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Question Bank Holidays as a Shift Worker

I am working for a company that only recognise the bank holidays that you work. So no lieu day is given for bank holidays where you are rostered off and you have to come in on bank holidays if your rostered on or take a days leave. I have never heard of this situation for shift workers before. Is there many companies out there that operate this system?
This company also gives you 20 days leave but you have to take a day and a quarter off for one shift day off, so being on 4 on 4 off you have to take 5 days leave to get the shift off.

16 days off a year if you don't work any bank holidays, is this legal????
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Take your query to the Citizens Advice they are well up on holiday gen. they also have leaflets on holiday entitlements.
Minimum is a lot lower than you would expect.
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From http://www.dti.gov.uk/er/work_time_r....htm#section10


Are bank holidays additional to my annual leave?

No. If you take a bank holiday as a paid leave, it will count as one day of your annual leave under the regulations. There is no statutory right to take bank holidays off or receive payment for them, though you may have a right to do so under your contract of employment.

Also do a search under 'holidays'at this site and you will find lots of gen on this. (Too numerous to post here).
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From Oil & Chemical Industry in UK, most 'major' employers give shift workers ' lieu' day if BH falls on a day off & if on hourly rates, a 'lieu' day + premium time (variable from X .5 to X 2) if actually working

From memory during transition from 'hourly' to salaried staff most agreements factored something similar into the equation

Understand current UK legislation doesn't guarantee above, but it is one of BLIAR's more palatable manifesto carrots

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Mr Brown - Maybe you should 'channel' your grievance to the mangement and 'express' your displeasure, after all soon everyone will be doing the same shift but not everyone will have the same t&c which would be unfair.
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So if you are rostered off on a bank holiday you also want a day off in lieu! Can't see that happening.

If you want a 4 day shift off you have to put in 5 days leave which will give you 4 rostered days off 4 work days off and 4 rostered days off, so for 5 days leave you get 12 days off, sounds bloody good to me!

The european working time directive states that employees are entitled to a minimum of 4 weeks annual leave per year. The problem comes when you are taking leave in hours rather than days, I am in dispute with my company at the moment who have changed the contract to read nnx7.5hrs instead of nndays (nn being the number of days). That way they have you if you work anything more than 7.5hrs a day. It looks like I'll shortly be given the ultimatum sign it or here's your notice (which believe it or not they can legally do).

Bank holidays are not statutory days off, it will be (should be specified) in your contract if they are or not. Many moons ago when I worked at a place that did 4x4 shifts we had the same amount of holiday days as day workers - 20 days, however as we worked 12hr days we had to put in 1.5 days for a single day off, however as we were on shift we were also given an extra 12 days leave to cover bank holidays (8x1.5) which seemed pretty fair to me.
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So if you are rostered off on a bank holiday you also want a day off in lieu! Can't see that happening.
Happens where I work.

Think about it. Day workers, IE those that only work mon-fri get ALL their bank holidays off plus theIr statutary (minimum) annual holidays. 8 bank holidays plus their holiday entitlement, 25 days in my company I think.

Now, as a shift worker, I may or may not be rostered on shift during a bank holiday. Therefore I get 8 lieu days (as there are 8 bank/public holidays) to use as and when I can. I also get my annual entitlement of 22 days (cos I work 12hr shifts).

My employer also calls a day a day. Non of this 1.5 days for a 12hr shift off nonsense.
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Turin, I guess because that's the way it's written in your contract which is fine. From what Mr. Brown is saying (I think) it is different in his contract, a contract doesn't have to be written it can be based on what's been accepted practice, so if it doesn't stipulate in your contract about public holidays and you have worked the way the company wants it then that's it I'm afraid. If it isn't specific about public holidays it may be worth approaching HR and see if you can get something formally written down.
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