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Campinas question

Old 26th May 2020, 15:05
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Question Campinas question

Does runway 15 at Campinas (VCP/SBKP) present any particularities that make landing there challenging? Undulating terrain, unpredictable wind, runway upslope, etc.

Appreciate any input from Campinas regulars.

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Old 26th May 2020, 15:37
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Originally Posted by Dr Esteban View Post
runway 15 at Campinas (VCP/SBKP)
No, absolutely not! Easy operation, with ILS (RWY15) and RNAV APP (RWY33).
The weather has been clear lately. Light downdrafts may be expected on the R33 short final in case of strong winds, but it's not a big deal.
Nice layover, however it's been a little bit quiet at the moment due to Convid 19.
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Old 26th May 2020, 16:22
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Hi Doc,

As Hamil mentioned, very easy and straight forward operation, especially since the Covid19 downturn. You can expect direct headings to the IF of even to the FAF, so be prepared for being high in the profile. On the other hand, you can ask for a direct before it is even offered and you will probably get it. When RWY15 is in use you can usually expect the wind coming from a leftish 45 crosswind, and, as mentioned, if 33 is in use you can expect some downdrafts. Note that both thresholds are aircraft carrier type. If you are not RNAV/RNP1 capable, keep in mind that there is no other IFR approach available for Rwy 33, as the VOR is out for months. Keep an eye open for unmanned hot air balloons and [email protected] beams, the latter more often when landing on 15, from the left side.

Unless you are going to the main terminal building, taxi instructions to the cargo ramp are easy to follow. For the passenger terminal, they have many short taxi-ways with confusing names and long instructions (like "K2, K1, N1, M and x gate").

Enjoy the layover!

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Old 26th May 2020, 17:05
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Thank you both for the quick replies. Appreciate it.

The potential for downdrafts both of you mention, is that due to the high embankment at both ends? And it's more pronounced landing on RWY33? Is it particularly noticeable with certain wind directions/speeds?
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Old 27th May 2020, 14:14
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From my personal experience, downdrafts are more pronounced when landing on 33.

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Old 7th Jun 2020, 04:24
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Not hard at all. As other folks mentioned, downdrafts should be expected during sunny afternoons when landing on RWY 33. Usual procedures are ILS Y 15, RNAV Y 15, RNAV 33. Runway 15 has a little bump right on the 1000' marks, so be careful while flaring.

I'd be happy to answer any addition questions, since it's my base airport.

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