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Monitor not Sleeping

Old 28th Apr 2020, 12:53
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Monitor not Sleeping

Hi Everyone

I start by wishing you all well during this very challenging time.

I am running W10 on a PC, and until recently my monitor went to sleep as selected in the 'Settings/Power etc.' I had selected 45 mins, or similar. I have now found that this is not happening, and the monitor is awake all the time. Similar with the PC itself.

I have reselected the times, and shut the PC down, but the same happens again.

Any ideas, please?

Thanks very much.

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Old 28th Apr 2020, 13:07
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Maybe the BIOS settings are over-riding W10.
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Old 28th Apr 2020, 14:41
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Originally Posted by ShyTorque View Post
Maybe the BIOS settings are over-riding W10.
That'll be a first Shy! Something over-riding Windows!

For a while I've been looking to move from Windows (any shape/form of!!) to Linux so set up a dual-boot system with something tweaked in the BIOS - forget what changed the Boot order in BIOS to Linux which then gave me the Linux/W10 option - to enable that. Each time I selected Linux and then logged back off and on again, the option to choose came up. However, when I booted W10 it then took over and reset whatever it was I'd done the Boot order in BIOS back to the C drive (W10) and so I could not re-select Linux after rebooting. Sorry so vague but It right did me head in, it was so unbelievably annoying and I've had months of anger-management counselling just to get over the feelings of violent, psychotic anger it generated in me each time W10 "hijacked" the system and re-established its dominance, with a desire to smash the entire PC to smithereens each time it did it.

Solution? Take a spare HDD and load Linux on that and have a power splitter in one of the card bays so I physically deselect power from whichever HHD I don't want to boot from. So far, W10 has not figured out how to physically switch it's power supply back on .... but I bet the little Microsoft gremlins are plotting away in the background. It's only a matter of time.......

So far, Linux 99% of the time and only use Windows for a couple of progs which are really useful to me on the odd occasion. The rest of the time, it's Linux with libreOffice and a host of other progs. LibreOffice, incidentally, has a Windows version, both versions being more than happy to load/save from/to Office formats so guess what I've deleted? Office is no more!!!

Thinks - must tell my counsellor my treatment is working as I can now even talk about this .... and only exhibit minor post-rage tremmoring! How I hated Windows and all it's issues - like nearly losing everything after a W10 "update". Fortunately, I have a 3rd HDD used just for data but backed up to the system HDDs (and, not quite as regularly to a USB HDD). Not that I'm remotely paranoid you understand, but I do have a Marvin-like side to me!! And I did enjoy telling the MS guy who I contacted to try and save my system that, when he apologised that no, a clean wipe/install of W10 was the only solution, it would not be an issue as my data was safe on a different drive! When I explained he said "Off the record this, but if only other people did as you do with backups/mirrors!".

Gehenna, apologies for blatant thread-drift! Unlike Shy, I'd blame W10 and that, if you are setting things in W10, it's not remembering them. You had a W10 update recently? Don't forget, as my W10 mega-crash update showed, W10 went from working to not working after an "update" and, it seems, I was not alone and MS rolled out another update outside the monthly cycle or whatever they use to sort it out.

Anyway, good luck! Cheers, H 'n' H

Last edited by Hot 'n' High; 28th Apr 2020 at 14:50. Reason: Just remembered what I'd done to dual-boort!
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Old 28th Apr 2020, 18:01
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Thanks, H 'n' H !

Yes, I believe W10 did an update fairly recently, and I suspect this may be a result of that.

Not being a tech wiz, I am loathe to try and change too much, unless you have an easy-to-follow solution?


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Old 28th Apr 2020, 22:00
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Originally Posted by gehenna View Post
and shut the PC down, but the same happens again.
In W10 "Shutdown" does not result in a full system restart.

Try a "Restart" which does result in a full system restart, but not of course a power off.

I always turn off Fast Startup - I don't see the point in it at all. I think I had to fiddle about a bit to get the Hibernate choice in my Power Menu. Now if I want a hibernate I choose it, similarly with Shutdown or Sleep.

If it is more complicated that that this page seems quite decent.

Edited to add:- Above page looks very good.
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Old 29th Apr 2020, 08:38
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Morning jimjim1

Thanks for that link; had a quick look last night and will pursue this morning. Must say it looked very helpful.

Thanks very much, and take care.
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Old 29th Apr 2020, 19:20
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Originally Posted by gehenna View Post
Thanks, H 'n' H ! Yes, I believe W10 did an update fairly recently [Added by H 'n' H .... ], and I suspect this may be a result of that. Not being a tech wiz, I am loathe to try and change too much, unless you have an easy-to-follow solution?......
Change to Linux??????!!!!!

No, seriously, one of the things I found with Windows is there is sometimes no solution. In my case, W10 changing the boot order in the BIOS was a designed-in feature as it turned out that MS "engineers" decided that if people fiddled with the BIOS to make Windows lower down in the boot order, W10 would make sure it "saved people from themselves"! Of course, it meant that people like me who wanted the BIOS to do something different for a very specific reason weren't allowed to!! It stayed set each time when I rebooted to Linux but, as soon as I booted to W10, W10 very kindly "fixed it for me"! Naughty Microsoft fiddling with my BIOS ... ooo, Matron!!!! Only solution - yet another HDD installed!

The time I had to reformat my HDD was when a W10 update completely screwed things up during the update (not even an upgrade!) to the extent that I couldn't even roll back to an earlier version. Even a really helpful quite senior MS Engineer (a genuine Californian I eventually got put through to by Microsoft themselves when no-one else in their "helpdesk" system could solve it) couldn't do it - hence my relief that I had, long ago, fitted a "Data HDD" along side the "System HDD (C Drive)". As I say, they then halted the dist of the upgrade to limit the damage and re-released it a few weeks later once the bug had been fixed. It only affected some PCs but enough to cause a mega-stir in MS-land! I had to format the C-Drive and reload an earlier version of W10 from scratch and "Whatever you do, don't accept the update!" the MS Engineer advised! NSS!!!!

Oh, and I had another time a Windows "update" screwed things up. That time, when I got hold of MS, the bod was straight on to it. "Are you using a Canon XYZ-123 print driver?" "Yes" says I "have been for a good couple of years now! Why?". "Ah, just delete it and use the native Windows generic print driver!" "But why?" I asked "I'm not even trying to print, and it's a screen format fault, not a print fault!". "Just delete the driver, Sir, that will cure your screen format fault!". I did - and it did! When I asked why all he said was "The latest Windows update doesn't like that driver!". Go figure that one out!!!

Rant over , I'm sort of OK with PCs but, without your machine in front of me (or, rather, even if I had your machine in front of me) I'm not sure if you are doing something wrong ..... OR ... the update has bu66ered something up for you! My is on the latter! Have you tried to roll back to a Checkpoint before the update? That should then prove if it is linked to the update or not. That would be my first move!

I'm not saying Linux is perfect but it seems easier to find people who can fix things (often the Linux developers themselves - I use Linux "Mint") and it is far less resource hungry. I accept it is a bit quirky (I wish I had got into UNIX in my youff!) but it is all self funded and it (+ it's Apps) easily does 99% of what I want. Cost? I donate a few $$$s a month to the "Mint" team to use the "free" OS (they even list, each month, all those who donate in their monthly newsletter - !!!) and I happily do my thing. Given the Linux "Mint" development budget and the MS Windows 10 development budget........... well, you see where I'm coming from here!!!!

Anyway, hope you manage to solve your problem.

Cheers, H 'n' "Windows Free" H!!!

Question:- Why do all Windows users have a PC desktop and a PC laptop?
Answer:- So they can use one of the machines to access the Interweb to try and figure out why the other machine has suddenly stopped working all of a sudden!
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Old 24th May 2020, 21:05
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At Amin prompt enter

powercfg /requests

then you will see what is stopping it sleeping
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Old 25th May 2020, 07:13
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Thanks Mac, will look at that this morning.

Take care, Cheers
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