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HoT vs CFI

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HoT vs CFI

As the title speaks, what are the main differences between a head of training and a chief flight instructor in a small ATO/DTO?
What to expect from these roles?
Appreciate for any advice.

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I think Head of Training is an officially recognised position with defined role along with Accountable Manager, etc. by the UK CAA and EASA.

I don't think the CAA have ever given an official recognition to the title 'Chief Flying Instructor'. Of course, in the FAA system CFI stands for 'Certified Flight Instructor' so there's confusion, straight away.

I've known people call themselves Chief Flying Instructor in a small group of five pilots owning a C172, without having any further qualification above PPL.

I sign myself Head of Training when corresponding officially but I also answer to Chief Flying Instructor if circumstances just make it easier. If someone persists with the title officially, I'll revert to HoT and explain why.


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Its very simple. The role of the HoT and the CFI may well be combined

You may well have a number of CFIs in an organisation, one for each department or role. CFI SEPL, CFI MEP , CFI Instructor courses, CFI IR, CFI Helicopter etc etc. The HOT has an overall responsibility. The HoT is not required to be a current and practicing Flight Instructor. but will have.been in the past. Another EASA construct. The ATO/DTO is required in its own construct to define these roles and responsibilities within its approval.

A paperwork exercise for most flying clubs so as TOO says, revert to the title that seems appropriate at the time.
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As the title speaks, what are the main differences between a head of training and a chief flight instructor in a small ATO/DTO?
Its all written in the regulation, for an ATO its in Part ORA and for the DTO its written in Part DTO
The regulation can be found here:
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EASA it's all over for us in UK

Don't get to excited about it, few more months and the UK will no longer have it, not a clue what's coming but there is bound to be even more red tape around it
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In broad terms, the CFI role is focussed on the instructors (instructional standards and standardisation) whereas the HoT responsibilties are focussed on the progress of the trainee and compliance with Part-FCL. As Whopity says, it's all pretty clear in Part-ORA.

All existing EU Regulations have been adopted into UK law meaning that nothing will change after 31 Dec unless and until the existing law is amended by the UK parliament. It is unlikely that there will be any significant change to Part-ORA for some time.
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