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Will NR be held accountable? Or is being Director of Cargo punishment enough? Or will the blame be passed to the poor MBC long gone and out of her league when it came to establishing employment companies overseas?

Willful ignorance is the same as outright lying and cheating! CX should be fined for all back taxes plus interest and punitive penalties. I've never experienced an organization this large and successful with such disregard for the rules of law in the countries to which they operate. It makes me fear for our future...
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Can someone post the article please.
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They could certainly 'Base' everyone in HK,
and allow you to be rostered out of a preferred
Taxes in addition to Hk would be up to individual based on port/ circumstance
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Actually...they can't even do that now. Reason, all the relevant tax authorities know about Cathay. Closing a base and preferred port rostering would still leave officers exposed to double taxation...and/or punitive action.

Is this article not a little "out of date?"

Yes, we knew about officers facing a double hit, yes we knew about Paris closing, and the potential of other base closures... so what's new in this article ???
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"Personal tax is a personal matter for the affected individual......."

So why do they withhold you're final pay and provident fund until you have provided them with a letter from HKIRD stating that you have paid up all your taxes owing, when you retire?
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CX, until you take accountability for the crime that was the 49'ers, bad karma will follow you. This is a direct result of a court case initiated by an employee that was wrongfully dismissed because you thought you are above the law CX.
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Respectfully, you're expecting CX to take on the tax burden of the individuals choice in my example. I am not.

I am suggesting, you may own a house in Bangkok/ KUL, where you have the right to live due to ownership, and have that as a preffered port. Pay your tax in HK, live elsewhere. Everyone's home tax laws are different, I don't expect SWIRE to know or really care about them.

However, If I want to live in X, and why shouldn't I be able to if I deal with the taxes on my own?

Personally, I float between 2 countries in addition to Hong kong, careful not to incur tax outside HK. It works fine.
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Basically, CX should do things properly like a grown up Company and stop behaving like a Mill Owner. Basing pilots abroad would obviously incur some employer responsibility in the jurisdiction. Why didn't the brilliant Oxbridge lot realise that and do it legally, or at least cleverly. Instead, we have the Revenue plodders beavering away and eventually catching our great, tax evading leaders out so that they have to invent a story, close Bases and lick their wounds whilst hoping not to incur massive fines!!
Seriously, expect Frankfurt to close at the very least. Maybe London which would be fun..................
You couldn't make it up.
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I will never forget what they did to me. One day, sooner or later, it will be payback time.
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I will never forget what they did to me.
None of us will. Company / Employee relations are rotten to the core, and will forever remain so because of that act of pure evil.
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Isn't the watch advertisement on that SCMP page where this article is ironic?
I quote " to break the rules you must first master them"
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The Rules

Yokebearer, Thank you for bringing the watch advertisement to my attention. I had good laugh. I am sure that the irony will be lost on some!

I too will never forget, or forgive, what the morally bankrupt SOBs did to 42 flight engineers.

We know who was responsible, don't we, GC, KB, GM and RE?

Happy to be gone!
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i believe that article was put together based on several threads here in fragrant harbour. there is no source mentioned and all the issues discussed have been discussed here. now the article comes back to these pages. circuit complete!
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It may be old news to us, but it is interesting that the result of a 'perfect storm' of arrogance and incompetence is now making the press.

And like the residual background radiation in the cosmos of the 'big bang', reverberations from their dismissal of the 49ers are still detectable many years after the event.

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