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2 points
1) isn't it amazing how the company manages to produce a computer program that allows for a reduction to your EO allowance .Yet it's just too difficult to calculate the HDP and overtime due to you
Give me some cash and I will gladly produce a formula for you that will take those issues into account .It really isn't that difficult , seriously

2). Could someone explain ,how after receiving a pay adjustment. I cannot call it a rise because we are still so far behind the inflation curve . That the EO allowance is reduced . It makes absolutely no sense to me . But don't worry guys it's only a few thousand dollars not a big issue . REALLY !!!!

Well let's do the sums 2500 aircrew multiplied by say $2000 each , loss of EO that equates to 5 million HK dollars not an insignificant amount
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isn't it amazing how the company manages to produce a computer program that allows for a reduction to your EO allowance .Yet it's just too difficult to calculate the HDP and overtime due to you

Jobs currently advertised in CX IT
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Amazingly he talks of having Fun, Travelling and Efficiency but never mentions SAFETY. Where is that in the Cathay Priorities?
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Cathay Isn't interested in safety only the bottom line!!
He mentions 'I.T' a helluva lot but not ONCE does he mention Yammer , so is Yammer not official anymore??
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Yammer is not coordinated into IT.
It's a lovechild of MH, Flight Ops and James Tong, Corporate Affairs.
Did you really think that Yammer is thought through?

Daft, innit?
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The problem is that these guys actually believe their own BS and propaganda. The best aircraft in the air...21 year old 777s....and the best product in the air....! Are you serious? Have you ever stepped outside of your cubicle and onto Emirates/Qatar/Etihad Business and First Class? Hell, our passengers aren't even guaranteed their first meal choice because some bozo decided we could save about 50 cents per meal not loaded. What a bloody joke. Bread roll? Sorry sir, we don't have enough. Salmon? Sorry, both minuscule portions have already been snooze, you lose, Sucker!
We are certainly winning that race to the bottom.
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As others have said.....

Cathay IT, bringing you yesterday's technology - tomorrow!
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The Ozzie Larikin ism is a myth...
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Well, they've truly cocked up this time!

Nowhere in the TA did it mention we'll be back paid 4 months.
Simply, as a sign on bonus, we'll get a lump sum as a ratio of our previous salary. Of course it was P funded AT. That's the law!!

This is no different to other lump sum payments. ie profit share (the last 2 years being about the same as my missing lump sum payment. Was refreshing to see AT call it "slight") and 13th month.
How it's calculated (eg 1 x 1 month for 13th month or .045 x 1 month x 4 for lump sum sign on bonus) really doesn't matter. This wasn't a backdated pay increase. They've made that very clear. IT WAS A LUMP SUM SIGN ON BONUS!!!

I personally see this as NR's final salute before he goes back to looking after gold fish.
It's a shame the DFO, starting a new page, is defending the indefensible.
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It's nonsense that they stated it's hard to include the HDP and overtime into the backdated payment instead they "know" how deduct the EO adjustment.
I do not think "hard to calculate" would be a reasonable defense in the court, in particular, for such a big company!
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Let's file a case for pay discrimination in the courts. Yes, time consuming, but the company's own laughable excuse will sink them, especially as they seem to be able to figure out every other conceivable deduction when it suits them.
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Has anyone ever received an allowance adjustment due roster change which gave them an increase in allowances?

I have only ever had deductions. On the balance of probabilities I would have though it would swing both ways.

Failure to pay the correct allowances is yet another breach of contract.
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Once again, the managers are laughing all the way to their bank.
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Excellent video plain pilot and sadly way too close to the bone for me to be able to laugh while watching it.
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