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DVD recorders and going to the loo, etc

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DVD recorders and going to the loo, etc

Old 25th Nov 2006, 16:19
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DVD recorders and going to the loo, etc

Many of the new recorders enable you to for example make a visit or take a phone call while watching a live TV broadcast (through the recorder) and then resume when you come back. The backlog is transparently recorded to the hard drive.

The name for this feature varies but you know what I mean.

I am trying to buy one of these, Panasonic DMR-EX95VEBS, but it doesn't say it does it, and none of the shops know either. The mfg website doesn't mention it.

But this one has DVD-RAM (random access DVD recording) and a 250GB hard drive. How come it doesn't do it?

Is this feature so common that nobody bothers to list it in the specs anymore?

The other curious thing is why some DVD recorders that contain a hard drive appear to use the DVD-RAM for the backlog storage, and not the HD. The HD is a far more obvious way to do it.
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Old 25th Nov 2006, 16:31
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I have a JVC hard drive DVD player which you can set to record anything you are watching.

However, my trick is if there is something I want to see on TV I just record it and do not watch it for the firts 10-15 minutes. Then, when I do start watching the programme I can skip the adverts, and pause if I need to 'make a visit', or if the phone rings. Once the programme is over I delete the recording.

DVD RAM is just a recording format designed by Panasonic like DVD R, DVD RW etc. I'm not sure what you mean by backlog storage though? My JVC will only record onto a DVD RAM if I tell it too.
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Old 25th Nov 2006, 19:45
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I have a Pansonic DVD recorder (DMR-E55, no hard drive) about two years old. It does what you are talking about, Panasonic call it Time Slip. Their UK website does refer to it, though not in the model referred to. The less featured models refer to Time Slip, and it applies to all models in the range. I know it works on DVD-RAM, but do not know about if it works on a hard drive.
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Old 25th Nov 2006, 21:00
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There are stories going around that only DVD-RAM will support these kinds of features, e.g. recording a movie while watching a delayed version of it.

I know this is rubbish technically (a hard disk is a far better/cheaper solution for random access storage like that) but I never put it past the makers to cripple products.

Anyway, I have decided to abandon the idea of a VHS+DVD recorder (like the one I gave the P/N for) and I will get a top end DVD-only unit, whose spec includes the features.
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Old 26th Nov 2006, 13:02
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I think the point is that machines without a hard drive can only perform timeshift/pause recording when recording on DVD-RAM discs. The other types of DVD recording format (DVD-R, DVD-RW) etc do not support it.

However any machine that does have a hard drive should be able to use the hard drive for this function, as far as I know.
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Old 26th Nov 2006, 17:09
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Now, while we're on the subject and thinking about trading up from a machine with 'just' DVD-RAM to one including a HDD, what's the noise like coming out of the box? We keep our kit in a glass-doored cabinet and you can still hear the thing whirring away during the quieter moments (and my hearing has suffered somewhat from working out on airfields for 25+ years) If it's as noisy as the HDD in our Tower 'pooter, then that ain't good enough...

The Odd One
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Old 26th Nov 2006, 17:23
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I have never noticed any noise from mine, certainly not noisey like a computer.
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Old 27th Nov 2006, 07:04
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"DVD recorders and going to the loo......"

Conjurs up rather an unusual image....

I find some fan-like noise from my E-55 when using DVD-RAM, but it is nice and quiet when using normal DVDs.

Great machine - Panasonic are definitely my favourite brand for things televisual these days!
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Old 27th Nov 2006, 08:37
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We've got a Sony hardrive/dvd recorder, the feature you mentioned is called "chasing playback" on the Sony range, and as mentioned above, timeslip on Panasonic. If it has a hard drive, it will almost certainly be capable of it. Bit dissapointing that none of the sales people know, though. I'd find a vendor that knows the product. We went through three different variations of set up while getting our system sorted out, all at no extra cost which I thought was fair, having bought component hometheatre amp, speakers/sub, tv and dvd recorder all from the same outlet. It's a big enough investment that someone should be able to advise you exactly what you're getting, what it's compatable with, how to set ot up, and how "future proofed" it is. Gone are the days you can "plug 'er in and let 'er rip" without a hell of a lot of reading and cross-referencing.
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Old 30th Nov 2006, 15:38
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I got this reply from Panasonic:

In response, I would explain that pausing live TV is a feature available on
a Sky + box. It is not, regrettably, available on the DMR-EX95EB DVD

However, the unit does have the Time Slip feature, which allows you to
watch a programme while recording it. You can choose how far back in
minutes that you want to begin watching the ongoing recording. For example,
if you have recorded the first ten minutes of a film and decide therefore
to start watching it, you can start watching the film from the beginning
while continuing to record. Time slip can only be activated ten minutes
after the recording starts therefore it is not live.

Curious, as this machine has both DVD-RAM and a hard disk.
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Old 30th Nov 2006, 19:33
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The Sony one lets you start playback as soon as enough data has been written to the disk, typically 1-2min after recording commences, or any time after. Great for ff through the ads!
Ours was state of the art when we bought it, but like all these things, has been eclipsed a bit. Same thing with double the HD capacity avail now at less $. The next big thing will be the blue ray [email protected] system. Might want to wait for that? (Once the Sony/Toshiba battle over format is resolved. Seem to recall the same kind of battle re VHS a few years back.)
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