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bcf&gloves 21st Feb 2007 19:19

Hey Jill,

Having the same issue as you trying to find somewhere to stay!
At the moment I am think about staying where I stayed by LHR and driving to LGW from there! Well that is my last resort at the mo!

Virgin_girlie 21st Feb 2007 19:23

That sounds like a good plan! You're fortunate to be confident around the area - I'll be terrified, lol. I think I'll stay right next to Gatwick temporarily, then on weekends off from training I'll look around Heathrow, as I think I'll live nearer there...really unsure :sad:

It's good to know of someone I'll meet on the day - really looking forward to it! :O

bcf&gloves 21st Feb 2007 19:31

Well I am ok around LHR as have been commuting there for nearly a year!
LGW is another story! But it seems that there are lots of people looking for accommodation, so I thought although not ideal at least I know the people I would be staying with, they are like me second family! Just have to drive to LGW everymorning on the dreaded M25 AARRGGHHH!

Jodi77 21st Feb 2007 19:34

Yeah maybe best! Where do you live at mo then?
I've just sorted a place to stay in a small village outside Gatwick, costing me 90 per week.
Try flycomplacement.co.uk they have sorted a few others out. Let me know how u get on!

bcf&gloves 21st Feb 2007 19:37

Yeah contacted them too, just wainting to hear from them! I live in Birmingham and will commute after the course.

Fingers crossed they can help a few more of us out with somewhere to stay!

GTCrew 21st Feb 2007 19:38

Thnx so much for the advise! I'll let you know if I find anything there...
At the moment I'm living in Guatemala (Central America) a bit far I know... but still, I think I'm gonna love the change!

EKBird 21st Feb 2007 20:34

I'm with ya !!!
Hey bcf&gloves, I'm with ya on 26th March :E , it's gonna be great. I'm moving in with a friend in Walsall so will be commuting from the Midlands too.

As far as your uniform fitting is concerned, if any of you are closer to Heathrow than Gatwick, you can have your uniform fitting at Heathrow. The uniform stores number for Heathrow is 02083845307.

Jenn 21st Feb 2007 21:03

Start Date 26th March .....
Hey Everyone!!

I just wanted to say hi & that i will be joining you all on the 26th March!! Im v'excited - not sure it can come quick enough!! My new job seems dull now in comparison!!

I will be commuting during the course - well thats my plan at present!! shld only take about an hour each day!!

Does any one know what is involved in the uniform fitting??

Jenn x

Princessjalee 21st Feb 2007 21:27

Thanks for the support guys! The more i think about it the more i think, god i messed up! lol! Oh well if its meant to be it will be i guess :)! There were only 7 people on my day and only 5 went through to 2:1!!! x

boygeorgefan 21st Feb 2007 21:38

are virgin picky ?

ex cabin crew 21st Feb 2007 22:59

Has anyone got a link to a picture of the male cabin crew uniform? Can't find one anywhere. Also do male crew have waistcoats and if so are they worn just during the service or all the time as part of the uniform?

Many thanks :)

Virgin_girlie 22nd Feb 2007 10:00

Hi Jenn!! Congratulations!!!:D

I'm starting 26th March too, can't wait!! Look forward to meetin ya!!:O

Jill xx

ps really not sure what's involved in the fitting, only takes about an hour I think...but not sure what they do! Anyone else know?

Virgin_girlie 22nd Feb 2007 10:33

Boygeorgefan - it's difficult to say...they definitely go for a certain type of personality - outgoing, bubbly, sense of humour, but knowing when to be professional and calm too. Apparently they get 45000 applications a year, and only interview a few hundred - so they can afford to be picky! If you're a fun, easygoing person and have the customer service experience they require, then there will be no problem!

Ex Cabin Crew - the ones I saw were wearing purple silk-type waistcoats and purple ties - I assume they wear the waistcoat on the plane but not sure! It's a really smart uniform! :) Can't find a picture I'm afraid - will keep looking in case I come across one!

johnezy 22nd Feb 2007 11:37

Hi guys heres a great site for all VA wannabe and about to be crew!!! loads of info its set up by passengers who love virgin and has reviews on flights, what aircraft do what rute and loads of pics


this link will open the page on a picture of the Virgin male cabin crew uniform :D

FLYING GER 22nd Feb 2007 11:51

i am a member of v-flyer and go to their socials!

Its an excellent site and contains lots of info!

Virginia 22nd Feb 2007 11:57

Virgin seems great but I don't think I have the 'look' or am outgoing or bubbly enough. The girls all seem very glam and poised!

johnezy 22nd Feb 2007 12:08

Well you'll never know unless you try :=
I never thought i stood a chance and i've gone from Easyjet to Virgin, along with alot of other crew i know! there is only one way to find out :hmm:

Princessjalee 24th Feb 2007 07:23

I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!


EKBird 24th Feb 2007 10:42

Congratulations !!!
CONGRATULATIONS Princessjalee:D !!! It's the best feeling, isn't it? What course are you on? XXX

Princessjalee 24th Feb 2007 10:48

Thank you!!!

It definetly is!!!! Im SOOO excited! Only ever wanted to work for virgin! Im glad it only took them three days to get back to me, ive been analysing my interview so much and thought id messed it up! Can breathe a big sigh of relief and celebrate now :o)

I start on 26th March xxx

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