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British Airways recruitment video

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British Airways recruitment video

Old 30th Sep 2011, 05:42
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Thumbs up British Airways recruitment video

Now this is spectacular!

Old 30th Sep 2011, 07:49
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Saw this already... It is a GREAT advertisement! Kinda puts our "man running down the road chased by lots of people" idea to shame!
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Old 30th Sep 2011, 09:47
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It is a great video that will entice a lot of young people! Promoting the amazing airline pilot lifestyle, a novel idea!

However, one day those young people will realize that being just another replaceable employee of yet another nasty airline's management sucks the life out of you, and that flying from Point A to Point B to Point A yet again, during a 10-hour all-nighter duty yet again, during weekends and holidays and birthdays yet again, day after day yet again, or cruising to Point B yet again for 13 hours again with 2 minutes of straight and level "handling" to another ILS/GLS landing yet again, or spending days on end alone in hotels while sleeping during the day and staying up all night, or wasting hour after hour, day after day trying to get somewhere while stressed out on unnecessarily difficult yet relatively expensive standby staff travel, well none of that has anything to do with dreams or serving or stars or heaven or anything other than a paycheck. And with all of this comes many of the unbearable characters you have to spend half your life with, including those who "just love" sitting in a metal cylinder for days, the many with no identity or will to live unless they are wearing their awesome uniforms they think others are impressed by, and of course those compensating for their personal deficiencies by harassing whoever they can with their own version of psychological warfare.

Well, it only matters if they are actually lucky enough to get a real airline job that lasts long enough before they have to start at the bottom again, if they don't get fired or lose their medical certificate first.

Good luck with that!

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Old 30th Sep 2011, 12:41
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Frankly I think they have a bloody cheek to put Concorde in their advert.

BA pulled Concorde citing "difficult economic conditions" while Virgin was offering to take the lot. BA was happier to see all Concordes grounded than face competition. Bunch of ar$eholes.

Virgin attacks 'Concorde sabotage' | Business | The Guardian

(and no I dont read The Guardian!)
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Old 30th Sep 2011, 20:59
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"The same four words, stitched into every uniform of every captain who takes their (sic) command: ..."

It seems that even the British, who supposedly know how to speak English, can not. The pronoun "their" is third person plural when it should be third person singular. It modifies "every captain" (singular) rather than "all the captains."

"The same four words, stitched into all the uniforms of all the captains who take their command: ..."

Oh, I just can't help myself! What is happening to the English language when even the British screw it up?
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Old 1st Oct 2011, 21:00
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I chuckled when it said at the end "to serve".

I love flying, but airline pilots are not serving anything nor do we have any "purpose", except to make money for shareholders. Unless you're in the military or some other service, that is. After years in the business, I sometimes find our profession a bit shallow.
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Old 1st Oct 2011, 21:13
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BA pulled Concorde citing "difficult economic conditions" while Virgin was offering to take the lot.
That's not how I remember it. Airbus removed support in 2003. Virgin got free publicity on the back of it by offering to 'take it on' whilst knowing full well that such a thing was impossible without Airbus.

Hardly cheeky to show one of the types BA operated in an advert themed on its history?
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Old 2nd Oct 2011, 02:43
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This is the best CX can muster up.

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Old 2nd Oct 2011, 12:18
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Spot on Bazzer; BA threw away millions lining fuel tanks with self sealing non- combustible material, re-configured the cabins, (not that they needed much doing anyway) and had the aircraft back in service with a big blaze of publicity for some time before the manufacturer pulled the plug (and for that we must thank Aerospatiale, or Airbus Industrie as it became). They point blank refused to keep guaranteeing engineering support, and without that keeping the aircraft in service became untenable..for both BA and AF...and no matter what the "grinning pullover" was offering , he could have done SFA about it...Having said that the fuel price would probably have led to the coup de grace eventually..
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