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CX and the EFB?

Old 29th Mar 2013, 12:56
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CX and the EFB?

Anyone know why CX feels the need to reinvent the wheel re the EFB?

I see Boeing had just released an iPad app for the 737 QRH (free) its interactive and ticks off just like an electronic checklist plus it combines deferred items for following checklists. (A customized QRH is available for a price).

From flight international Lufthansa is working on a moving map function for the ipad.

Plus there is a system for wireless interaction with the ARINC data bus for maintenance and several other options.

You can already attach a gizmo to swipe a credit card through attached to the ipad for Inflight sales.

We get multiple messages regarding how to put NAVTECH charts onto an ipad.

Technology moves so fast by the time CX gets its EFB sorted out it'll be out of date and the usual waste of $$$ plus the fact all the paper manuals being lugged around and maintained by ground staff must have paid for iPads for all of us by now!

Airlines are looking ahead at future functionality of tablet-based electronic flightbags (EFB) such as the iPad, and several plan to use the devices not only to store aeronautical charts and manuals but to provide additional features such as maintenance logs and extra situational awareness on the ground. Aerospace-built class 2 and class 3 EFBs have traditionally provided this type of information, but these functions are now being integrated into class 1 portable consumer devices as well.
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Old 29th Mar 2013, 13:24
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iPads are not permitted by law to be used as an EFB, due to the bullshit excuse of "hong Kong Telecommunications Ordinance".
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Forward thinking decisions require real managers, not accountants, to be put into action. Remember, Cathay is a follower, not a leader. We have never led in anything and we are always late to the party.

Just for perspective, I remember back in to 2005 being told EFBs are "around the corner". Here we are, 8 years later. Really? EIGHT? Must have been one hell of a corner.
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Old 29th Mar 2013, 17:09
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Actually the efb project was initiated in 1999. That is 14 years ago. And there is absolutely nothing to show for it. Many millions of dollars have been wasted over the years, usually on charlatan consultants, who are working on technology that is already obsolete, and do not have the technical expertise in any case.
We have been told time and time again by the current GMO and his predecessors that a new era is about to be unleashed. This lie has even been sold recently to the board as a major cost saving initiative. If they were taken in then they are fools. Nothing is about to change anytime soon.

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Even anal Australia has just approved use of tablet computers in the cockpit as a primary reference for charts and publications.

I had a dream last night: iPads for all loaded with Jeppesen terminal and enroute, and the only other thing they need is a cheap clip to hold it. Flight magazine 5-11th March quotes United saving 1.23 million litres and one million sheets of paper after transitioning to the iPad. Not to mention the improved situational awareness and ease of use.

And we get missives from the DFO about carrying 600 kg too much fuel. He may also start on the Scotch tape bill, judging from the amount needed to repair those crappy Navtech charts just about every sector.

The waste of money, and the inferior product (the Navtech rubbish) might be worth a question to the CEO at the auditorium briefiing; but I think I know what the answer will be:

'Broccoli is a plant of the cabbage family that...'

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This is a joke, right, just look at the intranet and realize how close the IT dept are to the EFB.

The managers should grow a set, give up, go to the CXAD And tell them to approve the iPad and move to the 20th century. Then maybe we can be gentle and tell, them about the 21st century.

They could even buy one off the shelf. It could not be worse than the dismal attempts at electronic manuals for home and 2meter stack of manuals on board.
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Yeah, it would be funny if it wasn't true.......
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Just use your iPad with Navtech charts. Do you really need to be told?
Over 1/2 the guys I fly with are doing it already, as am I.
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If CX is lucky maybe everyone will bring their own iPad
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