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How do I gain Part 145 experience for a licence

Hi everyone,

First of all apologies, I posted something quite similar this on here a couple of years ago but the thread didn't really takeoff. So I will give it another bash and see what comes up.

I'm an Unlicensed mechanic working for a non-part 145 company. I completed a Cat A Part 147 fully approved course. I realise that where I am working at the moment is doing absolutely nothing for my career and getting me no closer to obtaining an EASA licence.
My main aim is to move back to the UK and find employment with an airline or MRO in order to gain the part 145 experience for a basic Cat A licence. The problem is, I am applying to various unlicensed mechanical positions in the UK, but so far I have very had little success. A few leads, but nothing seems to blossom.
Although it has little benefit in the UK and most other places, I went to America to get an A&P Licence and I am now in the process of taking my B1 modules in hope of showing progressing to potential employers.
I am even considering working unpaid in the UK when I go back in order to gain the experience for the A-licence. I would rather have a paid position to go back home to but will also work for free if necessary.

I realise that this post might come across as negative and I apologise for that, but this is an industry that I really want to continue in if possible. I am still as determined as ever to get this done and any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Hi, compsurge,
Try RVL at East Midlands Airport. Looking for LAEs but I've heard also short on mechs. Fleet is C310, 402, 404, 406.
Probably be 4 on, 4 off.

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Try the contract agencies, lots of work about this time of year. It probably isnít. what you want to do long term but will help you gain the necessary experience & might help you get a foot in the door at the companies you work for.
Good luck.
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Hi guys,

Thanks for your replies!

I took a quick look at RVL. My experience so far has been on wide body aircraft and I would like to gain a B1.1 in the future. Definitely something to think about though and thanks for the pointer.

Contracting is something that I have thought about and agree, it would be the best way to fill in the logbook. I have to give 30 days notice to leave my current job and realise a lot of contracting jobs need you on short notice.
I may have to take a leap of faith, move back to the UK and then start contracting.

The other alternative would be to work for free since I have very limited experience on commercial aircraft. I'm not exactly sure how to approach this. Is it a case of knocking on hanger doors? or are more subtle methods preferred?

I read in a thread on here that there was a gentlemen doing his B licence modules not to long ago. I believe he went through a career change and was in the same predicament I am finding myself in now. Does anybody know how he managed to get his foot in the door?
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