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Just a thought again. Is the CPU in fact a recognized union in Hong Kong? They are in close contact with the FAU who seem to fight for themselves. Now I am not saying the CPU is the best but it may be a better alternative now. I think I read something not too long ago that the "AOA is the only recognized representatives of the Cathay Pilot's"? Does anybody else remember that statement? Well, we all know what that means now. I think part of the problem is the divide and conquer tactic. We need to increase the numbers and I think joining in with the FAU might be the way to go. The AOA has lost the plot and we need a new direction and new leadership for the future. It is possible the CPU may be the way to go if you think about it. Again just a thought.
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Saturn you Industrial Terrorist!

I believe NR said we will only negotiate with the AOA i.e. “We don’t negotiate with Terrorists”.

The present AOA philosophy is “You get more with honey than you get with vinegar”, so don’t rock the boat. It seems to have worked, for the company.
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Did a flight with the FAU president, whats her name, whom by the way, is i believe under investigation for using funds from the FAU to "pay" for her studies, although she never told anyone!!

I also did a flight with this woman and she asked me straight up if i was a AOA member, to which i proudly stated i was and then she went all abrasive and aggressive at me, so i asked her what her problem was, and she had a go at me cos she reckons the AOA gave up in the 49er's, so i responded by telling her where she can shove her beloved ND!!

She is a witch and ND and her are literally in bed together!!!
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The problem isn't the AOA or CPU per se, the problem is that without any real leverage CX can do what they want with us.

What I do object to is the CPU constantly haranguing the AOA GC and president. I have worked with/for three current CPU members. There is nothing special, gifted or intrinsic to them that makes them superior in thought or substance to our current GC.

CPU efforts of smearing and attempting to drag down AOA efforts fall nicely into the category of 'divide and conquer'.
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I am not taking any sides here but you need to be very careful with your accusations and comments not only for your benefit but for "Danny" and the PPRuNe website.
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There is one (many) major difference between those you speak of at the CPU and those, (not all of course), that you speak of, that you work with currently at the aoa;


NC, I have worked with all these people including the current aoa comittee, and one day, all will realise that the current aoa leadership is causing major damage to the future of the CX pilot body!!

By no means am I a fan of 2 Unions but it is coming down to there not being a choice anymore!

The CPU is paying attention to my contract!!!
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You are probably right about the differences but it seems its the reverse of your implication. Thats what 60% of the pilot force have joined.

I also note the number of Monday morning quarterbacks none of whom were willing to stand for the GC but are extremely happy to criticise from a position of ignorance.
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Not sure what you mean about my comments or accusations, they are what they are, i tell it as it is, nothing made up, shooting straight from the hip...not sure who danny is, but maybe you could tell me and exactly what is it that i cant say here? sorry for asking a simple q but i cant see what the problem is..

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this is Iwanna, i accidentally hit the enter key when i was supposed to hit the slash key so i am unable to post as Iwanna..needless to say, that after reading what i posted, i must apologise for what i wrote, i dont want myself and the guys running PPRuNe to get into trouble..what i posted was done with emotion rather than brains, and for that i apologise and in the future i will take a deep breathe before hitting the submit button!!

I hope that i havent offended anyone, and if so please accept my apologies..
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