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Jetblue, VA and Airtran are in the system - not quite sure why you want to go to a (non existant) HK office?
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You must have missed kmagyoyo's earlier post:

Did anyone else interpret BN's 'letter of introduction' description as 'rock up to your local ticketing office and get a ticket when you need it'?

Not so; First fill in an old paper ticket application, get a letter from Benefits for specific flights & dates, then go to the HONG KONG office of that airline to get the tickets.

NB; specific flights and dates, not an open ticket, and you need to repeat the above process every friggin time. Benefits told me 'its at the Airlines discretion' so good luck with convincing the local office girl its legit
So, I ask again, "Where can I find the HONG KONG office of Virgin American and Air Tran?"
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Not sure how you've got BA to work Busdude? I've looked again and the only airline I can get to show up under zonal one-world is S7. Has anyone else managed to book a BA iFly? What am I doing wrong.
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But why would you need to? Jetblue, Airtran & Virgin America are all in MyIDtravel, and you can issue an eticket through iJourney. No need for a letter to a (non existant) local office. Sure, it is a cluster>%$^ for airlines like Alaskan that aren't in the system, but to call out 3 airlines that the new system does work for seems odd
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Fly 747

Under iJourney-Leisure Travel-Make Booking-Concession One World (I use the first one)-wait for page to reload-Select Passenger. Once that page loads, under airlines, click on it. You'll only see Siberian until you click on it. British Airways is listed under Siberian. Guess it's reverse alphabetical or in order of most commonly used. Lots of guys going to Novosibirsk these days.
Hope that helps.
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Your looking in the wrong page.

On the right side of the first page there is
a small link to
You order those tickets there.

Not from the drop down menu on first page
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My buddy just told me about a particularly frustrating experience: his son telephoned from an outport and told him that he was being denied boarding because his ticket listed him as “master”. As his son is over 24 years old, he was told that the ticket he was holding was for a child and that he would need to get another ticket if he wanted to fly to Hong Kong as a staff dependent.

My mate was surprised, as his son had no problem flying from Hong Kong to the outport (with the new IJourney ticket), why the problem on the return flight?

On the IJourney staff details, his son was shown as a "senior" child, so printing another ticket still produced the same "master" designation prior to his name.

Fortunately after calling the number shown on the IJourney website and explaining his dilemma, the people in HKG were able to call the people in the outport in time to get his kid on the flight.
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Sounds like some sort of colonial problem...
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American Airlines

Woo hoo! American Airlines is on iFlyStaff now. But, wait! Although it can be chosen from the drop-down menu, it doesn't WORK! What a surprise!

No matter what I do when I try to make a booking I get the message

AMDFS01: Error in retrieving flight details. Please contact staff travel office.

If I use the "General Flight Search and Availability" page and search for flights, for a long time it showed "No Flight Available." Now, it shows the flights but when I go to make a booking I get:

AMDFS01: Error in retrieving flight details. Please contact staff travel office.

What a piece of CRAP!
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Anyone know where I can find ticket prices including taxes?

My parents got downgraded on a sector and not on another. I need to know how much they need to pay me. The fares table does not include all the taxes etc... Didn't there used to be an exact fares calculator somewhere?
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Anyone know where I can find ticket prices including taxes?
Taxes are now hidden away - no surprises there with iCannotJourney

You need to go through the process of making a booking. The "Purchase Tickets" which is phase 4 provides the breakdown of Fare + Taxes.

Taxes are coded and as of yet I still haven't found a table listing the codes.

Ten steps to do now what could be done with three previously.

Yet another "improvement" on this great system
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iflystaff listings and refunds

I'm wondering something about the iflystaff platform to get tickets on other airlines and refunds. I'm flying between two cities with Thai in a few days, and there is only one flight per day. I'm thinking of getting alternate tickets for connecting flights via BKK, which would give me a backup plan in case the direct flight is full (so far the flight shows a smiley face, but who knows exactly what are the chances to get on with such accurate information).

Since iflystaff does a listing whenever issuing an eticket, I'm wondering if there is some possibility of being denied the refund for the tickets via BKK if I get on the direct flight and don't show up for the flights via BKK. I've sent an email to the contact given in iflystaff, but so far no answer. Does anybody know if it's safe to list for multiple flights like that and expect to get the refund for the ones I did not show up for? Thanks!
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Had a ticket on Jetblue and a backup ticket on Delta few weeks ago. Ended up using Jetblue's ticket and requested refund on Delta's through mytravel website and it worked perfect. Had my credit card refunded I believe next day.

Mach .80
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Thanks Mach .80, I'll book the alternate flights then!
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Premium Economy

With the launch of Our Premium Economy we will be changing company policy on PX sector on Passenger Aircraft.

The new company policy will be changed to “Confirmed Premium Economy” with upgrade to “Business Class Space Available”.

This new change will help give Our New Business Class Product an upmarket atmosphere without any staff in this class.

All FOC’s that were “Business Class” will now be “Confirmed Premium Economy”.

We do hope you welcome this change and this will improve out product in these trying times.

Some may be concerned about Condition of Service violations but the HK Labor Tribunal and informal discussions with Judicial Officials ensured that this would not be entertained.

To My Bonus
The Management.
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Excellent, management!

Don't forget to email your change to the boys negotiating the EAs in Canada and Oz...

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On all flights departing an airport in the USA (CX, Oneworld, Zed), they are incorrectly charging us the Passenger Facility Charge (XF) at 35 HKD per sector.

Page 1:
A PFC generally will be imposed on all revenue passengers enplaned at an airport authorized to collect PFCs. Nonrevenue passengers from whom no PFC may be collected include air carrier employees or others receiving transportation against whom token service charges are levied, as well as infants for whom a token fare is charged.

Page 10:

The following information is applicable to all U.S. Passenger Facility Charges approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) described in the publication.
DEFINITION: Charge for FAA approved airport planning and development projects to:
a) preserve or enhance safety, security or capacity of the national air transportation system:
b) reduce noise or mitigate noise impacts resulting from an airport; or,
c) furnish opportunities for enhanced competition among or between carriers.
a) Passenger on a flight to an eligible point on an air carrier receiving essential air service
compensation on that route;
b) Passenger enplaning on a carrier which is not required by the public agency to collect PFCs;
c) Passenger already charged for PFCs at the first two airports on one-way trip or for four PFCs
(first two and last two) on a round trip;
d) Passenger holding a ticket issued outside the U.S. that includes travel outside the U.S. and
the airport is not a gateway airport; and,
e) Non-revenue passenger.
The ticketing code to be used for the PFCs (as assigned by IATA Passenger Services
Conference Resolution 728) is XF.

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Thanks for finding that, Waterskier! Have you emailed BN?

However, the citation you used says the PFC is code XF.

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