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Here we go again, cockpit photos, good bye jumpseat

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Here we go again, cockpit photos, good bye jumpseat

Old 6th Mar 2015, 05:05
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Here we go again, cockpit photos, good bye jumpseat


Video has emerged of a Cathay Pacific flight landing at Hong Kong International airport said to have been filmed by a passenger from inside the cockpit.

The footage, which shows an onboard countdown before the plane lands, circulated online after it was posted along with six photos to the Weibo account of Ada Ng Tsz-yan, a young woman who said the pilot allowed her to sit in the cabin.

Ng said in a message dated March 3 that the flight was full and she was fortunate to have been allowed by the captain to sit behind him in the cockpit.

WATCH: Woman allowed by captain to sit in Cathay Pacific flight's cockpit

“Experiencing the take-off and landing inside the cockpit is very cool,” she said.

One photo, which shows a ticket bearing Ng’s name, suggested the trip was Cathay Pacific flight 465 from Taipei to Hong Kong on February 26, a route usually flown on a Boeing 777-300.

Other photos showed a view of what is believed to be a runway at Chek Lap Kok airport, lined with other planes to one side.

The South China Morning Post is this morning contacting Cathay Pacific and airport authorities for verification and comment.

Ng posted a photo of her ticket for flight CX465 from Taipei to Hong Kong. Photo: SCMP Pictures

Heightened security measures in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States have meant greater restrictions on who is allowed to access the flight deck.

In February, a US congressman proposed a bill that would add a locked wire mesh gate between passenger cabins and cockpit doors to make it more difficult for passengers and potential hijackers to get into the cockpit.

The bill also points out that although Federal Aviation Administration rules say the reinforced cockpit doors must be closed, in reality pilots and flight attendants open them quite often for bathroom and meal breaks.

When this legislation was first introduced in 2013, airlines in the US did not support it, saying that secondary barriers were unnecessary, and that if airlines wanted to install them, it should be up to them and not the government, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Posters on question-and-answer site quora.com report that post-September 11, 2001 most captains will not allow passengers to enter the cockpit during a flight.

A pilot's eye view of the plane taken by the passenger. Photo: SCMP Pictures

Last March, photographs showed the co-pilot of missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 entertaining and smoking with teenage tourists in the cockpit during a previous flight.

In 2011, Cathay Pacific sacked a pilot and a flight attendant after photos showed them engaging in a sex act inside the cockpit. Those images emerged a few days before the launch of a planned ad campaign, which would have featured flight attendants, pilots and other employees in informal poses with the slogan, “Meet the team who go the extra mile to make you feel special.”

The Post reported at the time that the pilot and flight attendant were a couple, and the pilot had complained that the photos were personal images downloaded from his laptop and distributed without his permission.

Standard bottom feeding news for the SCMP thanks to Lai Ying-kit and Alan Yu, clearly on the way to Pulitzer, poor chic probably just joined.
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Old 6th Mar 2015, 05:24
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I assume this silly young girl is either staff, or a dependent.

i.e. absolutely permitted to be on the jump seat.

Ok, she shouldn't be posting that on the net, but she was no doubt permitted to be there.

Good work by the bottom feeding journalists.
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Old 6th Mar 2015, 05:48
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Doing someone a favour and this is how they repay you. By stabbing you in the back
This is exactly why I no longer give jump seats to arbitrary people. It simply isn' t worth it
So well done to the stupid bi- itch for ruining the priveledge for numerous others

Judging by the photos they were probably serupticiously taken without the pilots consent
But this is a non story , it must have been a slow news day .
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Old 6th Mar 2015, 06:49
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Here we go again, cockpit photos, good bye jumpseat

The ticket has jump seat on it!
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Old 6th Mar 2015, 07:08
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From now on, ONLY other pilots will be given JS. End of story.
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Old 6th Mar 2015, 07:14
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Unfortunately, she has showed that to be the only safe and sensible policy (in terms of career preservation) for future jump seat allocations....... I don't want to have to continually monitor jump seat pax to enforce the "no pics" rule. Have better things to do...l

Last edited by dribbler; 6th Mar 2015 at 08:27.
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Old 6th Mar 2015, 07:47
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Its hard to watch passengers in the JS from doing something like this. Your attention is diverted to the job at hand.

Hopefully management take her aside and explain the consequences of her action. Even though she might be staff, or she is a dependant (Hopefully she is), she needs to be informed that this affects not only her but the rest of the staff and that JS's in the future could be jeopardised by her actions.
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Old 6th Mar 2015, 08:00
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I think the FAU would melt down if the company banned the use of the JS's for their commuting crews.

Without ISD's strong demand, I'm sure the company would stop the policy, just to piss us off even further!

Denying JS's to CC, is not a very productive solution for anyone.

Don't persecute a whole demographic, for a few that probably didn't know any better. If she was crew, perhaps ISD should do a better job at educating their staff, on JS use and etiquette. Shouldn't think they even know what is in the OPS A, regarding photography.

No I'm not banging one
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Old 6th Mar 2015, 08:02
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The SCMP proves yet again that it is unworthy to be the wrapping for my prawn shells.

This stupid little girl hasn't got anything keeping her ears apart and proves yet again that the "One Team One Dream" has become a giant kindergarten.

She was issued a JMP boarding pass and I think it would be fair to assume she was travelling on an ID90 ticket or equivalent. If these people have no inbred or learned commonsense then it is necessary for the check-in and gate staff to get them to sign a 50 page agreement saying that they should shut up and keep their iphones switched off.

As others have alluded to, the goodwill in releasing the jumpseat has further shrunk and now falls into line with ground staff goodwill to flight crew travelling on ID tickets.

Welcome to Kitty Land....giving Disneyland a run for its money.
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Old 6th Mar 2015, 08:09
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What a b*llshit article...

Trying desperately to make a sensationalist story over something completely routine and legal. Pathetic.
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Old 6th Mar 2015, 13:38
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If she was crew, perhaps ISD should do a better job at educating their staff, on JS use and etiquette. Shouldn't think they even know what is in the OPS A, regarding photography.
ISD is interested more in providing good customer service to the pax and less attention on educating cabin crews on JS etiquette. Most are familiar only with Vol.5, not OPS A.

The sad part is that instead of disciplining (or educating ) the person(s) involved, everyone (staff eligible for JS, immediate Family) will now pay the consequence.
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Old 6th Mar 2015, 15:57
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I would think she is probably innocent of trying to cause harm. In fact, it looks as though she was excited and happy, and thought it was fantastic!!

It is probably just a lack of education from her family member as to photography not being allowed. And I would also suggest that her family member is most probably ground staff.
(Ground staff tend to be the ones who understand the whole jumpseat thing the least. Ground staff are also the ones who never say thanks, or never pass on a message that they got a seat and are on board).

The rules really ought to be published to jumpseat requesters by the company, like an electronic checklist, to tick and acknowledge the rules, before the request is submitted. Kind of like the plastic card they put in our hands at check-in explaining DG's and security requirements.

I think we should give the poor girl a break, she probably feels bad enough as it is.
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Old 6th Mar 2015, 16:03
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Ops-A is pretty clear in prohibiting in flight pictures on the flight deck except with express approval.

As it is in many other airlines and services. Since the invention of the airplane and the camera it has also been one of the most broken rules; usually without incident or fanfare by those having the judgment and wherewithal to do it correctly and safely. In fact, many useful snapshots for training and unusual/unique circumstances (for a good cause--to pass on to other pilots something valuable to know) are published in our own newsletters and official publications themselves which were taken in contravention to the 'technicality' side of the rule. But don't really present a problem.

Pilots and cameras can be a bad combination. The key here is if someone is going to take pictures they do it safely and with discretion and judgment. Filming a landing and posting it for the world to see does NOT fall into that category. It kind of sucks when the lowest common denominator bites everyone. Most of us would have the good sense to do the right thing and be discreet if someone had a lapse of judgment, but not everyone has good sense, nor does it appear the individual knew it wasn't allowed.
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Old 6th Mar 2015, 20:44
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The fact it's not allowed is the only reason this mole hill is now a mountain, a simple rule change, such as "when permitted by the captain" (with appropriate guidance in part A) would make this a non event as it would no longer be news worthy, the internet is flooded with cockpit photography usually done in a professional manner that normally never makes the news.

The CAD should butt out and just say don't let it interfere with safety.
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Old 7th Mar 2015, 00:31
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I tell my JS pax not to take photos or video, but unless you are going to distract yourself by turning around and watching them continuously, you don't know what they are doing.
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Old 7th Mar 2015, 00:31
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I wouldn't rate Ada's chances of getting another JS.
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Old 7th Mar 2015, 02:46
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Hopefully management take her aside and explain the consequences of her action.
Wouldn't it be easier for them (and more satisfying) to just blame and discipline the pilots?

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Old 7th Mar 2015, 04:05
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Regardless of her intentions common manners would dictate that if she wanted to take pictures of someones workplace she should ask the person working there if it is OK. Especially in the workplace she was allowed into as a favor so as to facilitate her journey.
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Old 7th Mar 2015, 04:37
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You forgot the refusal to hold a door open, not saying thank you for anything, and blind obsession with money.
The cad will put the kibosh on jumpseats I reckon.
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Old 7th Mar 2015, 05:49
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30 years old cx cabin crew, divorced, and has went on a China matchmaking show a year or two ago. Thats how she described hrself on the show, and now thanks to this funny fellow, we might say bye to jump seat now.

Disclaimer: her identity is all over hk news now
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