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Wake Up Time

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711 watch this,

The reason we don't listen to economists any more is because they got us into this mess in the first place! The Phd's of this world only speak one language and that is the language of Keynesian economic theory. It's a theoretical nonsense which when applied to the real world doesn't work, it cannot work for the simple reason that more debt cannot be the solution to too much debt in the first place, it suffocates the life blood out of society.

Those experts you talk about all have vested interests in the system, and as such are the last people we should listen to. Life as we know it is not working, we need new voices, voices of wisdom not voices of greed and self interest. It's not called crony capitalism for nothing.

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I have flown with pilots for whom flying was a second career, and in previous lives they were Lawyers, Doctors (including a heart transplant surgeon), Economists (one flew with me the other day), Engineers, Mathematicians, Research Scientists, and Piano Players in whorehouses.
I'm the opposite, I want to leave flying, and move into a 2nd career as a Piano Player in a whorehouse. Can you give me that guy's name, I'd like to speak with him about my future career options.
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711... Being one of those with 10+ years career in finance before flying airplanes, your response is the best I have read on this forum for a long time.

Spot on !!

The world of finance and economics is very complex, yet it is human nature to seek simple solutions to problems. This is what the media capitalizes on. Catering to the masses, they bundle complex issues into overly simplistic rhetoric - often injecting their own political views and beliefs. Personally, I do not trust much, that comes out of the media sausage machine.

Your view above is based on common sense, by asking good questions, which seems to be a rare quality these days..
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I'm not sure how letting a bunch of investment houses make bad gambles on American property/ PIIGS bonds, then rewarding them for their efforts by bailing them out can be construed as complex. I personally would define that as grand larceny, nothing complex about it.

The complexity comes when the economics professors disguise the pineapple insertion in terms that people do not have the means to understand, however a quick google search will dispel any claims to complexity when referring to Quantitive easing and other Central bank faves for robbing the unsuspecting masses blind!

It's this simple in a nutshell,

Step Aside BBC "Trader": Head Of UniCredit Securities Predicts Imminent End Of The Eurozone And A Global Financial Apocalypse | ZeroHedge - Bankers Torpedoed Financial System -- Veteran Trader

Activist Post: Sanctions: Cut the Globalists Off From Humanity

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Broadband Circuit - Can you play the piano?
I'm giving lessons.
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Am hoping the Greeks get their act together. If this new recapitalisation fund does not come to fruition, the messy breakdown of the Euro zone will be nasty. Fingers crossed....we all need a good resolution to this crisis.
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Any employee benefits with that whore house piano job ?
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