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The Demise of Hong Kong Airlines

Fragrant Harbour A forum for the large number of pilots (expats and locals) based with the various airlines in Hong Kong. Air Traffic Controllers are also warmly welcomed into the forum.

The Demise of Hong Kong Airlines

Old 19th Sep 2008, 04:11
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Stop giving the "aces" any ideas on those technics as they might mistaken it for REAL again.................then WE will be blame for teaching them the wrong stuff.......duh!!!!

Happy Flying
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Old 19th Sep 2008, 13:53
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Let there be boldness

Ladies and Gentleman of the HKA Pilot Group

There is an increasing concern amongst the aviation fraternity here in Hong Kong for the way in which HKA Flight Operations is being managed, and with the standard of pilots being hired.

The reference to ladies and gentlemen of the HKA Pilot Group excludes the Singa muppets; as judging by the way they run Flight Ops, and the flights on which they are captains on HKA aircraft, they are incapable of being a gentleman, neither mind have the ability to fly the plane, be a captain, be a pilot, nor be a manager. Yes, in fact there are many stories to be told by some very capable and qualified first officers; the word on the street is that if it was not for the competent first officers there could have been a few incidents and/or accidents. Just as well you guys and girls in the right seat are more than capable and competent in your skills and ability in flying the B737-800; and that includes your situational awareness (obviously the guys from down south lack in both skills). The mind boggles as to how some of those in the left seat even got to be a pilot, neither mind be a captain. It is well known that many of the Singa muppets are very low on command hours (and that is not to mention time on the 737-800).

Does seem that the mob down at CAD are passing a blind eye for (perhaps) personal benefit and reasons ……… Mr EC, what do you think ?????

Whilst not wishing to criticise the enthusiasm with which some of you have participated in the most lively debate on PPRuNe on the topic of the demise of HKA, and now the taxiway A incident, the pilots of HKA may wish to consider a different tack. It is time now to set aside the “racist card”, set aside the “digging at each other” (well, that will obviously exclude the Singa muppets, and the self attached clowns (some may suggest sycophants), who cannot see the writing on the wall, as their only way forward is to attack, like a wounded muppet and looser), and for you good pilots to rather focus on what is important ……….. focus on your jobs, and doing a good job as professional pilots for your airline. Read on, more on this later.

To the Singa muppets and HKA management, you all need to understand that Hong Kong is a small aviation community, and there are many of your very good pilots now flying for both KA and CX. The word gets out, and so we all know. We have friends.

Nothing changes ………. the mob at CAD continue to have deaf ears and blind eyes; and the perpetrator is Mr EC - more on that later.

One can only presume the reference to JERKOf, here on PPRuNe, is to the person who is doing the hiring of pilots for HKA.

JERKOf - are you the guy suffering from “short-man-syndrome”, amongst other problems (where do we start) ??? - you should consider changing your career (give up and just be a muppet). Not only are you a pathetic pilot and incompetent captain (from accounts by those who have had the misfortune to have flown with you, and if you wish to know there are many such accounts), it is evident that you are incapable of distinguishing and selecting between a person who should be a direct entry captain from a person who should be sweeping the streets. From your background (we all know the details), what experience do you have at selecting the right people for the right jobs, one has to ask. Even more concerning is the word on the street that you are soon to be appointed as a training captain (or has that already happened; God help us). Yes, we all know about your simulator session with Air Hong Kong where you chose to do an orbit on finals (IMC) because you were too high; was that a simulator session operating into Penang ??? And then, as a captain at HKA on a flight from Korea, you had to divert (was it to ZGGG ???) as you had cocked-up on the fuel calculation. And, that is not to mention your lack of knowledge about systems, performance and limitations for the 737-800. Just a few examples as to why you should save yourself, and become a street sweeper.

And then, there is the infamous Dickie Lai …….. Dickie (“the attitude man”), you must be the laughing stock of the airline industry here in HK; why do you persist???? Flunked the TRE course hands down, and then we hear you are becoming a simulator instructor (how is life down there in Sanya ??). Goodness, if there was ever a reason for you to make haste and disappear back down south, there is now undisputed evidence that it is time that you give away the flying game, as your abilities and standards, as well as attitude, is not suited to be sitting on a flight deck (and that is only in the RHS …. or should that be in the observers seat just observing as you probably will never get any further as an observer), neither mind being a simulator instructor. Lets not forget your email (circulated to all within HKA, and we hear responded to so appropriately by the anonymous Cr*p C*pt**ns) about the GMF taking his annual leave; your arrogance - and that is your problem. Your attitude, behaviour and methods would not be tolerated in a real airline, nor any company in the corporate world.

And, so to Tricky Dickie Stewart ……. Trickie Dickie, we hear you like to pull the speed-brake in the climb (the barber pole getting a bit close to limits was it ???), landing off unstable approaches and, amongst others. So disappointing to hear that you (was it sexually) harassing KA and HKA flight attendants. If you were in a country like Australia you will be had big time. Sexual harassment is a dismissible offence (in fact people like you end up in jail for sexual harassment), as is blatant disregard for SOPs (but then, you will not go to jail for disregarding SOPs, just fired). How can you even suggest that you are a training captain and Chief Pilot Training with your attitude and manner in the office and on the aircraft ???? For those on the string on PPRuNe about HKA suggesting that Trickie Dickie is off to HKE as DFO, we hear differently (well, we most certainly hope so); CAD (that obviously excludes Eric the Bedwetter) has finally come to their senses and have turned that one down. Watch out HKE, and keep a safe record.

And then, the email from the Fleet Manager that was meant only for the GMF and members of the training department, about a captain under training, that ended up in the inbox of all HKA pilots. Though unfortunate for all concerned, at least the pilot group got to hear what is reality and the truth (good on you KL for being honest, keep up the good work). I suppose even the man at CAD got to read the email. Same captain who attempted the departure out of HKG off taxiway A (separate string on that one indeed - horrifying to say the least).

Any action Mr EC ????? You have been very quiet of late …………. well one must use Mr, as you will never be a captain; well that is with a real airline (perhaps we should commend that you be appointed the Chief Pilot of the HKA Aero Club, so that you may walk around looking most proud in your captain’s uniform - you look an absolute clown in your captain’s stripes - a circus is a funny place, and that is where you belong), when those in the know are laughing at your expense.

Moving on ……. perhaps further discussion about base training failures (and subsequent miraculous passes - passed by who ???), death threats, disregard for SOPs, hard landings, and the rest, should be left to the Ppruners of HKA to divulge.

Mr Wu - you have most certainly created a problem for yourself, and HKA, and you will need to resolve this one very quickly, if you can. Your consistent protection of your self selected muppets is your problem.. You should consider this fact ….. you are not a manager, nor are you a good pilot, and captain included. You should head away from this mess that you have created, and let competent and qualified managers get HKA back on the rails. We just cannot understand how you managed to convince HKA company management that you and your team were the boys for the job. Or was Eric the Bedwetter who did the convincing under your tutorage.

The HK pilot fraternity are immensely proud of our safety record, and we most certainly do not wish to see this record tarnished by a bunch of muppets who are insistent on employing pilots from the wrong regions around the world, employing captains who cannot spell aircraft neither mind know how to fly one, and who have no idea how to be, perform, behave, nor act as a captain; you Singa muppets included. What is the game ????? Or is Ronal Lim calling the shots over all the Singa muppets ???????????

There is most certainly concern for the situation that has developed at HKA.

The latest coming out of HKA is that the Safety Manager may not publish QARs, and that certain captains are exempt from the results stemming from the HKA QAR system. We all know about the HKA training captains blasting off the other week in the typhoon with crosswinds well in excess of limitations. At a real airline, managed by real managers, such actions would have resulted in dismissal. We believe that you Mr Wu have suppressed all records of the event ……… such news travels fast.

What are you doing Mr Wu, by protecting your own self-selected muppets (or is it you Mr Lim). Can you not see the consequences ?? And now we hear that you, Mr Wu, are trying to force the first officer involved in the attempted taxiway A departure to sign an MOR written by you. Goodness man (or should one say Ms WU), what are you doing ………… now we know why you and your muppets are no longer at Air HK.

One has to ask the question as to what HKA company, and Hainan company, management are doing. Or are they also being lied to, and not been given the correct and true information. There is a theme, and you Singas are the cause.

To the boys down at CAD, perhaps it is time to take action and stop hiding behind the corporate monster. Start listening and reading ……… right here, this is proof as to what is happening. It is not for anyone outside HKA to spill the beans, but perhaps you may like to take your head out of the sand, stop being like an Ostrich, and realise that there are some almighty problems on your door step. Mr EC is pandering to HKA for his own self benefit and we all know it; it is just that you guys down there at headquarters cannot see what is happening.

Returning to the HKA Pilot Group ……… time for you to focus on your jobs, and for you all to do your job as good pilots for HKA. HKA is your airline. You need to wake up, and be a collective group. If one may be bold, you are a divided crowd of pilots (there is a big difference between a group and a crowd - a group has an objective, and a collective focus and commitment ………. a crowd, well they are just there for the entertainment).

Being a group standing together, there is no suggestion of militancy; it is about being a collective group. As an example, HKE has proved that - who now, and have doing for some time, flies to KL enjoying the luxury of the hotel; and who flies to PEK to stay in the Hainan dormitory ???? Can you pilots at HKA not see the reversal, created by who ??????

Yes, there were the 49ers, and Hong Kong’s labour laws (are there such things ???) are most different to the likes of Australia; though be mindful as to how successful the likes of the KA pilots association has been and continues to be.

It is not about taking on management and the airline, it is about being a collective group working for the betterment of the airline, your jobs and you as individuals.

One recalls when KA was in the development stage (though, thank goodness, there were not the Singa muppets looking after themselves and their mates). Times were tough, salaries and conditions questionable; the pilots stuck it out and believed in each other as pilots; and look at them now. And, that is where you HKA ladies and gentleman can be, and what you need to do.

HKA can be like KA, as long as the Singa muppets run off (rather be fired) to their hell holes, and take the rest of their cohorts (well, we cannot call them pilots, neither mind captains) from that southern region, with them.

Yes, the Argentineans and Brazilians have all experienced bad times being part of a union and failed airlines (and you guys from South America do not forget, that some of your current and ex HKA pilots from Australia and New Zealand also went through the demise of an airline - you guys are not alone in experiencing the traumatic events of the demise of an airline). To you we sympathise, but you do need to see this one differently. You need to be a collective pilot group, working for each other and for the betterment of your airline. And you South Americans, from what we hear, you are in the majority, well at present that is; though the Singa muppets are hell-bound in trying to change that ratio. Take action South Americans, the rest of the real pilots need your support.

Dare one say it …….. Hong Kong, CX and KA need HKA …….. you sort of keep an honest playing field. Please do not throw away a good opportunity.

HKA Pilots ……….. stay as a group, be focussed on your jobs, and do your job well as professionals for your airline (that excludes the Singa muppets and cohorts - no one could ever suggest they are pilots).

In the words of an unknown author …….. “give a man enough rope, and he/she will hang him/herself”. ……… the Singa muppets are well on their way (and they may just take Eric the Bedwetter with them ……… sort of self-created; nothing like shooting oneself in the foot, but taking aim first !!!!!!).

Singa muppets …….. head south, and go and ruin someone else’s good safety record. You are not welcome here in Hong Kong.

To all the genuine, honest and qualified HKA pilots (this excludes the Singa muppets and their mates), safe flying, and good luck. We believe you will not succumb to the Singa muppets, because we as pilots flying here in HK believe in you …….. as long as you believe in yourselves.

Take good care ………………….. and safe flying.

PS - to the pilots of HKA who read this forum, or those pilots who are not part of HKA (good choice), please circulate this homily to all pilots of HKA. You may have their email addresses, we do not. Please copy, paste and send; and for that we are most appreciative and grateful. Lets spread the message, and lets create change. Anyone know the email address of HKA management.??? Please advise, as they need to read this and much more.

Lets start the education of all, and make change by being open and honest ……… Singa muppets, your days are numbered.
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Old 20th Sep 2008, 15:20
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right on!!!
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Old 20th Sep 2008, 15:56
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good say!!!!!
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Old 29th Sep 2008, 03:45
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hey wheres everyone disappeared to all of a sudden??
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Old 29th Sep 2008, 09:04
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typical HKA when sh1t hits the fan , noone wants to know and all the management hides under cover hopeing it'll all blow away until the instigators start their nonsense again as to how good they are
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Old 29th Sep 2008, 10:53
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Silence speaks for itselves..
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Old 2nd Oct 2008, 09:47
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Stop Hiring

All hiring has stopped with this unprofessional scumbag carrier.....guess the ship is sinking.Word of advice stay the f...c away from this craphole!!!!.
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Old 3rd Oct 2008, 15:58
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IS IT TRUE?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Details please...

When do they circumcise the 2 dicks?
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Old 4th Oct 2008, 04:27
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Interview with Hong Kong Airlines

I read a lot of bad news about HKA/HKE. They invited me for an interview two weeks from now. Is this a place I would really want to be? Is this all true that, I have read or just the common airline employee/management type?
I do not wish to waste my time going to HK for the interview if this company is going down the crapper soon.
Any creative input to these concerns of my would be helpful
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Old 4th Oct 2008, 05:46
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Put it this way operator, have you noticed any other Airlines with threads that number nearly 400 posts, 90% of which are negative and quite often raise safety issues as well as lousy terms and conditions
You decide
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Old 4th Oct 2008, 07:16
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operator7G , only two words , STAY AWAY , so unless you intend to be screwed from day 1 then its your decision , read this thread , anything positive ??? or maybe you'd like to be number 2 for a taxiway takeoff and then be screwed by the management , suggestion , bring your own KY cos you're going to need it and HKA will provide the bandages for you .
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stay away until the flight ops management is changed!!!
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Hey Operator, if you have an interview in 2 weeks time, I would call this buffoons ASAP, and verify it's canceled so you don't waste your money on a ticket. Because you will NOT be reimbursed.


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Smile For Sale: Singaporean Flight Ops Management Team

HKA has a partially used Singaporean Flight Operations Management Team for sale. Guaranteed to:
  • Run your operation into the ground
  • Decimate any remaining company morale
  • Raise your QAR events to a level you wouldn't think possible
  • Falsify reports to your local regulator (your choice of reports)
  • Supply your operation with a group of pilots who will do whatever they are told
HKA will consider any offer, and is prepared to break the group up and sell for scrap. The team comes fully equipped with a free supply of arrogance.

Contact HKA for further details.
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Old 4th Oct 2008, 09:05
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SCMP Article Pulled

I have noticed that the story about the HKA attempted departure from Taxiway A has been pulled from the South China Morning Post archive.

Seems as though Hainan has some influence there too.

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Old 4th Oct 2008, 11:19
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This may be a dumb ass question but are this clowns taking delivery of more 800's or Airbus 320's or 330's?....or is that a " pie in the sky".

I remember a previous post that talked about they are parking airplanes...this is more believable.

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Old 4th Oct 2008, 12:49
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Cheap Sale!


What a wonderful offer at the right time. Any info. in the website.?

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Old 4th Oct 2008, 15:24
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Originally Posted by Sora Bulq View Post
I have noticed that the story about the HKA attempted departure from Taxiway A has been pulled from the South China Morning Post archive.
It still seems to be there to me. The SCMP search function is pretty dire: you need to keep telling it to search the whole archive, not the last 7 days. The article was published on 20 September.

The article ID (you'll need to be logged into SCMP.com to see it) is:
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Old 5th Oct 2008, 02:33
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"Captain " Richard Sterwart,

In response to your pathetic email (below)...

Pilots and the coward,

The picture does not resemble anyone coming from South East Asia. More likely the previous managers as seen by HKA pilots.
Do we have some cowards among us pilots who have to go down so low as to write spam messages like this?
Firing at will might not hit the target but may richohet and hit your close friends or fellow pilots.

I am sure many of you want to see such poison emails or threads in the PPRuNe stopped. Compared to the era before Feb 2008, there is more progress. Courses are up and running. Upgrades are around the corner, and we do not want any unnecessary delays or hindrances. There are good things coming. Yes, some drag devices have to be dropped along the way in order to keep the momentum. This is similarly practised in successful companies anywhere. The dropouts then become sour grapes.

If you have clues who these cowards are let us know. If it is external we will take it up with their employers. Be careful what you distribute to "pilots". The email might bite you back. Use the appropriate channel if you have something useful to share.

Richard Stewart

with your comment regarding the previous managers...please do not forget that Cpt Benetti was also part of the previous management. He is still your superior. on what grounds will you do the firing...if as you say "ricochet and hit yr fellow pilot"...will you be firing innocent people...oh but wait...do you have the power to fire? the bond between "the pre feb bunch" is getting stronger....we will stand up for each other.
when you talk about progress...what exactly do u mean? why have so many people resigned since you and your boyfriends joined the company. even the cabin crew are resigning in numbers. the safety standards of hka have been falling since you took over...is this progress? taxiway departure, taking off in typhoons, massive increase in QAR's, disharmony within the pilot group, corruption, improper hiring procedures etc...is this progress? what were you thinking when you sent that email. from your flying abilities to now your handling of various emails it just shows that you are not at all suitable for your current position. you might just scrape through and make the level of a normal line captain or a senior f/o.
condolences for the firing of your saviour.
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