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ALTEA amedeus loadcontrol

Old 19th Apr 2011, 18:41
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ALTEA amedeus loadcontrol

Anyne used this system? Any thoughts?
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Old 19th Apr 2011, 18:55
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Altea Fly, as it was officially known at one time, is a very comprehensive and sophisticated system, along with its counterparts, the hosting system (Altea Plan), and the distribution system (Altea Sell). They might well be the best there is out there.

As they were designed for a global market, rather than specific airline customers (although the launch customers were, I think, QF, BA, AY, and SA) they had to take into account a multitude of needs and this led to over complexity.

Amadeus is fundamentally a French company, whatever they may try to tell you differently, and although the French do some things very well (selling themselves and ther products above all), they are spectacularly bad at web design, and these are web based products, as they try to add too many bells and whistles, at the expense of the basics, as they love to show how 'clever' they are.

In my view, this is what all the Amadeus product range suffers from. Despite that, I repeat, they are probably the best there is.
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Old 19th Apr 2011, 22:18
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Brilliant system

The Altea suite is the best there is bar none, it comprises inventory CM and FM. Inventory is where the flights live and is connected to the reservations systems CM (customer Management) is the check in and FM (flight management) is the load control system. It is a new generation system with drag and drop technology, it was designed by someone with a background in Load Control and is really easy and intuitive to use. You can do a lot more loadsheets in a shift, easily 50 maybe 70-80 in an 8 hour shift. And perhaps controversially in this forum, it is designed to work in a CLC environment although it can be and is used in a decentralised environment

PM me if you want more
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Old 12th Jun 2014, 19:45
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Hmmm, seems OK so far, definitely not the best system out there. After being forced to use this system by a couple of airlines wanting us to use it.; since the demise of Codeco.

We Have not been provided with any manual or documentation as yet, hence having to find out, how things work by trial and error.

Much of it seems to be fairly straight-forward but could be better in some areas!

We, seem to have a restriction in place that only allows the Load-Sheet to be produced at -15 mins to departure!

Is there anyway to change this parameter and if so how?
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Old 12th Jun 2014, 20:25
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Out of Trim, which version of FM are you using, the airline one of the Handling agent one? Altea is an open architecture system and most parameters can be set as required by the user.
If itís the airline version you are using then the airline have chosen STD-15 for the load sheet and you cant change it. If its the handling agent system then you need to talk to your DCS coordinator.
Itís a bit alarming you have to use a system with no training and no manual!
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Old 12th Jun 2014, 20:41
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Likewise, we use Altea with no training (same company probably ) but if you've got dispatch experience in other systems it doesn't take long to work out, I quite like it.

As said above, parameters for loadsheet production can be changed as can most stuff in Altea.
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Old 14th Jun 2014, 16:10
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Thanks for the replies chaps!

One of our in-house trainers did a short course in Nice, and returned with very few hand-written notes and no Manual. Most of us are very experienced Load Controllers using many varied systems but, Altea Amadeus FM is new to all of us.

I"ve no idea which version we are using but, I think the Handling Agent version, since it runs on the Airport Cute system under Handling Agents Login! And we intend to use it for more than one airline.

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Found how to reset When Loadsheet would be available!
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Re-set L/S timing

Out of trim,
I'd be most grateful if you could tell how you found a way to change when L/S will be available!
If your ALTEA is meant to be used for several Airlines it is definitely a Handling Agent version. Some Airlines choose to create their own ALTEA version, adding all sorts of nonsense and "God knows what".
BTW: I might have something pretty close to an ALTEA FM manual. PM me if you are interested....

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I think if you have the version we have
Go to the flight you want on the green tile
Click applications then departure control
Make sure the correct flight is there
Show details
You see the activity screen, you can retime it there

Dropping you a Pm btw

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