Check the date at the top of the update.
That’s the best he could come up with?
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Old 25th Nov 2017, 00:02
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I think it goes without saying (but Iíll write it anyways) that if the HKAOA went on strike, the based unions who would not be legally able to join would have a massive increase in sickness rates. Finding long term sickness conditions is actually quite easy with some forethought. Very few based pilots are so selfish and/or dumb that they donít see their own fortunes inextricably linked to their colleagues in Hong Kong.
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Old 25th Nov 2017, 02:01
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The company's letter was written on November 15th (see top of the letter), so before the AOA sent out their supposal to all members. I guess they didn't expect their lies about cost increases etc to be exposed!
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Old 25th Nov 2017, 03:53
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Haha, well spotted. This mob isn't just greedy, but careless as well. Unbelievable.
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Old 25th Nov 2017, 09:40
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Looks like Dom’s choked on a peanut in the gay bar this afternoon after reading the AOA update.
Couldn't have been a peanut. They're banned!
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Old 25th Nov 2017, 11:12
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Actually the company is saving them up to pay us with from January.
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