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Cx Pfund

Old 21st Oct 2008, 13:27
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Cx Pfund

Two days to get the Pfund investment change forms into benefits.

Are any of the funds worth being in?

Someone told me the Swiss Franc might be OK, but then I have just read that Switzerland is worse off than Iceland who just went bankrupt!

Any ideas?
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Old 23rd Oct 2008, 12:34
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I would love to know this answer too. perhaps the P-fund just isn't considered worthy of comment by those here who are not bound to it!

I have no solid foundations for my suggestions, but I think that to stay away from US equities and Euro equities, and all bonds and cash funds in these currencies might be the go.

It seems that even now as Asia is taking a hit, it will be a wealth transfer from West to East that we can expect as we all pick ourselves upand dust ourselves off.

Try and think about the more fiscally conservative governments of the past being the leading lights of the financial future.

I think that Switzerland may be OK. The Franc Currency and Switzerland Fund could possibly be worth it based on my very limited knowledge!! I would love to know what these Swiss Bankers have done with all that gold... And that kind of currency (gold) will definitely hold up in the turbulence as it is the only currency these days which is has an intrinsic value above that of the paper on which it is printed!

More replies to this thread would be highly appreciated!!
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Old 23rd Oct 2008, 14:48
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Save whatever it is in the currency that you intend to retire in, that at least removes the currency risk.
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Old 23rd Oct 2008, 19:49
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If you got out of equities into currency at the October 2007 peak, well done. If you are still in equities you have probably missed the boat and will have to ride this one out.
Japanese Yen went up as the carry trade unravelled. CHF was always considered a safe haven and has been rising against the euro in the last few weeks. Euro area looks to be in a worse state than US. Euro banks are highly leveraged in Eastern Europe and Latin America. Euro has fallen dramatically against the dollar in last month. Now around 1.28. Economic forecaster sees euro testing levels last seen against the dollar in 2001.
I have put all my PFund into US dollars. When the dust settles I will go 50% US and 50% emerging markets. I won't touch Europe.
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Old 24th Oct 2008, 00:13
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Try the recommendations of Tyche Group.....


Go to the aircrew tab on the main page......they have assett allocation recommendations for the Cathay PFund.
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Old 24th Oct 2008, 07:46
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Thanks for the advice guys.
Can I ask you Hawkeye, why USD? -- Shouldn't it weaken in theory because of all of this extra cash being printed?? I would think that it shall dilute the currency immensely when the dust settles.
I am so confused!!
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