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EASA ATPL Requirements

Old 23rd Dec 2014, 14:46
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EASA ATPL Requirements


Maybe someone from experience can clarify this doubt I have regarding Flight hour requirements for the EASA ATPL.

Flying Experience

You must have completed a minimum of 1,500 hours of flight time in aeroplanes, including at least:

500 hours in multi-pilot operations on aeroplanes
500 hours as Pilot in Command (PIC) under supervision; or
250 hours as PIC; or
250 hours, including at least 70 hours as PIC, and the remaining as PIC under supervision

200 hours of cross-country flight time of which at least 100 hours shall be as PIC or as PIC under supervision;
75 hours of instrument time of which not more than 30 hours may be instrument ground time; and
100 hours of night flight as PIC or co-pilot.

I am not very familiar with hours gathered during a CPL integrated but I read it was 70 PIC.
In my case I did Modular so I have 100+ Hours PIC.

My point and question is both cases you comply with 70h PIC so you need to complete to 250H with PIC U/S Hours.

Don't see the point of the 500 PIC U/S or there is something I am not reading correctly!!

Second question is about Instrument Time.. What does the CAA consider Instrument time. Time spent flying the A/C by sole reference to the instruments? IFR? IMC time? Then Ground instrument time FFS only or FNPT counts as well???

thank you all for comments!!

Happy landings and merry xmas!!
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It refers to the fact that you must have 500hrs of multi crew time in an aircraft certified as a multi pilot aircraft.

With all respect, I susepct that you as you are asking what the requirements mean then you don't meet them. You would normally do your ATPL skill test as part of an LPC in a multi pilot type rated aircraft.
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No offense Taken!!

No you are right I do not meet all the requirements yet. But should within the next 6 months, so I wanted to get that out of my head.

My case is not normal, unfortunately.

I have an EASA CPL ME/IR
And also an ICAO CPL with B737/200 and Classic Type ratings which Im currently flying on.

As part of the EASA regulation I can endorse my 737 CL once I have 500h on that type(Doing a Skill test of course)... I have around 900h of which 500Jet/h are 737 but mostly on the -200 which is a non useful rating on the EASA world.
But soon I will reach the 1500h and since a few months back I have started logging PIC/US with the signature of the Captain on the logbook ETC....

I was asking that question.

I would do a Single skill test where I could endorse the 737-300/900 on my EASA license and ATPL (A), both at the same time or separate if needed.

Now that you know my story maybe you can help me!

Best regards!
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Old 25th Dec 2014, 11:32
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In your particular case you need a total of 250 hours PIC, including PICUS time, so about 150 PICUS, plus your 100 PIC.

It depends on the national legislation, but in order to reach that requirement some states allow you to log the legs as PF as PICUS, provided that the "real" PIC did not manipulate the controls, and that he signs your logbook.

You also need to have the 14 theoretical exams done.
After you have all the requirements, during a normal OPC/LPC you can do at the same time the Skill Test for the ATPL, by flying in addition to the "basic" program a single engine ILS raw data.

Make sure your authority accepts the Skill Test sone by a foreign examiner: every state has a different procedure in place in order to allow foreign TRE to test you.

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It's a raw data ILS with both engines. I don't know many examiners that would make you fly that OEI.
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Thank you @Dirk85 and @Nick14 for the replies!!

I have the 14 exams done already and have an EASA (UK) CPL ME/IR.

Better if its 2 engine ILS Raw Data but no fear on one engine either!!

I will have an examiner approved by the CAA UK to do my skill test!

Thank you again and happy new year 2015!
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