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Wake Up Time

Old 24th Sep 2011, 09:33
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Skillet, with all due respect mate, I think it's pretty clear who the religious nut is, but that aside, I would just like to see Hong Kong's housing market get it's slump over and done with sooner rather than later.
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Old 24th Sep 2011, 19:27
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First, according to most dictionaries, religion is defined as,"The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods." Therefore, the absence of such a belief cannot define a "religious nut."

Second, my mother and father made me, and neither of them have anything to do with any predicted financial market situation.

Lastly, yes, delusional people are not aware they are delusional, that is the whole reason behind pointing out that when one demonstrates his delusion profusely, others should remember not to take them seriously in general.

As for those predicting market trends, if they were so good at it, they would not be airline pilots, but instead they would be retired fat cats living off their billions. Isn't there some relevant parable to quote here, from any of the thousands of available religions and their story books?

Have a nice day!
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Old 24th Sep 2011, 19:39
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Skillet. You are now officially becoming 'boring'. It was you that interjected religion into this thread. As for people 'predicting' market trends, AP simply gave his synopsis of the current economic climate and his thoughts on the outcome. I found it interesting and informative. You are boring and repetitive. Why don't you leave this thread alone. We can all get back to analysing your phobic hatred of the God that created you later.
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Old 24th Sep 2011, 20:33
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I interjected the awareness of the OP's delusional trends.

Have a nice day!
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Old 24th Sep 2011, 23:22
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I agree with Water Check....Iron Skillet is now officially boring.

The irony is that it is Iron Skillet who exhibits such chest pounding...dare I call it religious....fervor.

His apparent inability to "give it a rest" betrays some deeper psychosis at play.

Iron Skillet, seriously man, what is wrong with you? Stop injecting your anti-religious nuttiness into every thread that pops up...... we get it, you're smart and we're stupid, now let's move on!
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Old 25th Sep 2011, 04:49
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Just went back and read a few of Skillets previous posts. Buddy, you give atheists a baaaadddd name. Raven is exhibit a manic fervor...which suggests that God has really messed with your conscience over the years.
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Old 25th Sep 2011, 10:41
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Multi-trillion plan to save the eurozone being prepared - Telegraph

The scary thing is that the pundits at the Telegraph seem to want to give the impression that this ridiculous idea work. In reality it's a complete joke that would pile more debt on to France/Germany - leading to a French downgrade, and then a German downgrade and finally complete collapse. It's yet another can kicking exercise that's floored from the word go. If this goes ahead, watch the CDS on France go through the roof.

For crying out loud just let the bloody banks fail, sure it won't be pleasant, but it will be a much better outcome in the long run, and the people at fault get to take some of the pain.

Why the hell have banks still got exposure to Greece???-They've had plenty of time to protect themselves - but that would have meant hitting the share holders and reducing bonuses pro-actively. So now they want another tax payer bailout - well I think most people think to hell with them! The CEOs of these banks should all be thrown in gaol, along with the politicians proposing to spend tax payer money on saving them again.

The above is a comment I copied from the above Telegraph article, but it echoes my sentiments exactly. The euro nations are in so much debt now because they came to the rescue of their corrupt banks 3 years ago,and lent them countless billions. Now politicians are telling us to do more of the same, excuse me a second, but has the world gone absolutely stark raving mad? No amount of bailouts will rescue the situation, we are in this mess precisely because we took the debt on in the first place. Too big to fail is a nonsense, lets start again and purge the system of this cancer!
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Old 25th Sep 2011, 14:11
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The number of posters who believe in ghosts and do not like my posts does not bother me. It simply demonstrates how mass delusions continue to affect so many people all around us. The same people's boredom with my posts is also irrelevant. Will they give it a rest because it is boring me? We'll see...I'll drop it if you will.

In line with the massive economic pessimism, how about your suggestions on which market/country/sector/whatever to short the most? And why?

Have a nice day!
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Old 25th Sep 2011, 15:07
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Skillet, you really can't help yourself can you......?
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Old 25th Sep 2011, 16:54
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Old 25th Sep 2011, 19:06
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EXEZY et al,

let's assume we would discuss heart surgery or quantum mechanics. Would you dare to voice an opinion about the right stent placement technique or the best way to trace neutrinos? Why is it that everybody able to hold a newspaper ( or an Ipad ) upright is now an economics expert ? What is your educational background? Your work experience? So you, an airline pilot who reads the Telegraph, knows what happens when you let the banks fail? You simply "clean up " and start from scratch, yeah? I would like to see your face in front of the ATM the next day.
I find it so tiring and ridiculous when pilots discuss world affairs and have a solution for everything, the middle east crisis, the afghan war, oil, global warming, you name it.
Pilots have to understand that not everything is ON or OFF, it is not that simple, for christs sake.
Please stop bothering me with that nonsense in the cockpit, please please please .
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Old 25th Sep 2011, 19:07
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Ah, and Algol, excellent

Last edited by 711; 25th Sep 2011 at 19:29.
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Old 26th Sep 2011, 00:51
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Algol, that was the best laugh I had in ages! Timing perfect....maybe when all this doom and gloom settles the only thing we will need is a sense of humor
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Old 26th Sep 2011, 02:44
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Algol, that was the best laugh I had in ages! Timing perfect....maybe when all this doom and gloom settles the only thing we will need is a sense of humor
Actually, I think when all is said and done, all we'll have LEFT is our sense of humor!!!

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Old 26th Sep 2011, 03:59
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711, what an amazingly patronizing reply, I wouldn't expect anything less. I don't need to give my "educational background" to anyone, the beauty of this whole financial escapade is that anyone with half a brain can see the writing on the wall, you don't need a phd in economics to diagnosis the problem, after all, it's up to anyone with a heart beat to find out what is going on and then find a way to protects one's wealth. Do you think I research the markets and economics just to beat my chest and prove something on this pathetic forum, for crying out loud!
The simple fact is, and yes it is very simple, the banks made far too many risky loans both in the sub prime mortgage crisis and now in the euro arena. Not content with this, they used their influence in politics and the fact that they are private shareholders at the Federal Reserve, to socialize the losses by off-loading bad gambles on to the balance sheets of the European/American people, often with the simple stroke of a keypad at the Fed which magically created trillions in fiat money to basically camouflage the gambles. The banks are given money on a plate to take away mistakes, the inhabitants of nations are made to pay for those mistakes, as in the case of Greece, with crippling interest rates and before anyone says the Greeks had it coming, why couldn't the banks see that before they purchased Greek debt? I'll tell you why, they bloody well knew that taxpayers would back stop them. Anyway rant over, I'm going back to study Part A now because as a pilot that's the only thing I should concern myself with.

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Old 26th Sep 2011, 07:32
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I'm with you mate.

Don't worry about knobjockeys like 711

He's a dope!
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Old 26th Sep 2011, 10:18
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Wbrussee’s Weblog
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Old 26th Sep 2011, 17:00
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Guys, I'm glad you liked the popcorn joke, but 711, I have to say you have it wrong with your comments about pilots ignorance.
I have flown with pilots for whom flying was a second career, and in previous lives they were Lawyers, Doctors (including a heart transplant surgeon), Economists (one flew with me the other day), Engineers, Mathematicians, Research Scientists, and Piano Players in whorehouses.
Overall, the breadth of knowledge and experience I often discover in my colleagues leaves me in awe, and I ask them - WTF are you doing in THIS job?
Mostly they got into it because they needed a CHALLENGE(!) and were bored to death doing whatever they did before.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that everybody flying airplanes is an "overpaid moron" - which is what I believe certain CX management are famous for announcing.
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Old 27th Sep 2011, 10:03
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I did not intend to insult or patronize anybody, my apologies if I have.

But I stand my ground. According to my observation, many colleagues tend to voice easy, quick and, strangely, almost always radical solutions for some of the world's biggest problems.

How intelligent is it to suggest these solutions ("clear for everybody with half a brain/pulse etc"), when the entire academic elite, incl nobel price laureates, ivy league professors, heads of state and their staff etc etc is divided?

There might be colleagues with exceptional careers in their former life around, in 15 years I have strangely never met one though. I think they are the exception of the rule, really. However, I am not suggesting we are not educated enough to form an opinion, of course not, but it is the certainty and the radical component which bothers me.

In our world, news is a commodity, produced to sell. The anger many feel in the current situation plus the urge for quick and just solutions is catered for by
the respective media ltds. We should refrain from simply parotting what we read the other day and look at the arguments of the other side as well. How many economists suggest to let the banks fail? How many economists actually believe letting Lehman fail was a mistake retrospectively? If a bank fails, what happens to the customers? How many aircrafts can an airline buy without credit? Is credit always bad? If you ignore the complexity of the financial world you are right where the tea party wants you to be, full of blind anger.

I am not suggesting to concentrate on Part A instead,far from that, I am advocating for a more diverse, open view. That is what I meant with many pilots tend to see something as ON or OFF. The world is much more complicated than that.

Last edited by 711; 27th Sep 2011 at 10:20.
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Old 27th Sep 2011, 10:23
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711....great reply
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