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Cathay hit list

Old 8th Oct 2008, 00:26
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Devil Cathay hit list

The SCMP today ran an article about a star chamber hit that is now in circulation. The list has the names of nearly 200 pilots from which the famous 49 were chosen.

How can I check my 2001 popularity rating?
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Hit List

There was a copy on the notice board in the mailbox room in despatch last night.
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That won't be there for long! Anyone care to post the list?
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Guys, the list is irrelevant. All it took to get on the list was a single manager 'nominating' your name...and presto, you were on it. Most of those on the list were people who had the integrity and courage to confront the company and/or individual manager on some issue at one time or another. As far as i'm concerned, being on the list is a badge of honour. (...and no, my name was not on the list...).
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..makes me physically sick. Brings back all the bad memories, and makes me realise all over again just how immoral most of our management ARE. I would also point out that a certain A. 'Madaxe' was responsible for many of these names on the list, and enjoyed every moment of his little power play. It is also worth mentioning that other managers fought to have many of these names taken off the list...notably, R. Marin, J. McCormack.
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Everyone of those on this list are deserving of support and appreciation. They are particularly deserving of an apology from CX. Cathay made another 184 friends today.
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Revealed: the pilots on Cathay hit list
195 jobs at risk in 2001 dispute

Simon Parry
Updated on Oct 08, 2008

A secret "hit list" of nearly 200 pilots whom Cathay Pacific considered
sacking during its bitter 2001 dispute with cockpit crew has been leaked
and circulated among staff.

The list - which came from a member of the panel of Cathay executives
and management pilots who decided which pilots to sack - includes the
49 pilots dismissed during the dispute, along with about 100 pilots still
with the airline.

Cathay Pacific, which said yesterday it believed the list was genuine,
had never acknowledged that it had a shortlist of out-of-favour pilots
ahead of the sackings in July 2001.

The list has now been lodged as additional evidence in the High Court
for a forthcoming action for unfair dismissal by 16 of the sacked pilots
known as the 49ers, which is expected to be heard early next year.

A Cathay spokeswoman confirmed the list was believed to be genuine
but said: "We will continue to robustly defend ourselves in any
forthcoming proceedings as we have done in the past. We stand by all
the evidence we have given in past proceedings."

On the list - originally distributed among the 20-plus members of the
"Star Chamber" who picked the final 49 to be sacked - each pilot is
given a score ranging from two to seven.

The score is based on criteria such as whether they called in sick at
short notice and whether or not they attended a management lunch
meeting after their union advised them not to.

The list was e-mailed yesterday to all 195 pilots on the list by the
breakaway Cathay Pilots Union, which is backing continuing legal action
against the airline by those 49ers who have not settled their cases.
In a circular to members, the union claims that the list proves that
Cathay deliberately targeted Aircrew Officers Association members in
the 2001 sackings.

Cathay executives have claimed in tribunal hearings and interviews that
the 49ers were selected after the employment records of all 1,500
serving pilots were scrutinised during the two-day sitting of the "Star

According to union sources, "Star Chamber" members were under strict
instructions not to take any copies of the "hit list" out of the room at
Cathay City where they held the talks in 2001.

The list contains 184 pilots, with 11 more names added in handwriting at
the bottom under the heading "Crew Control List". All 11 were sacked.
The "Star Chamber" went through the rest of the list one by one, with
members asked to speak out in favour of any pilot whose job should be
saved. If no one did, the pilot's fate was sealed, a union source said.
The list sent out to pilots yesterday includes pencil marks made by the
person who leaked it of "OK" or "X" next to each name.

A letter sent out with copies of the "hit list" appeals to the pilots to give
financial support to the fight of the 49ers, no longer supported by the
Aircrew Officers Association. The Cathay Pilots Union was formed in
response to the association's decision to halt funding for their legal

"Look at the list. You're on it. It could have been you," says the letter,
which carries the name of the plaintiffs in the action, expected to
proceed next year. "You escaped termination but you could have been
one of those selected to have your career destroyed."

Asked how the release of the list might affect morale, the Cathay
spokeswoman said: "All Cathay employees including pilots are
evaluated on their performance based on merits. If any employee has
concerns about their careers, there are many communication channels."

A Cathay management source, speaking on condition of anonymity,
said: "All of this happened in 2001. It's now 2008. We have been
working with the pilots, including some of the 49ers who have been
hired back, over the years. As far as we're concerned, this is a red
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sometimes life's irony is just too perfect: Just looked at SCMP's website, and next to the headline about the 49ers, there is an advert for a recruiting company with the headline: '..when you lose an employee it costs more than you think'.... (might need to refresh a few times to have it load). Question to CX: what's the cost when you multiply by 49...?
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I know at least 1 on that list who was shot down twice for his command. Ended up leaving and is now with a prominent mid-east company.

Good on ya mate!
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Illegal Personal files

It has become apparent from this that Crew Control are keeping illegal data files on crew.

It would be advisable for all crew to ask for an appointment to see their Personal files.

Furthermore, all the mentioned crew would be within their rights to take legal action against the management of Cathay Pacific Airways for the illegal storage of data without free access to the employee. The Management have acknowledged that the list is accurate.

It is apparent from the points etc that the final decision was based purely on grudges held by individual managers.

The HKAOA is now duty bound to take legal action on behalf of all its members on this issue.

ATY. Sir this list is entirely relevant. It shows what a immoral lot we work for. It has produced a chance to get some justice from the whole sorry affair.
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"All Cathay employees including pilots are
evaluated on their performance based on merits. If any employee has concerns about their careers, there are many communication channels."

Except management of course....... what worthless scum! It's difficult not to feel physically sick when you consider what these sh*ts were considering inflicting on so many of their staff, and yet maintaining a smooth face
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I'm beyond words, and truly feel sick to my stomach when reading this. If anyone has it, please post the names of the the star-chamber execution squad of 2001. May they never be forgiven, not by their collegues, not by their peers and not by their own concience.
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Perjury in UK courts is viewed much more severely than in HK........
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In addition to venting your feelings about this on PPRuNe, remember there is also the option of assisting the CPU financially.
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I've pulled the names as they are not fully public domain.

The potential implications for those on the list but no longer working at CX is the reason.

As you all know there are private sites and other ways that the list will get around but we are not willing to do so here at PPRuNe.

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Where's the list gone? It was here 75 minutes ago and now it's not.
Ah PPRuNe towers must've posted his reasons for list withdrawal seconds before my question. A bit oversensitive methinks when dealing with such a brutal employer (and on a specific forum). Come on Rob - don't be so squeamish!!
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I checked my Pfile a few years ago and didn't see anything and yet I made the list - maybe there is an 'unofficial' list despite management's protestations to the contrary!
Anyone on the list would have received an email from CPU - so if you haven't got the email presumably you are not on it.

CX - its just a job!
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Why was it leaked?

Maybe management is trying to send another message(sic)....
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Could someone PM the names of the “Star Chamber” lads to me?

For those on the list that still work for CX, you must have that warm, fuzzy feeling in your stomach that makes you feel loved and wanted, especially if you have an “X” next to your name.

Don’t feel left out, CX is sending you a message that you will be on the next one.

I can only assume if you had an “OK” you have at least one friend on the Star Chamber?

Noticed some on the list are in the training department. What happened? One day you are worthy of termination and the next you are the best pilot out there helping CX with their 2009 checking plan?

Time to donate some CX dinner allowance to the CPU me thinks.
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